Top 10 Reasons Why the K-Pop Industry is Horrible

While I like some K-pop artists and songs, I don't listen to them that much anymore because the industry is as toxic as hell. We need to shine a light on this horrible industry and the pain it causes the artists involved in it. If you still want to listen to K-pop, just listen to it less and you can also listen to covers (JANNY makes good English covers and listen SOMIN makes awesome Korean covers).
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1 It has caused depression and even suicide

In 2017, a member of the boy band SHINee commited suicide. In his suicide note, he revealed that one of the main reasons he took his own life was pressure from fame, which caused depression. Another case of this was with the Blackpink member Jennie, who was often in the spotlight and got most of the attention from her company, and was often bullied by fans who told her to leave BP. While Jennie didn't commit suicide (thank god) she has shown signs of depression and anxiety.

2 The K-pop artists often live in cramped dorms and have barely enough for one meal
3 The K-pop artists are forced to get plastic surgery and advertise it to kids and teens in Korea
4 A lot of times, the artists lose a shocking amount of weight in the name of beauty

OneKet from Global Icon only consumed one bottle of soy milk per day, and the girl group Nine Muses reported following the "Paper Cup Diet", where they only ate things they put in a paper cup (rice, fruit, anything but sugar).

A lot of musicians are liked for their looks, not their sound.

Being underweight is just as unhealthy as being obese.

These stupid beauty standards...

5 The artists and trainees have to work 18 hours a day

This means you'll only have 3 or 4 hours of sleep. One hour to prepare before you go to bed, 4 hours of sleep and one hour to prepare before you go to work.

That's too much work

6 The executives have far too much control over the artists' personal lives

They're not slaves!

7 Managers blackmail artists to keep them from breaking contracts
8 The industry takes advantage of rising trainees
9 Being LGBT is taboo

That's sad. Idols should be able to love whoever they want/be the gender they want to be

In Asian cultures, being LGBT is considered a taboo subject, and because of this many K-pop stars find it difficult to come out (although some have come out)

10 It's misogynistic

Male stars get away with scams more often than female stars do.

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11 Racism towards black people

There's a lot of racism towards black people in the K-pop industry, such as appropriating their cultures and making fun of them
(I don't think the idols hate black people, I'm just saying that it's stupid to make fun of black people while using their styles)

Wait, racism played a role there?

12 Sasaeng fans

The obsessive K-pop fans, putting the idols at stress.

EDIT: It's spelled 'sasaeng'. My bad.

13 The idols are like slaves to the company
14 Female idols are forced to wear summer like clothing even in cold weather
15 Female idols wear heels to the point that their feet are deformed
16 It is too bright and sparkly
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