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1 Ten - NCT

Ten is super sharp and smooth at the same time, even though he's only been in one of the NCT songs, other clips of him dancing show me that he's one of the best in my opinion

Have you seen his new solo video? He should be much much higher on this list.

He is simply and extension of the music, in a beautiful, mesmerizing, and incredibly moving way. I can't help but tear up watching him, it's so wonderful to see

Ten is my ult bias I loved him bcs of his dancing even he has few videos but he immediately stand out for me but unlike you I never found Ten better than Lay nor for once I actually got to know Lay from IP the moment he started teaching the trainee how to dance he's just the best of the best. Ten can definitely be the second one but I really can't mark Ten as better dancer than Lay - Raz9

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2 Taemin - SHINee Taemin - SHINee

He has been so skilled for years but he continues to add up even more skills and dance styles. People say he has such a pretty face and is super shy and cute which mostly goes according to how he is off stage. Onstage he turns into a completely other person with his dancing and concentration on the performance. I think what is most astonishing is how he has always been like this, ever since he was 14 years old his attitude changed the moment he started dancing and that is why I never doubt that when he will perform it will always be good because he is a performer who really cares and feel for what he brings to the audience.

Talk about dancing and Taemin is the ONE! He is the ultimate dancing machine of Kpop. No one can deny the fact that SHINee has the most complex choreography in KPOP and they still do it perfectly. But Taemin is just so effortless. Watching him move is such a delight. His hipthrusts cannot be competed by anyone. Watch Lucifer people. He has so much of balance. Though he is an adorable, cute and innocent maknae offstage, once he gets on the stage he totally transforms into a dancing hurricane. He totally slays the performances every time he gets on the stage. Taemin is very young and I think he is already the best dancer in Asia. And also I strongly believe that Korea will be able to present The Next Michael Jackson to the World in a few more years to come. I am really looking forward to a full length English album by SHINee, so that the world may get to experience the One of a kind beautiful Onew's voice and the dance of our Jr Michael Jackson, Lee Taemin. SHINee Hwaiting!

Watching Taemin dance his like riding a rollercoaster with a blindfold... you do not know what to expect, and it makes the ride that much more enjoyable.

It is unbelievably how good dancer taemin is,how much he can touch you with he dances moves. I don't need to understand words that he said to fell them. It is like he can talk with his moves. And ever time I watch him I get suprise how amazing he is,somehow he always successfully blow me away.

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3 Hoya - Infinite

Hoya is a strong, powerful and cool guy with very strong yet swift moves. He is no doubt the dancing machine in Infinite, but I believe he is more than just that. He should be number 1. He can also sing and rap really well and with his dancing skills and talent, there's more to how it looks! Hoya is a really powerful and talented kpop star who has a bright future ahead of him and he can achieve whatever he wants to, with his strong will and determination.

Hoya can dance like no other, he just makes you stop and look at him, when you watch Infinite performance for the first time, he will get you hooked, and you will end up liking the group after that. He worked really hard on his dancing and his stage presence shows this. My personal view is that Hoya is the best male dancer in Kpop that I have ever seen!

Hoya is babe, he is cool, handsome and amazing! He loves dancing so much, he practices 18hours everyday. He can create choreography on the spot. His freestyle dancing is the best. Man can't get enough of his dancing. Please anyone has more videos of him dancing please share it here

He is the best dancer in kpop he should be in number 1

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4 Kai - EXO

I could watch him dance for hours and never get bored. The fire in his eyes when he dances. How he suddenly breaks out into a huge grin in the middle of the choreography. It all shows how much he loves dance. Heck, he started dancing when he was 8. Dude, when I was 8 I was out of my mind running around in the playground. He's so talented. That confidence, that hint of arrogance when he dances, made him stand out from 11 other gorgeous boys even when he was a rookie. Kai is the most amazing dancer I've ever seen.

Kai's passion for dancing makes him stand out among kpop dancers. He's versatile, has good technique and is always full of emotions, he's the one making exo performance interesting to watch. I could watch him dance forever! - Niahniah

He's moves are fantastic! I wanna dance the way he dances! I idolize him really!

Kai is the best dancer, he could turn into beast in the stage, his gaze, his passion. And I could watch him dance all day long

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5 J-Hope - BTS

As a professional dancer myself, I consider J-Hope one of the most impressive dancers because of his range and technicality. He possesses a natural talent for using lines and moves that best capture the rhythm and energy of the music no matter what the song is. Anyone (and I mean anyone) can nail choreography with professional guidance and a lot of practice - Jin and Suga are great examples of this - but gifted dancers like J-Hope can CREATE choreography to express how their minds/bodies feel about the music and share that with us to make us feel it too. Dancing is a language after all.

True to his street dance roots, J-Hope displays a lot of power and conviction in his movements. He is extremely versatile in the genres of dance he is able to execute, especially hip-hop and popping, though he has displayed (in a more informal setting) his ability to do street jazz and waacking as well. He carries out BTS' choreography with outstanding precision and energy, making him a stand out in the group. Based on his freestyle/dance battle videos, it's clear to see that he is rather limited by his groups' choreography (though not easy at all) and definitely has the potential and ability to deliver more advanced dances! (Hope he continues to expand and grow as a dancer instead of only focusing on group choreography) His technique and expression really does shine through, and it's been a while since I've been so impressed by a kpop dancer!

J-hope is an incredible dancer, as any professionally trained dancer will be able to tell. You don't have to be a fan to recognize the technical mastery this man exhibits. His move are precise, sharp, extremely well defined and highly compartmentalized. He posses both upper and lower body part strength which enables a balanced and coordinated delivery in pretty much every performance of his. But even more than being a high quality dancer when it comes to technicalities, J-hope is impressive in his love and passion for dance which can be felt in his every move. His lines are not only clean but imbued with the energy that radiates of him like a beacon.
J-hope is a dancer who has been put into the role of the performer. And in reality, BTS' choreos does not do him justice, as they are always to a large extent designed for a group performance and with a goal of appearing attractive to the public. In his solo performances, such as the recent Boy Meets Evil (which by the way requires ...more

I can't say too much. I just love his passion, heart and skills in dancing. 💜

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6 Kikwang - BEAST

Kikwang is the best dancer. I hope I can dance like him. I love dancing. Kikwang is like the most important member in his group because their mv will not be completed if there was no dancing. Right. I hope that Kikwang wont be separated from his group. Please. At least I had listen to their new song that they sang together. Also dance together. Go, Go Kikwang and Beast. Next time I want Kikwang in the first place. How good is he in dancing. I admire him very much. He is my idol.

Cute, innocent and amazing guy... The way he moves... I just love it. He is super sexy

He shows a lot more passion in dancing compared to the others and he stands out much more

He is my Bias! (He must be in the first place).

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7 Hyunseung - BEAST

Why isn't he main dancer? He can do glide - besttoptens

He's underrated! He's a great dancer and different than the rest. Plus, he can sing!

Hyunseung oppa is one of the most amazing dancers that I've seen.. He should be the best dancer in beast

Hyunseung dances in his unique way, like no others! He's the best dancer in Beast to me!

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8 Lay - Exo-M Lay - Exo-M Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

He has so much charisma when he dances. He puts so much passion into his moves and he manages to hit every beat. He is also very versatile with his style of dance which is amazing. I don't understand why he is ranked 9th on this list.

Lay is so overlooked. He can be so charismatic and his moves are on point!

I know he's the most underrated idol in Kpop but that doesn't mean we have to close our eyes to the fact he is The best dancer in Kpop even way better than Ten. Don't get me wrong I'm Ten biased I love him the most but the truth must be saying he definitely the second but he can't surpass Lay that guy is just on a whole another level of perfection I even can't with people who say Kai is better than Lay like come on for God sake. - Raz9

Most talented dancer, sucking the audience with his movement and can't take eyes off until he finishes!

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9 Eunhyuk - Super Junior Eunhyuk - Super Junior Lee Hyuk-jae, better known by his stage name Eunhyuk, is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer and actor.

Eunhyuk's dance moves are full of emotion. He plays a vital role in making the stage with or without Super Junior charismatic. No one really realises because he usually shows his funny side when dancing since Super Junior is well known for their variety skills. If you see his solos, you'll see how much talent Eunhyuk has. Eunhyuk will always be the dance king. Furthermore, through his activity as Super Junior-D&E, you can see his charismatic dance moves and his greatly improved vocals. Love you always, Eunhyuk

His moves are fantastic and outclasses Taemin and Kai together.

Eunhyuk when he dances he I feel the music seeing him.

Eunhyuk is legend dancer.

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10 Kim Hyun-joong

Great dancer and singer, such Energetics come from this talented guy!

His dance moves, beautiful plastic, really is a lot of work... Every movement of his body burns through the air and leaving a glowing trail. Incredibly powerful energy is felt in this man with extraordinary thinking.

He's really cool

Gracias por regalarnos tu música tu arte todo en ti es perfecto tus henecias estamos agradecidos contigo, fighting!

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11 Taeyang Big Bang

Taeyang is a beast! I refuse to believe anyone on the face of the earth is blind enough not to see that.

Tae yang is the best male dancer. No one can dance like him.

Taeyang should be number 1 with the way he dances.

He is the Best dancer "LOVE YOU"

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12 Wooyoung - 2PM

Easily one of the best in the industry, not just in Kpop...being a dancer myself. I can tell

He's the best dancer I have ever seen it

He came first in his audition for JYP! What does that say about dancing? Not to mention his singing?

Has the best grooves

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13 Bi Rain

Definitely the sexiest dancer. He also includes many Latin dance moves which I do not see in the other dancers. He never stops moving compared to other dancers that look like they are doing a string of choreographed poses. Bi is very manly, slick, and professional. Sexy voice and body as well.
He makes the top 2 dancers on this list look like little girl boys.

I love him... Love the way he dance, sing and act.

Why rain is at 12 place aigoo I can't believe it

He is the best korean dancer I have ever seen
when you come to asia we have people like hrithik roshan, and then there is Rain

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14 Jongup - B.A.P

Jongup should definitely be at the top of the list. His dancing skills are just plan amazing and he just stands out during the dances. It is a shame that he gets basically zero attention. It hurts to see my bias not getting the attention that he deserves.

Jongup and Zelo are both amazing dancers! They can express their feelings through dance just like other dancers! I'm glad that they take dance as their passion. Jongup definitely deserves this vote!

Jongup is such a talented dancer he has so much skill and attitude when he dances, he should definitely be at the top of the list and Zelo should also be on the list as well.

He is really talented it's just that his company sucks if he was in SM he would be the next Taemin his moves are sharp powerful yet smooth + his bboying he is really great - NatalieSpencer

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15 Jay Park

I can't believe he is so low. He can beat all of these 'main dancers' in a one on one battle. Seriously?!

Jay Park is an all-rounded dancer with great flow and precise movement. Although his specialty is b-boying, he can move along with the beat and continue to show an amazing performance.

16 Jimin - BTS Jimin - BTS

All kpop idols idols trained in dance before being launched but very few are naturally born dancers. For me, every movement a natural makes is a dance. The way they walk, sit, or pose look like they are dancing. They are on (dance mode) 24/7. They are also masters of their bodies, so for any movement, every single part of their bodies are in the best angle and make beautiful lines. This is what I observe with Jimin and Shinee's Taemin. They both move gracefully, their steps are never heavy, and when they dance, it's dancing from h2t. The way they execute dance steps can't be learned, because I think they were born with those skills.

Jimin is one of the most talented dancer's I've seen in kpop. Sure, he may not be the lead dancer in BTS but damn he can dance. His dancing is something different..and I like different. He only studied Modern Dance for two years yet passed to a university as a top student for it. After seeing his dancing in his song Lie, I can say that while many people valued controlled movements, he radiates a natural dancer. His dancing is not "just hip hop" or "just modern dance" but rather something that shows himself. His execution of steps are natural and it is a mix of steps and styles- not just one. And his stage presence when he dances...I see Jungkook's name much higher on the list but in my opinion there is no way he can beat Jimin in terms of dancing. Jimin a dancer that would catch you're eye while he dances and for an artist- that is what also matters a lot. No matter what sort of dance his charisma adds to how amazing it is.

I am STUNNED by Jimin's ranking right now. Let's not forget he was ranked the top of his class at an arts school for dance! His passion, power, heart, and drive sweats through every pore in his body as he moves with such fluidity and strength. I have a short-lived(unfortunately) dance background, but it's my passion and I know a darn good dancer when I see one and he goes above and beyond every time! He is a natural-born dancer and is so captivating with his powerful yet graceful movements. Also, let's not forget the man danced blindfolded on a stage in front of MANY people and executed it almost near perfect! Even though you couldn't see his eyes and charisma through his glares, you could feel it piercing through. His visuals along with his dancing is the cherry on top. His appeal cannot be denied and I believe he is one of the best in the Kpop industry.

I was never a fan of BTS. But when I saw their Blood, Sweat and Tears music video, I was stunned. Jimin's dance turned me into an #ARMY. It was like I was watching him pour his soul into his dance. Every performance, he does this best. And once a jimin fan, you'll never be able to jimin out.

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17 U-Know Yunho

WAIT WHAT taemin is 1 and yunho is 12 seriously are u kidding me taemin is really awesome in dancing but yunho is the god of dancing in kpop even if u look after taemin the middle ones are all not better than yunho.

Yunho is the best dancer in kpop. He has more experience and skills than other kpop idols. He is the no1 dancer.

Yunho is really a great dancer!

He is original contrary to all the other.

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18 Zelo - B.A.P Zelo - B.A.P Choi Jun-hong better known by his stage name Zelo, is a South Korean rapper, dancer, singer and beatboxer.

He has been a great dancer for a long time and deserves to be put here because he is amazingly skilled at dancing

Zelo can do the hardest dance moves. Woah.. He is really talented!

His dance in 1004 is amazing

His moment in the 'One Shot' M/V. Enough said.

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19 Minwoo - Boyfriend

He's very cute and at the same time super cool at dancing! Big applause for you MINWOO!

Min Woo cool dance moves!

He has a great dance moves.
He's cute.

He is really cute and his dancing is AWESOME.

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20 Jo Twins (Youngmin and Kwangmin) - Boyfriend

They are so talented. Also so so so cute. Cute when they dance. Princes of dancing. Always idolized me. Hope they will get first place next time. Always vote for you two.

They are the only twins who know how to look sexy while doing a cute dance, okay? That's really hard so you should give them that

I think their dancing is really cool,and also it seems they really enjoy their dancing and in my opinion it is the most important point

I like their dancing... dressing styles... and their voice... kwangmin is so cute and handsome...god bless them

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21 Sehun - Exo Sehun - Exo Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-K.

I like watching him better than Kai. He's more technically sound, he's smooth, intense, and interesting to watch. I wish he was in the middle more.

Sehun is so cool dancing! He's one of the bests in EXO!

No offense, but sehun's kinda weird when I look at him dancing. I don't know if it's just me.

Oh sehun is such a good dancer,he is dancing with feelings.I'm very proud of him he is the youngest member and he is always trying his best to make the other members proud of him.

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22 Jungkook - BTS Jungkook - BTS Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. more.

He's very talented and very amazing and cool when he dance and sing. a very talented young performer! I REALLY REALLY LOVE JUNGKOOK! BTS FIGHTING!

He is talented and a hard worker!

Jungkook is so cool especially when he dance..

You will be mesmerized by his moves😃

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23 Changjo - Teen Top

Despite debuting in a young age, he is so talented especially his dancing skills so awesome so perfect Changjo oppa keep up the good work fighting!

I love Teen Top because they seem underrated in kpop. Changjo is an amazing dancing and his skills have only improved over the years. TEEN TOP FIGHTING!

His style are unique and he can pull off any dance

He's the best dancer ever!

24 YuGyeom - Got7

In his HIT THE STAGE, Yugyeom came out as the champion. Why? He demonstrated 3 entirely different dancing styles with 3 different styles of music, in just 1 dance. His facial expressions and stage charisma gained him even more points amongst fans, judges, fellow competitors and the audience, and these 2 properties are extremely important in the world of Dance. Yugyeom even choreographs entire dances of some of Got7's title tracks, all without the help of their assigned choreographer, and I personally think that shows a lot about his skill and experience.

Definitely one of the best dancers

His dancing skill blow me away and give me goosebumps whenever I re-watch his hit the stage performance again and again


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25 Xiumin - Exo-M

Xiumin is completely underrated, but if you take a look at him, his dancing is amazing, the best in Exo-M, in my opinion. His angles are perfect and his moves are smooth. Sadly, he is unable to be the lead dancer because of his build which he can't change. So please vote for Xiumin!

Fighting! ❤️

26 Hoshi - Seventeen

He's not just dancing but also choreographing. His sharp moves are making me stare at him the whole time. And also his facial expression, damn you gotta watch this man.

One of the most slept on dancers in kpop, especially considering he choreographs nearly all of their dances. Thanks is and always will be a masterpiece.

He even choreographs all of Seventeen's dances, he's amazing

His Facial expression is always on point. :)
He dance so smooth.

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27 V - BTS

He might be not the best dancer in BTS but his dancing skill cannot be taken lightly as well. Singing, acting, funny, dancing etc. V is full packaged idol. He is super talented.

One of the best dancers in BTS but also known to be most handsome

The Best

The best facial expression while dancing
A king

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28 N - Vixx

N has one of the unique dancing styles that I've ever seen. He's so graceful and full expressions, which makes his performance so mesmerizing. He's my ultimate bias in VIXX and VIXX is my only bias group in the whole KPop genre.

N is best dancer ever! He won over 12-13 competition in whole nation. His blind-dance was very famous and fascinating. I love the way he move all of his body match with music

N is the reason why VIXX is my number two favorite kpop group (Teen Top is number 1). That man can dance!

he's so talented I love his choreographys

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29 Shownu - Monsta X

They way he moves is amazing. He knows how to communicate through dance and express feelings and stories with it. I consider him to be the best dancer in Kpop. Monsta X just debut a year ago but once they get more popular he will definitely get attention for his awesome and amazing dances.

He is a good dancer

30 JB - Got7

JB is good at dancing b boy and he look cool

I love his waving...I'm addicted to him

He is very good in dancing, his move is so flawless and effortless.

31 Jackson - Got7

Talented, hilarious and gorgeous. He has it all.

Good luck!

32 Hoshi

He choreographed most of SEVENTEEN'S dances, he's really creative. It's a unique genius of dancing!

33 Junho - 2PM

His moves are crystal clear and perfect
The way he smiles and stares at the camera is lovely

34 Donghae Donghae Lee Dong-hae, referred to as Donghae, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, composer and actor. He was trainee at SM Entertainment after winning a prize at SM's Youth Best Contest in 2001. After four years of training, Donghae debuted as a member of boy group Super Junior in November 2005.

He swings lively and every time I watch him dance it is like I'm watching the trees swinging.

He is the best dancer in Korea. He is like an angel

He is the best. The only dancer who caught my attention

I can't take my eyes away from him every time he dances!

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35 Seungri - Big Bang

Seungri is very underrated as a dancer he is as good as Taeyang is and also has a dance academy. He deserves more recognition

At least he should be top 10. He is the best dancer from gwangju..!

Sarange oppa!
so cute and funny
love to see you dance

Bereme ho

36 U Kwon - Block B

Should be higher than b-bomb o3o
Awesome guy

37 Baekhyun - Exo

He Is The Best In Dancing ❤️❤️ Dancing King

38 Psy - Gangnam Style Psy - Gangnam Style Park Jae-sang, better known by his stage name Psy, stylized PSY, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer and rapper.

Oppa gangnam style dance was cool

39 B-Bomb - Block B

Really hot moves!

40 T.O.P - Big Bang

Best dancer ever... Don't worry T.O. P your dancing is terrible but your voice makes up for it.

Truly one of the best dancers in history.

King of dancing!

41 Lee Minhyuk - BtoB

The Almighty Minhyuk! He can do all dance, acting, singing, rapping, and sport..

42 Dongwoo

Why no one mentioned him? I'm so upset :( he is the best when he dance, his strong gaze can pulled fans emotion. he can tell whats the meaning or feel of his dance/song through his gaze

I find him amazing because he rap and dance well and he's really cool

I was looking for him after I voted for hoya... He is a well rounded dancer as well...

Former dance instructor period

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43 G-Dragon

He might not be the best dancer out there, but he has this charm that makes his dancing looks super adorable! That "I'm swag" attitude + effortless dance...

44 Seungho - MBLAQ
45 Kim Daeil - 24K

What... He is at 48...
He deserves at least 10
His final move in song Superfly is unbelievable

The best dancer/choreographer I've ever seen through kpop! He's such a natural and if you don't believe me watch their Hurry Up M/V. They're all really great dancers, but I think Daeil has the charisma and charm with the best dancing skills and facial expressions!

For me personally, Daeil totally shares the number one spot along with J.Heart of N-sonic. He is a genius choreographer and he has rough power in his moves like no one else has, while J.Heart is smoother than anyone. Seeing them dance with B-bomb, Seyong and Minsu is heaven, they all totally deserve a spot on this list since they all outclass like everyone in the top 10 maybe except Yunho and J-Hope.

46 Key - SHINee

Key should be in the first ones! He's an amazing dancer, I can't believe he is in this position.

He is really a great dancer. He can pull of different genres. His dance is powerful and on point.

47 Hyuk - VIXX

He can dance well. He has improved more than his hyungs expectation. Since hyde era, he's introduce himself as subdancer

48 CNU - B1A4

B1A4 are graceful dancers...all members should be on the top list.

49 Ryeowook - Super Junior Ryeowook - Super Junior Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.
50 Junsu

His hips don't lie

Bruh literally just watch any of his fance practices. he is by far the most well rounded, talented and diverse idol.

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