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1 Britgirl

She is just the sweetest person I know. Super kind, unique, and interesting. She is such a good person to message and she treats everyone super nicely and equally. Britgirl, I aspire to be like you someday!
You may have just deleted your account, but you were a legend and will be remembered for ages

Hey! Britgirl is definitely the nicest! She's funny and really kind, and she is so loyal to her ePals that she's willing to dodge snow, rain... and bosses for them!
Thanks a lot for having my name on the list, Moldy Sock, but I really think I should be somewhere near the bottom! I'm sure of that... Britgirl is real nice, and Keyson's really kind as well...
Bye, God bless, slipperySock!

Whoever this person is, they seem nicest. And while I hate it when people are overly goo goo and kind, I must give credit where credit is due. Just don't think that #1 is a good thing.

Such a warm hearted human being doesn't possess a grain of pride of popularity...and treats everyone equally with utter kindness..

2 Htoutlaws2012

First person who followed me, first person I followed. And this was all on the first day I started. This proves how good he is.

Nice guy, first person I followed! My kind side aspires to be like him!

I wouldn't say we're best buds or anything, but he's a swell guy

First guy I met on TheTopTens. Just a plain real nice guy

3 PositronWildhawk

If I had to choose a favorite toptener then it would probably be Pug. But if I had to say who my best friend on this site was then it would be PositronWildhawk.

Positron is by far one of the best too tenners ever

PositronWildhawk is a really nice guy!

He is nice indeed! Thank you for including me MoldySock =)

4 FlareLightX

Super nice guy and a very good person to message. Super friendly

He's such a good friend.

He is cool and nice

Friendly dude.

5 garythesnail

Really nice guy. One of the first people I met on this site, and also one of my best friends here. Really nice to talk to and he always makes me smile

He certainly is one of the nicest guys I've ever meant.

He wont bite I swear he's really nice

He's lovely :D

6 UltraLunalaX

Should be in the top 10. Kody is one of the sweetest users I have ever messaged.

She's very nice.

7 Userguy44

Wow I’m 6th? I can’t recall myself being so high since the last time I voted on this list. I wouldn’t vote for myself either because that seems selfish but I feel kinda flattered to be so high on this list. It’s true I’m pretty nice, just don’t get on my bad side of course

Seems nice enough.

Yes, yes he is!

Userguy44, you always have a unique and nice thing to say about anything, you should definitely be on this list

8 Misfire

One of the nicest girls I have seen here.

9 Doawkfan

Quite a nice person to message

Thanks to whoever added me.

She's one of the nicest.

10 Sloth21

He is a great user with amazing lists. All his original comments on his lists make you feel like it's completely your opinion that counts, not his, and he has been super nice in messages to me. He is my role model on this site. Finally, he loves Inception, just like me!

Sloth21 always Has something nice and funny to say so I added him to this list. When you click on his name, his profession literally is "friend of all", and none of his lists or comments are rude to anyone.

Well, I certainly am glad to be on here! (216th, while pretty low, is good for a new person like me) I wouldn’t say that people know me as a really nice guy, but I try to never do anything that could be mean. I tried to resist voting for myself when I saw myself on here because there are nicer people on here (Britgirl, maybe) but I couldn’t resist

This user is nice and spends a long time making lists which means she works hard on them

The Newcomers

? ShadowSkittles

Even though he hasn't posted anything he seems very nice and technoblade also likes him

? Dove

She is very kind

The Contenders
11 MontyPython

She is a really nice person, my vote goes to her!

12 CrimsonShark

He needs to by higher. He doesn't mind other's presence, disrespect other's opinions, or get in arguments. In fact, he wants to help end arguments without anyone getting hurt. Needs to be in top 5 later.

Agreed. He's nice to me.

13 HaiThere

97 is too low in my opinion he is more or less the nicest user I can think of. I genuinely don't think I have seen him be harsh to anyone.

I mean, what do you expect from someone who has a username that means "hello"? He said that last part himself.

14 CartoonsGirl

She's the nicest user on this website!

She is one of the nicest users I've met.

She is the niceest user I've ever meant

She's awesome.

15 Admin

Since I joined toptens I met a lot of nice users. But unfortunately a lot of them aren't here. And about admin. There are several admins on toptens. And its obvious that there is a nicest admin of all admins

16 2storm

Pretty offended I'm not on this list lol.

He's friendly.

my mentor is an amazing, caring, awesome guy who's taught me so many lessons, always been there for me me, and been a good friend

17 Catacorn

She should be higher. She's kind. I consider her my best friend on this site.


Nice guy. Wants to be a zoologist

He seems nice.

19 Keyson

He's a very good, caring friend. He makes the best lists and comments.

20 Powell
21 funnyuser

I don't know about you guys, but I'm loving that profile picture.

Absolutly. Shines up everybody's day.

22 Jonerman

Actually a really nice guy. Kinda relatable, as we both like being acclaimed as "nice".

I really do wish I could vote this guy ten times. He's really nice to everyone!

Yah. He's pretty chill.

My first follower!

23 TopTenJackson

Thanks for putting me on this list! I like all you guys too, in fact, ALL the users on the top tens. I try to make a remix, and vote on your lists, but there is so many of you so it may take a while. But anyway you guys are AWESOME. What should I make a list about?

SpongeBob is cool and also this little dude here.

24 lovefrombadlands

Lovefrombadlands is a really good user with the best profile picture!

She is a very nice person, she needs to be #2, or #1

She is very kind

Super kind user!

25 TheHabsFan
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