Most Powerful European Football (Soccer) Leagues

What league has Europe's most greatest Football teams?

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1 Premier League (England)

The Premier League is shown in more countries around the world than any other league and is the most competitive top division in football.

England has the big six Manchester city, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, and Arsenal. All of them are great teams.

They have top 6 giant club

The home country of the Football has the most professional clubs in the world and it's first division the Premier League has names like Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool - MatrixGuy

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2 Primera Division (Spain)

It should be third the bundesliga has better matches than it - kylehawi

Most difficult teams in the world

They are just the best no doubt

Best success in Europe out of all the leagues, a no-brainer 1st place.

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3 Bundesliga (Germany)

The Bundesliga should be behind the Serie A. It is a one horse race. Their teams have no purchasing power. It's only Bayer Munich. Poor league.

It should be second not third it has better matches than the laliga - kylehawi

Hardest matches

If you really follow the Bundesliga youll see that it has better matches than Primera Division the good thing in Spain are Real Madrid And Barca but they have no competion - Villafranca

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4 Serie A (Italy)

It's the best league currently

It deserves to stay in top 4 - kylehawi


Aside from a poor few years this past decade, Serie A should be at least in the top three.

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5 Superliga (Turkey)

I agree with you about producing wonderkids. They are good at this.
And yes, 'Underrated' is the best word to describe this league.

A very underrated league. The Turkish Super League is the fifth wealthiest league in the world. Has produced some wonderful home grown talent, as well as being one of the pioneers of introducing some fantastic African players to the Turkish league and consequently on to some of the other major leagues of Europe.

Galatasaray are the royalty of Turkish football, with a proud history in various other sports too, such as basketball and swimming and much more. Fenerbahce, is thought of as the peoples team. Also, is probably the wealthiest Turkish football club. There is also one other Istanbul giant, namely Besiktas. In the the shadows of their bigger city rivals, nevertheless, able to mix it up once in a while with the bigger boys. There are lots of medium sized teams too, such as Trabzon Spor, etc. All in all, as regards to standards of Stadiums, training facilities, expertise of personnel etc, well the Turkish Super league is more than equal to the best in the world.

Lets ...more

I've watched a random game once time. The crowded was amazing and their show with phones flash was just perfect.

Superliga have important players

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6 Ligue 1 (France)

Guys... Seriously.

Paris and Monaco are the biggest spenders worldwide, with players like Ibrahimovic, Cavani, Thiago Silva, Falcao, Pastore, Lucas Moura, Moutinho, Veratti, etc...
Paris has 1 C2 cup & 1 final, and several CL semi-finals. Its was in 1/4 finals last year.
Monaco has 1 CL final a few years ago and several semi-finals too.

Marseille represents 1 Champions league win, 1 final and several semi-finals. It's also 2 UEFA Cup finals, and 10 championships and 10 cups. It dominated Europe's football during the 90s along with Milan AC. And it was again in CL 1/4 finals only 2 years ago. Might be one of the hottest public in Europe too.

Lyon won 7 times in a row the Ligue 1 and reached CL 1/4 finals 5 times in a row those past years!

If you add Bordeaux which was in CL 1/4 finals 3 years ago, Lille which was in 1/8 finals also 3 years ago, and mythical clubs like Saint-Etienne and Reims which both reached several times the CL finals, Ligue 1 might ...more

Ligue 1 is so ridiculously underrated

Great league with Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyon...

One of top 4 league because neymar plays there

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7 Liga Sagres (Portugal)

I agree 5th best in Europe

The 5th best league in europe, clubs that already played in 9 UEFA Champions League finals (won it four times), 7 UEFA Europa League finals (won it twice) and 4 FIFA Club World Cup finals (won it twice). There are ones of the greatest world football rivalries (Benfica-Porto and Benfica-Sporting), the big three are really very popular clubs, Braga and V.Guimaraes had a big number too, instead of the lower sides being a little poor. Cristiano Ronaldo, Rui Costa, Luis Figo born here, even foreign players grow up in the portuguese league like Di Maria, Falcao, Oblak, Matic, James Rodriguez, Enzo Perez, etc.

The best!

Statistically the 5th best league in europe. There are always 3 contenders to the title, even though the rest have only a slim chance. In the international stage we are rather sucessful, also taking into account that we don't have rich clubs like the other leagues.

Porto: 2 champions league winners, 2 europa league winners and 1 time runner-up, 1 UEFA super cup winners and 3 times runner-up, 2 international cups.
Benfica: 2 champions league winners and 5 times runner-up, 3 times europa league runner-up.
Sporting: 1 europa league winners and 1 time runner-up.

Special mention to Braga: 1 time europa league runner-up

All of these teams and other have also participated in countless semi-finals as well. In particular these 4 clubs are very competitive internationally, more than the french league can say. They only have PSG and Monaco now.

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8 Eredivisie (Netherlands)

Less money, more talent

Best league when talking about atmosphere... Rivalry is big and ajax is big

It should be 7th not 8th it has teams that is much better than the teams in the league that is 7th - kylehawi

Intense football.

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9 Serbian SuperLiga (Serbia)

League with small attendance,but in recent years their clubs are producing great results in the European competitions. With better results in Europe,and without corruption and nationalism,Serbian super league could be in the top 12,if not top 10,with great teams like Red star,Partizan,and the new team that is producing great results in the league with great potentials Radnicki Nis. Only thing that this league needs is money and no cooruptions. That would be perfect.

Red star Belgrade 1991 European champion...enough said!

10 Scottish Professional Football League (Scotland)

Fantastic league for such a small country. Funded by fans.

Some of the best fans in the world

Scottish fitbaw is the best baw

This league is a victim of the success of the EPL, money launderers, the so called most successfull club in the world have never won the major European trophy, and liquidated 2012, the Scottish football league with a newcomer director on board decided they could keep titles won, even those where players were improperly registered for ten years, felt to be a corrupt what an association not fit for purpose.

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11 Sogaz (Russian)

After the legeaus of Spain,Germany,Italy And England by far one of the best legeaus of Europe. Big candidate to call the best of the rest.

Better then Turkish Superlig and Eredivise - Krystian3060

Cska moskva, zenit and etc.

It's the 5th best European league

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12 La Liga (Spain)

Best League in Europe!

This should be on top of the list - kylehawi

This should be higher on the list.

Quality players+quality Football League

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13 Liga 1 (Romania)

Long live romania

Steaua Bucharest, one of the best champions of the European leagues!

Come On Steaua Bucharest and Kolozsvar - MatrixGuy

Gheorghe Hagi!

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14 Super League (Greece)

It has its problems but despite all of them it's a pretty good league. It has historical teams, for example AEK Athens, Olympiakos, PAOK and more. Some of them participate in european competitions.

Paok is a great team!

One of the best leagues in Europe despite the economicals problems. There is a lot of good teams: Olympiacos, Panathinaikos. PAOK, AEK, Aris

15 Highland Football League (Scotland)

Best team is Keith.

16 Jupiler Pro League (Belgian)

Watch it it is awesome

Underrated league.. great up and coming talent from Belgian youngsters, Africans and some east Europeans

Should be Nr 9 (after Eredivisie)

17 Spor Toto Süper Lig (Turkey)

Very competetive and developing leauge

18 Premier League (Ucraine)

Common, 13th!? Ukrainian league has amazing clubs that appear in the Champions league a lot, such as Dynamo Kyiv, Shakhtar, and Dnipro.

Ranked the 8th best league in Europe, Ukraine gives us such wonderful clubs as Shakhtar (winner of Europa league 2009), Dynamo Kyiv (3 times Champions League semi-finalist), Dnipro (2 times Europa league finalist), and Metalist Kharkiv (Europa league finalist)

19 Max TV Prva Liga (Croatia)

Dinamo Zagreb - Krystian3060

Croatian league has great clubs whit bigger succes I than Serbian league. I respect serbian league, but Croatian is better.

20 Ligue 1 (Israel)

Should be higher with clubs like Hapoel Beer-Sheva beating giants like Inter Milan

Beersheba Pot 4 Team beats Inter Milan, tie Southampton and makes it out of the group. Who thought that?
5 times since 2000 Israeli teams to champions league gs
5 teams made it to Europa league gs
3 times rof 32 in EL
Better than Austria

21 Super League (Switzerland)

Young Boys Basel FC - Krystian3060

22 Coca Cola League 2 (England)

WOW, has no one ever heard of Bradford City?!? League 2 deserve a spot here, undoubtably - Tobzz

With 40 time champions league winners Gillingham F. C. And World Club Cup winners AFC Wimbledon. - sam11855


23 Danish Superliga (Denmark)


They have FC Midtjylland so are the best

24 Synot Liga (Czech Republic)
25 Kenyan Premier League (Kenya)


Very strong like gor mahia

26 Pari Match League (Ukraine)
27 Albania Superliga (Albania)

Best leagud ever

Skënderbeu won with Sporting Portugal 3-0 in Elbasan Arena! I vote for Skënderbeu!

28 League of Ireland Premier Division (Ireland)
29 Ekstraklasa (Polish League)

Teams like Legia Warsaw Lech Poznan Lechia Gdansk - Krystian3060

30 Bundesliga (Austria)

They have good teams like Salzburg, Rapid Wiena, Austria Wiena

31 Egyptian Premier League (Egypt)

Al ahly best team

32 Premier Soccer League (South Africa)


33 Krakkadeildin (Icelandic Viking style football division)

It's a bit bloody but dear God how entertaining!

34 Blue Square Bet South (England)

Whitehawk F.C. - Division One Champions 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991
- F.A. Cup Champions 1988
- League Cup Champions (surprisingly none)
Irregardless of Whitehawk's sudden demise down the depths of English football, they remain a fierce force in the nation where the beautiful game was created. They possess a thriving fanbase in their location of East Brighton (could be West, no one has actually bothered to check), and are amongst England's greatest sleeping giants.

Last game: Whitehawk 0 AFC Hornchurch 4
Attendance: 192

35 Veikkausliiga (Finnish League)
36 BOV Premier League (Malta)

Valletta beat Juventus in 2008...Birkirkara held West Ham 1-0 for 120 minutes (due to 1-1 aggregate)...League has been decided in the final two weeks back in 2010 and in the final matchday 4 times in the past 7 years. Always competitive!

37 Welsh Fa

Best League in wales

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