Top Ten Most Random and Fun Colors to Dye Your Hair

Well I want to dye my hair hot pink and my mom would flip if I even said dye and hair in the same sentence. My friends also tell me it's too random of a color so I'll just dream and make this list.

The Top Ten

1 Hot Pink

My hair is this colour Right now for Charity!

I want to dye my hair this color.

2 Red & Blue Superman Colors

I saw someone with hair like this it didn't look that bad.

I would just do red since it’s my favorite color

3 White

It is for the Black Parade.

I've never heard anyone say they want white hair.

4 Metallic Gray
5 Periwinkle

My second favorite color after pink it probably wouldn't look too swell on hair.

6 Clear

Can you imagine clear hair?!?

It's how you can be bald without being bald.

How does that even work?

7 Orange

A kid at my school dyed his hair this color it's pretty random and he's way too easy to spot.

I'm getting orange streaks in my hair when I turn fifteen.

8 Green

done it

9 Purple

I know it's not that random, but it's not very common either.

I want my hair this color! But, I'm only 10.

I love purple hair

10 Dark Blue

It will look so cool! Oh...I wonder if mine were like that

My Hair Colour.

Tried to do it once so that it would match my dark blue eyes. Nope, my hair is brown and blue doesn't show up on brown hair :(

I want to die my hair this color but my parents disapprove 😥

The Contenders

11 Neon Green
12 Electric Blue

I wish I could dye my hair blue.

13 Yellow

Can you imagine someone with bright yellow hair?

14 Fire Red

It makes one look rebellious

15 Chartreuse
16 Wash the Dog

This a crayon colour.

17 Turquoise
18 Pink
19 Gold
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