10 Reasons K-pop Is Better Than American Music


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1 American music is more about sex, drugs, and money

Yes this is correct

That's so true.that's why pop is not appropriate for some age groups

So true and it's so disgusting

Yes the mainstream stuff foten are, exactly like k-pop, except you can actually find a LOT of good meaningful music from US or UK, which you can’t wish k-pop

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2 K-pop is catchier

100% catchier

I agree with this

This is the most racist list I've ever seen. I listen to some K-pop music. - DynastiNoble

3 K-pop is more appropriate

Yes. It is

4 K-pop has more to the music

Yes so true

No it hasn’t.

5 American music is a bad influence to teenagers

Do you know what I have to deal with everyday. Yes. Kids singing songs about sex, drugs, and who knows what.

6 American music uses more Autotune


My friends said that bts is all auto tuned. Meanwhile, I have only heard one time they sounded metallic, I've heard their real voice, and those friends are listening to really auto tuned, shallow songs.

Yes it's true Kpop artist are much more talented than American

Even in K-pop too - waraypiso

7 K-pop is fun

Kpop is where you learn a new language

The songs in kpop are creative, not all dull, and they sometimes have good messages and the songs have different lyrics, not the same thing over and over again.

8 K-Pop artists work extremely hard. Much more effort than Apop

i agree

9 American singers don't behave

True they be like riding on each other

10 American music was only good in the old days

Yes absoultely every american songs these days is about stupid politics amercain singers shoving there political belfies down our throats a least with kpop I can listen and not being lecture

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11 Kpop dancers don't need to be flexible to dance

Apop artists that are dancers make people who are not flexible look bad becuase the dancers do stuff like the splits. Kpop dancers makes non flexible people feel good because they don't have to do all this flexible gymnastic movements. Its dancing not gymnastics, apop, and kpop understands that it is dancing so yeah. Plus the dances have better choreograpy.

12 K-pop doesn't hold teenagers to impossible beauty standards

Yes tf they do? You need to be skinny, pale, long hair, tall? Only new kpop fans would say that

13 K-pop itself holds better representation of how music should be in general

In Apop, we tend to focus on the more "popular" subjects that we think will sell, like ass, drugs, and negative things. Kpop, does not just focus on the things u do 21 and up. Kpop, music videos and songs are relatively relatable, relaxing and wowing, to watch especially when it comes to dancing. Kpop focuses more on fun and are way more harder working. Yet, people let a language barrier interfere with not listening to it.

14 They show their true colors
15 Kpop includes dancing as well

Hate the music all you want. Gotta be impressed by that dancing though.

16 Apop tries too hard to act mature
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