Top Ten Reasons Why Android is Better Than Apple

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1 Android lasts longer

Agreed. I've heard that Apple deliberately slows down their iPhones whenever a new one is released, whereas Android phones don't have this problem and last longer.

Good that I have an Android phone then.

2 The workers of android aren't money hungry

Case in point, Android allows people to make Android emulators on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Only one effort was made for iOS, which Apple shut down before it was usable. Not even Nintendo is that aggressive.

Meanwhile Apple locks its users behind a walled garden.

3 Android doesn't limit the time you have on your phone
4 Apple is too lazy to update old apple products

Force updating older iPhones to newer operating systems has many downsides, such as battery life being shortened.

5 Apple is getting lazy

For example, not putting the headphone jack in the iphone 8+. That's just ridiculous and lazy.

6 Air pods are trash

Yes I found it weird, they just look so weird on people.

I see people wearing them. So overrated.

Not to mention they're uncofortable/painful if you have small or oddly shaped ears.

7 Apple's products are too expensive

We have a winner.

This is 100% true. Apple litterally makes their products jaw-dropping expensive just because they slap their logo on it or it's like they want that many money. No way I'd be paying 100$ on a phone that doesn't look like it is worth the price.

Seriously the point of these products is just to flex on the people who can't even afford those flipping air pods or tablets.

This reason actually has merit. Apple products are usually pretty expensive (sometimes, even absurd). Although I do wish Android users wouldn't overlook the pricy Android phones that do exist. (Ex: Motorola Razr, which costs $1,500. Ik it's innovative, but the durability of it is pretty questionable)

8 Android focuses more on quality and less on being cool

I'd rather have a functional phone than have an overpriced paperweight.

9 Samsung galaxy 10 is better than iPhone 10
10 Androids have better video quality

Agreed. My Android phone has nice video quality.

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11 Android had the ideas, Apple copied them

They also stole ideas from Microsoft. Microsoft created a tablet in 2002 and Apple ripped that off in 2010.

Honestly Apple is nothing but stealers and thieves that just make their products more expensive. I swear ALL THEY HAD DIFFERENT was face time, which was literally a different phone that allowed you to see their face.

12 Androids have more apps

Especially when you consider the fact that with Android, you can download plenty of apps from the Google Play store (or from another source) meanwhile the Apple store is very limited.

13 Android phones have better games
14 Android phones have a headphone jack

Imagine not having a headphone jack on your phone.

15 Google Play Store has emulators; Apple's does not
16 Android phones are more versatile
17 Android chargers don't break as easily

I'm convinced that the only reason why Apple is so successful is because of the fact that most of their money comes from people having to constantly replace their crappy phone chargers that break way too easily.

18 Android works better
19 Android has more customization
20 Google Assistant is better than Siri
21 Android devices don’t power on unexpectedly when on the charger
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