Saddest Things About Wonkeydude98 Retiring

Today (1st August 2016) I heard some very sad news. Wonkeydude98 is retiring.
Less than an hour before he left the site I messaged him.
This list is to remember him

The Top Ten

1 He was such a nice guy

No, I'm not retiring again. I just need to wait until admin unsuspends my account and unlocks it. We're good. - PandaDude98

His retirement struck us all with grief. He shall never be forgotton. - TwilightKitsune

2 I was only getting to know him
3 It was his mom who made him retire
4 No one deserves to be banned from something against their will regardless of age, gender or race

I'm not saying his retirement isn't sad, but parents should have control of what their kids are doing. It isn't a civil rights violation. - RalphBob

5 We may not hear from him again

Hopefully we will, he plans to return when he is older if he cab. Most of us won't probably be here to see him though. - Martinglez

6 He made good lists
7 He shouldn't have had to retire
8 He had lots of potential
9 He made lots of good posts

I believe 70 is the approximate number of high-quality posts he made. Dang, I'm pretty jealous of that number. I hope his high-quality posts will inspire others on this website to make posts just as good as his. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

10 He was one of my first followers
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