Top Ten Soccer (Football) Teams of the 2012-2013 Season

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101 St Albans

Well done for coming last

102 Jeonbuk Motors FC
103 Adelaide FC

I think Adelaide should be 20th in the table

104 Kashima Antlers
105 Gillingham
106 Olympiacos F.C.

They are dominating the champions league and just crushed RSC Anderlecht 3-1 but have prevailed as the best team in Greece and in Europe, especially with the Greek superstar Konstantionos Mitroglou. I love OLYMPIAKOS

107 Philadelphia Union Philadelphia Union
108 Perspolis

Best of in Iran

109 IFK Värnamo
110 Jeonnam Dragons
111 England

I wish good luck to England so that they can win the next world cup 2018.

112 Germany
113 Roma Roma

Roma Is The Best

Come on roma should be in the top 10

So good it team

Roma best team world!
Totti best player world!

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114 Zenit

They are the best team in Russia

115 Sunderland

Sunderland should be higher

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116 Southampton
117 Kaizer Chiefs

Chiefs is better than sundowns it has khune the 1st goal keeper in Africa to catch David villas penalty and it's the first team in Africa to win against Manchester united in the Vodacom cup

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118 Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly holds the record of most soccer trophies ( they have 125 trophies) they have won CAF african champions league 7 times. They have been to the club world cup 3 time and one time the got third place and in 2013 they got 4th place

Al-ahly is the best team they work hard to win and that my favorite team

4th place in club world cup 2013
1st place in African champions league 7 times

They know what they are doing

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119 Forest
120 Shakhtar Donetsk

They beat dortmund and man utd but isn't World best the best team in Ukraine and have Young and fast players

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