Best TheTopTens Users to Talk to If You Have a Problem

The Top Ten

1 Lovemusic

Shes awesome and always there - andre56

2 Dream for Music

Shes nice and pretty - andre56

3 Jands3000

He's my buddy and we like the same stuff - andre56

Always talk to me if you have a problem - JandS3000

Thank you! You made my day! - JandS3000

4 Funny User

She is so nice and really easy to talk to. She is definitely a good friend. And thanks for putting me on this list, andre56. - Kevie16

Very funny lights up my day - andre56

I will always remember funnyuser.. - SuperBacca

You should read my profile page. I will always brighten your day. - funnyuser

5 Subhashsahu

The first person I followed and talked to in top 10s very awesome - andre56

6 Superbacca

He's like a big brother to me - andre56

7 Kevie16

The person to always talk to - andre56

8 Nerdypeeps
9 Britgirl

She helped me many times. She’s just great. - Userguy44

She's wonderful. There's no one like her. - keyson

She will always help. - Therandom

10 Coolkat999

Just like the name - andre56

The Contenders

11 Coolcat999
12 TwilightKitsune

A very incredible user indeed ^_^ - BorisRule

Agree, one time there was a lot of Rainbow Dash fans bullying us and we talked through it.

I talk to people about their sadnesses sometimes. (*^__^*) 嘻嘻… I'd be willing to talk to you. - TwilightKitsune

13 PositronWildhawk

He's my online counselor! - RiverClanRocks

14 Kiteretsunu

I almost always talk to him if he's online. - funnyuser

15 keyson

I am open to anyone who's got a problem. I'd love to help. - keyson

16 BKAllmighty
17 sillykitty
18 Faithangel

She is an incredible user - AnonymousChick

19 BradenC123
20 Adamshane1999
21 Awesomeforever1234
22 andre56
23 selfiefan56
24 jaketaustinfan56
25 pug

Pug will brighten your day. - Pug

26 samminaj
27 Draco
28 Finch
29 larissa
30 letdot52

He's the nicest guy I have met. He's one of my best bros he's awesome and always uses smiley faces even if he's unhappy. - username34

31 cosmo
32 admin

I can not belive I had to add him to the list his the only one that will care if you do - BigBrotherSucks

33 JaysTop10List
34 Puga
35 CartoonsGirl
36 2Storm
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