Top 10 TheTopTens Users Who've Deleted Their Accounts

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1 velitelcabal

Rest in lists - XtheXlmao

He's a Filipino? I haven't seen a lot of Filipinos here, so it's nice to know there are more Filipinos on this site. - TheFourthWorld

2 CastlevaniaFanboy128
3 BoredJeff02

I regret deleting this account ;-;

Well it was fun while it lasted..

I can't believe he is already gone. RIP his account - 445956

It's such a shame he's gone.

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4 Forever_Smiling13
5 NikBrusk

It's sad he left. He was a great person here. - Element119

I never knew this happened. - Powerfulgirl10

Why did he have to delete his account? 😢

6 SuperHyperdude
7 OtakuGamergirl
8 PhantomMilitia
9 SomePersonYouHate

He has to focus on school and more important stuff. He said it in is post. - awesomedp900

I deleted my account because of stress and depression.

Are you kidding? Why did he delete his account?

Why does he keep deleting his account, but RIP :’( - MrCoolC

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10 lovefrombadlands

She is Sadical now. - Userguy44

She's one of my favorite users. Why'd she leave? - TheFourthWorld

I won’t hesitate to do it again.
I can’t do this anymore. - saturatedsunrise

Damn another good gen-18 user is gone. :( - Randomator

The Newcomers

? Peppapigsucks

The Contenders

11 BlueFrostOfThunderClan

But made a new account FireWasp2004 - Metal_Treasure

12 ArchAces
13 SYLFan1234

Deleting my account was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done on this site. My old account was good and filled with a lot of creative lists. What was I thinking?

He created this list and sadly he deleted his account - christangrant

Well, Aragorn98, his new account, has greatly improved from his last one.

14 Aragorn98

So sad. He was a great user and really a nice guy. He actually created THIS list as SYLFan1234 (his 1st account) but deleted his 1st account, and created a new new one - Aragorn98. Sadly, he deleted it, too. - Metal_Treasure

Damn shame.


15 TheEvilNuggetCookie
16 TeenTitansGoSucks
17 pocorn

He didn't delete his account. - MorlaTurtle8

I’m pretty sure that he was either suspended or banned. - MrCoolC

18 FireWasp2004
19 Lucretia
20 CostcoHotDogs

He came back as MindCrime - 445956

What? Why did he delete it? - 445956

21 MarioNinja101

What?!? She did?!? I... I thought she was going to stay. Did I miss something...? - TheFourthWorld

RIP MarioNinja101 you will be missed - Randomator

22 RainbowDashsucks755

Ugh! I hate my old account so much! So glad I deleted it especially after fake molestation for attention and making over 100 accounts yet deleting them! I used to be a disgusting, lying attention seeker back then...
Anyways good riddance to my disgusting vile old self and I am just going to move on with my life! Signed Kody. :'( - UltraLunalaX

23 lolsy

Dun, dun, dun, another one bites the dust - 445956

24 MindCrime

He left again? - 445956

My parents made me delete my newest account. I’ll try to come back as soon as possible, but no guarantees. I’ll be a visitor if I can’t make a new account -MindCrime/TheMariner

Turns out he had no intention of doing so - 445956

25 Kiyomi
26 LeRoiDesSapins

He deleted it for security reasons, lol. - MrCoolC

The security reasons thing was a kind of quote I think. Well what do I know... - Userguy44

He's back. - Userguy44

27 Animeguy15
28 DisneyFan731
29 TheAwesomeBrosVotes

My cringeworthy old account I abandoned because the username was absolutely stupid, and the lists were getting repetitive. Here I am now.

30 ChatNoirFan18

She deleted it. - 445956

31 ChampionColette

Dude I was so immature about deleting my account. I actually had some creative lists and I could've at least improved as a lot as a user. But sadly I deleted it due to my depressions and me being overreacted to a rustler. At least I came back...

She deleted her second account too. - PhoenixAura81

She sounded like a nice user

Folks, she's back as Rainbowdashsucks755. - SpectralOwl

32 SamanthaW
33 FollowMeNow
34 somekindofaguy
35 isaaonrtdmtr

It’s a shame. I will miss him. A lot.

Why though?

I said I'd go off with a bang. Taking naFro with me was just that. - isaaonrtdmtr

36 LordofL
37 jack2244

It's a shame that he retired, he was a lit user. - AlphaQ

38 eventer51314

I might have barely gotten to know her but still sad that she left without a trace - Randomator

It's heartbreaking to see that one of the nicest female users I've ever met and come across on here has now deleted her account without a single trace... It's been a pleasure knowing you, Jessica. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

39 AnnieCallie

She came back as Demon_Kitty. - Camaro6

It's still on here though.

40 Queasco

Press F to pay respects for my troll account - SpectralOwl

SpectralOwl troll account that was terminated by admin.

Wait, wasn’t this account terminated? Or did SpectralOwl delete it on his own? - StarlightSpanks

41 Ned964
42 OnionLists

I liked OnionLists. I remember he was so pleased that we shared a love of Paul Butterfield Blues Band, so he made a list of Paul Butterfield's Better Days Songs and left soon after. - Britgirl

Damn, I remember Onion. Such a shame he's gone.

43 FireOfHell666

Now he’s back on his third account... - NightmareCinema

44 Manlypants

It's a shame she had to leave only after being on here for a few months. She definitely showed some potential with her detailed anime lists and she was very enjoyable to talk with. Wherever she is now, I give her my best wishes. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

45 SteelCity99

I should have seen it coming what with his dissatisfaction with this website's administration. We'll miss you, dude. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Such a shame - iliekpiez

46 naFrovivuS
47 Redrocm
48 Squidward48

No! No! He was one of the only users on here who was actually ever nice to me. 😞

Why do users delete their account? Why can’t they just retire and keep their account? - DrayTopTens

49 CharismaticKat
50 BurstingFlares
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