Top Ten Things You Need to Know About BigBrotherSucks

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1 I Hate Big Brother

I never would've guessed it. - letdot52

I totally did not know this! - cosmo

Wow. I've never guessed that. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Obvious. I can tell by your username - EpicJake

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2 I Hate WWE

I don't either. If you want real wrestling, college meets are where it's at. - Turkeyasylum

WWE is fake and stupid - BigBrotherSucks

That's an opinion,I like it kinda though - Nateawesomeness

3 I Think Dating Shows Are Rubbish As Well

Yea,dating shows suck,like every witch way - Nateawesomeness

4 I Don't Really Care About Justin Bieber
5 I Do Not Like Killing

Haha. I remember the days of BigBrotherSucks being a big crybaby. - IronSabbathPriest

6 I Like Tomorrow When the War Began
7 I Respect All Users

He is so nice

So do a lot of users and I'm one of them - TheKirbyCreeper999

Really? so you respect big brother yes total drama no? - Nateawesomeness

8 I Hate Bullying

I also hate bullying. The day that it would stop would be the happiest day on earth - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I hate bullying so much! - cosmo

Then stop bullying bigbrotheryestotaldramano - Nateawesomeness

9 I Like NRL
10 I Think WWE Is Fake

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