Lime Green


Lime green is awesome. Vote for lime green. By the way cool fun fact about the complete darkness thing laugh out loud.

Lime green is absolutely one of my favorite colors! Green represents peace, happiness, luck, and solution. However, lime green, in my opinion, shares peace, happiness, luck, and solution much stronger than any other shade of green. Lime green is for sure a great, powerful color!

Lime Green is actually my favorite color since I was 7 years old. Lime Green is very vibrant and it symbolizes nature, happiness and even kindness. Lime Green has a calm touch that will be a very perfect color for your room.

Lime green is the best color in the entire world. It goes with pretty much everything and also it makes a great color for braces and glasses. Also, it makes me very happy when I see it. It is my favorite color.

It's so cool I want to eat it so bad. Also my favourite colors are orange blue green and lime green also my brother's favourite color is green and lime green. so AWESOME!

Lime green is a lovely type of green. Normal green and lime green should swap places! Anyway, this color looks more of a normal green than normal green in third place.

It's very bright that's all I half to say. Bright colors make me happy. I not kidding grandma painted her outside table lime green. I was blind for days. It was bright.

Turquoise is my favorite color, but lime green is my 2nd favorite color in my opinion 1st should be turquoise then lime green then red then orange.

I love yellow and green. But mixed together makes it amazing

It is a wonderful color for many reasons-the brightness, green, etc. I started wearing lime green shirts before they were popular

I adore LIME GREEN! Why do people think lime green doesn't look good with blond hair? I wear it all the time. IIt also makes me happy.

My shoes are lime green. My clothes are lime green. My school supplies are lime green. Lime green is awesome! :D

Seems very techno and it represents power and intelligence for me. Also looks wicked cool with black.

Lime green is my birthstone and I think it reminds me of a sunny beach relaxing on a sun bed

It represents the colors of the environment and pushes hearts to go out side and play

I think that this green is the best green. This is a green that just will make you smile.

Lime green should be 1 because half my class like that color

To me, Lime Green is like green, which shows nature, but is brighter and happier!

I love lime green it's my favourite colour I'm so glad its in the top colours

I swear this isn't even lime green. Just vote for green, guys. Same thing.

It is the best color in the world how could people not like it? /

Lime green is my best colour ever

I like this colour and Ryan smells like toilet paper

It is my favorite color because it looks energetic.

It reminds me of a lighter version of Avocado Green