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21 Teal

It is a pretty color that can be found anywhere and is sometimes mistaken as green it is a shade of green I think it should be. In the top ten.

A more mature & sophisticated version of Turquoise. Similar connotations of sea & sky, but the deeper tone implies depth of character and introspection.

Teal is really nice to me it looks like a shade of blue and green sometimes. Teal is a really nice color I would think that it should have ben in the top 10

Teal is super cool! My fave colour since 2014!

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22 Violet

I use to love violet in 2nd grade it was my favourite colour I just don't know why I don't like it that much anymore

To me, this is still in the purple family and I love everything purple - all shades, colors, hues, and intensities! Grey and black are my second favorite colors.

Lovely vibrant colour. Often associated with being girly, surely anyone, boy or girl, such a lovely colour, just the colour! VOTE FOR VIOLET

I like it

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23 Emerald Green

Just a way better version of green

Many peoples birth stone and loved by many people around the world!

Emerald green is so cool it's my favorite colour in the world

Beautiful Jewel

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24 Royal Blue

So bright and blue. My favorite color.

So beautiful. I like to think of royal blue as a royal color. It's awesome. Its beautiful. It mean courage. Vote for royal blue!

It's awesome! as it is my favorite color. It is neither too dark or too light and is almost like indigo... and that is what makes it a beautiful color. It should be in first place!

Royal blue is my favorite color.I was shocked and surprised when I saw that it was stage 23.Besides royal is nicer than gray.

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25 Midnight Blue

Has some touches of black and purple... Ultimately, it is blue. Which I recall is #1 on this list... Just a better version in my opinion. - MeowMix

Midnight Blue is one of the deepest colors there R.I definitely think that midnight blue should be in the top 5. It is the deep of the deep. It is very much of a calm color. It helps me focus all so. Who wouldn't like midnight blue?

It reminds me of a light drizzle and brings back memories of playing in the rain with my siblings late at night

I love this color because e it puts me at peace and I am a night owl. - Absolite

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26 Aqua

Great colour to wear and look at

It is WAY BETTER than blue cause it is a calm and RELAXING colour. Whenever I look at the colour aqua when I am depressed I feel MUCH better. Imagine the WHOLE world being blue... BEAUTIFUL!

A color signifying symmetry. It's not quite so light as turquoise, but not quite so deep as teal. It's right in the middle, like finding the warm spot the sun has hit in the ocean.

Absolutely amazing colour so relaxing yet vibrant and fun! love it!

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27 Navy Blue

A proud, majestic color. The color one wears proudly before battle (or maybe I'm just thinking of the actual Navy). It works with anything - also being the color of crisp, new jeans. It can be seen as royalty or casualty, simplicity or complexity. A vague but dense color, with so many easy complications!

Beautiful mixture of black and blue. Looks awesome on me

I like dark blue colors like navy blue

# IT is the BEST! #! #!

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28 Baby Blue

Baby blue is a gorgeous color to have! It's better than regular blue!

I can't believe that baby blue is not in first place I love baby blue

Who doesn't like baby blue I love baby blue.

It's a rimindful if youv just have a baby boy

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29 Electric Blue

I feel like screaming best color in the universe

This color is bright, and electric, LOVE IT

It's so fiery and more machure than other blues. It's just so ELECTRIC! Joint with Royal blue!

i love it

30 Chrome

Nice and shiny I want 2 get a chrome Xbox and chrome rims - Josedog95

It's really cool and has a sleek look to it and it can make a price of junk look priceless

Chrome is one of my favorite colors. Its like a cooler version of silver. - Brackenfur101

What color is that? I'm imagining some silvery color.

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31 Ruby Red

Just a way better version of red

Looks good on dresses, and shoes. If you don't believe me, ask dorothy. Often calms you during the holiday season! Really cool red!

Love ruby red because my name is ruby and I love red!

Blue frost of thunder clan, I don't want to talk about red! I have stitches and red reminds me of the pain I went through! of told this to people three times. its an ugly color forever! Blue is the best and red just makes me cry or gag!

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32 Mint Green

Mint green and should be at the top of this list. Soon I'm going to be painting most of my room mint green. It's an amazing color and it should really be at the top. ALL THE MINT GREEN LOVERS! COME TOGETHER! MAKE THIS NUMBER 1!

This color literally has deliciousness in its name. "Mint" itself can mean the bright green herb starting it all, the chocolate involved to make its candies, the ice cream favorite of many... it's amazing how refreshing and pure this is!

I think mint green is a good color because it is a combination of blue and green witch are very popular colors. It also shows how unique it is and it could become a more popular choice as a color later on. This is my opinion to Mint green. What do you think about this?

I love mint green because it is very subtle colour but at the same time it is a very beautiful colour.

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33 Sunset Orange

I love how the sunset is like orange&pink

As good as silence

So many colours in the sky at one time

Why is this 33rd?!?

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34 Purple Mountains Majesty

Showing our pride for the United States of America, and Utah, my home land! Purple Mountains Majesty is a deep, stunning color with just that hint of gray as you watch the snowy mountains from a distance. Truly a work of art from the creations in our world.

That kind of purple is the state capital building State Building please a purple and whatever this color purple mountains please please do your best to love it

This color just really catches my eye. It is a great color and will always put me in a good mood

Every Purple Is Awesome

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35 Light Blue

Always my favourite because I like being in the cold. Light Blue is like winter, and so is white.

Beautiful color, it should be number one

Cool colour and also very light

What this makes no sense that's an amazing color somethin mg is wrong with these people.

36 Cobalt Blue V 1 Comment
37 Brown

Beautiful brown - the color of chocolate, coffee, and caramel! Along with these tasty connotations, I love brown because of its all-natural, earthy sensuality and its calm, confident beauty. A truly underrated color.

Yes Brown is my color too. Brown hair and brown eyes and I frequently like to wear brown clothes. It's a down-to-earth color that exudes honesty. That's my personality. Why people don't like this color I don't know. Just because it's the color of a couple disgusting substances should make people look on the brighter side of brown like chocolate, coffee, Coke, and the earth, autumn

I am living in a place where nobody likes this colour. It is the worst sight ever. Because of that, I wear brown every day. I have brown eyes and hair. I love it. I don't know how anyone can hate it. Brown is the best last name as well. It might be the colour of poop but it is natural, and chocolate. I have loved brown my whole life. It is a truly underrated colour.

Brown is simply the best. It's the color of dirt, my favorite food personally. If you don't like brown, you're just a dumb idiot.

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38 Indigo

I love indigo! It's such a rich and mysterious color, deep and pure. It livens me up, and makes me feel good. Also, blue is known to be the color of trust, and purple the color of uniqueness and royalty, and indigo is a mix of both!

Indigo, is a mix of purple and blue. Which are my two favorite colors.

The lyrics "Weepin' shades of indigo" off Tool's song "The Pot" get me every time. It is the color of the 6th Chakra, a very spiritual color. - MeowMix

Indigo. It is just pure beauty.A perfect mix of blue and purple

No blue is pure beauty.

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39 Hot Pink

Hot pink screams school girl but I love it's foxy-ness anyways.

My bast color hot pink

Woo! Hot pink! It's pretty nice even though I'm a tomboy - mayamanga

Lve this

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40 Lavender

It's my favorite color. It's very attractive and very charming. I first saw this color while searching for Justin Bieber's picture. I think it should be in top 5. I don't know why people don't like this color. I suggest everybody to see this color, I'm sure you'll like this color

I need to list some things about Lavender. When I saw this color first, there was no doubt about it. It was my favorite color. I normally like really bright colors like lime and orange, but something about it was so appealing. It was a perfect shade of purple, and so soothing for my eyes to look at, I even liked the sound of its name. The ONLY reason that it is far behind is that it is not very well known, and people don't like to switch to a different favorite thing. But thank you for making Lavender switch from 56 to 40.

Its just the color when I think of this name I think of it as the flower. The flower if very majestic and beautiful and calming. It's a nice color and it's light. It doesn't blind someones eyes with it. Perhaps it makes the people stare at it. It is a light color so it isn't too dark or too light. It's just right and that is one reason I love this color. I don't understand though why it's the 38th most liked color.

Read my username and you will understand - LavenderSheep

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