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61 Raven Blue

I have never heard of this color.

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62 Lilac

Every time I think of this color, I think of the sweet smell only lilac flowers can produce. It takes periwinkle a step further into the warm colors... yet still, it keeps that one, small hint of sky blue...

Lilac is pretty. It looks so quite. I don't know how to describe it but the color represents the beauty that is hidden deep inside you.

Omi-God! Omi-God you guys Elle likes LILAC! And it's not a suprise, lilac is in season this is no time to compromise, Omi-God you guys... OMI-GOD!

63 Burgundy

This color is a very trendy color in clothes and other products so I enjoy this color very much

No offense but I don't like this colour at all

This is by far my favourite colour!

I love this color!

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64 Spring Green

I love this color it is tied with my favorite color lime green but I already voted for lime green because I didn't know that this color was here.

I really like this it is like green but somehow more eye catching and slightly more lovely

This color is very nice. It reminds me of warm summer days and nice spring cool days.

Best color ever lmao

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65 Salmon Pink

It is one of the prettiest colors EVER! It is every girls favorite color! Who doesn't love Salmon pink?! The color of one of the most common fish the salmon. Salmon is the healthiest, smartest fish I've ever seen!

This is my all time favorite color and I'm not sure why it isn't higher on the list! :P

This color makes me think of "Wreck it Ralph". Take that, King Candy!

Actually, I am a girl and I do hate pink.

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66 Vanilla

Sure, it's a great ice cream flavor, but I wouldn't exactly consider it a color - DislikeMyComment

I think that it is a cooler version of white and is a creamy color!

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67 Dark Grey
68 Periwinkle

Its basically a lavender mixed with sky blue but whitened a tad. I only picked it because I like saying the name. Haha... Periwinkle

Hey you stole the name of the fairy periwinkle this is an obvious crime we will slap you with kabab and onion and make you do the whip and nae nae 20000 times

It's the artistic color of the sun hitting against the sparkling snow; or the morning sky as the dawn starts to settle in, filling the blue with just a hint of lilac.

My second favorite color.So mellow and pretty

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69 Beige

Its very welcome color

Beige is the color of chihuahuas, so you have to love beige.

Beige is the best colour ever


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70 Neon Pink

I like any kind of pink so I think I like this one

Now I love neon pink I like it because it is bright it stands up and I love pink to

It is just like hot pink. I can't really tell the difference.

This color is lit.

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71 Cerulean

Gorgeous! Doesn't in any way resemble puke. It's blue!

It's good because it's basically the color of the ocean like blue.You have to vote for it today!

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72 Prussian Blue

It is a really pretty color!

In my opinion, best color ever!
If you don't know what it looks like, Google it!

It's the background color on Coldplay's X&Y. It's a lovely color for using the Baudot Code in rainbow. - Merilille

73 Red Orange V 4 Comments
74 Red Violet

All types of red are cool.


75 Maroon

Maroon should not be this low not only is it the real colour of chocolate cake but it's also the most expensive colour used in a flag Qatar flag it's a mix of purple red and brown and just like red and green there are different types of maroon

This is the best colour ever. Red is too plain and bright. Maroon is the mix of red and brown. It just looks so great.

Looks great. Looks like Color of the plague

Nooo, 45! this colour should be so much higher, it looks amazing! This colour looks like royalty! - MustangMster

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76 Olive Green

Makes me feel like I am one with the trees

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77 Blue Green

Awesome color - but what's the difference between this color, turquoise, aqua, aquamarine, teal, and more? Seriously, when I looked it up all of these colors show the same results.

Its the best color ever it should be number 2 sorry blue is number one

A cool color. It is awesome.

What is blue green

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78 Chartreuse

Chartreuse is a shade of lime green. It is the best color ever and was mentioned in an Evinrude motor commercial. It is a common fishing lure color.

An edgy, bold color. More yellow than lime green. It seems to have a glow of its own. Plus, it's a type of liquor. Gorgeous.

WOW I'm surprised brown isn't you're last but Chartreuse is one of the prettiest Colors out there, better than blue though

It's preety

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79 Sepia

It's actually very pretty and enchanting. Sepia is a beautiful medium brown that reminds you of warmth and hope it's amazing

It reminds me of Christmas and all the warmth surrounding it.

80 Bittersweet

Horrible name, but nice colour. Reminds me of Blood Orange Italian soda.

Saddening, deep, the ending of a Newberry Winning story. Every book I've read has had a "bittersweet" ending... in such a bright form.

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