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101 Lilac

Every time I think of this color, I think of the sweet smell only lilac flowers can produce. It takes periwinkle a step further into the warm colors... yet still, it keeps that one, small hint of sky blue...

Lilac is pretty. It looks so quite. I don't know how to describe it but the color represents the beauty that is hidden deep inside you.

Omi-God! Omi-God you guys Elle likes LILAC! And it's not a suprise, lilac is in season this is no time to compromise, Omi-God you guys... OMI-GOD!

102 Pencil Black V 1 Comment
103 Forest Green

My favorite color! I, Francisco Alvarez, love it!

This color is epic and it is beautiful

Forest Green is such a calming amazing color!

V 3 Comments
104 Blue Violet

A relaxing colour

Why is it so low? It's my favourite colour! -RainbowDash


105 Fuchsia

It's a very calming shade of pink. -Francisco Alvarez

V 1 Comment
106 Leaf Green

Nature. That's the only word for it. It's in its name.

V 1 Comment
107 Tropical Rain Forest Green V 2 Comments
108 Pastel Orange

This colour is beautiful on nails Google image it.

V 1 Comment
109 Texas Orange

Reminds me of cowboys

Ok they are running out of ideas

110 Cherry Red V 1 Comment
111 Carbon Black

A variety of unique and exclusive black. Has a touch of gray and blue. I like it because I use this tone pants.

Reminds me of Blind Carbon Copy!

112 Midnight Green V 1 Comment
113 Hot Red

Looks like every kind of red is here! (That's a good thing vecause I love red) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

114 Smokey Purple

Because it looks so nice smokey purple is much better than normal purple.

I do not like smoke purple because it sounds like you're smoking

Lots of different shades of it, yet there all amazing.

It will a future color

V 4 Comments
115 Silver Blue

I love these colour's all colours what I post

V 3 Comments
116 Paprika

Paprika is better than banana yellow because it is warm but not hot and not as violent as banana yellow even though it is not my favorite color it is not the worst

117 Ultramarine

Definitely has the best name of the colors.

V 3 Comments
118 Dark Pink V 1 Comment
119 Alien Green V 1 Comment
120 Jasmine Green

It is such an amazing color and it makes me happy

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