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101 Bright Orange V 2 Comments
102 Sea Blue

Heart the sea and blue so this is the perfect color for me!

103 Dark Purple

Awesome Colour, Like Purple, Blue And Green But Mostly Purple

I love dark blue is the best colour ever

V 2 Comments
104 Duck Egg Blue

I don't like your opinion good sir could we have a discussion about this in my bed

It is not pink
It makes me think
It is like a wink
It looks like link
It is like ink
It makes me drink
It makes me sink
It is the alpha and the omega it is DUCK EGG BLUE!

V 4 Comments
105 Berry Red

I think that the color red should be higher than it is now. Personally it's amazing!

V 1 Comment
106 Lemon Green

Lemons are NOT GREEN. Come on, we all know lemons that are underripe are green, but NORMALLY WHEN YOU SEE LEMONS THEY ARE YELLOW. ;P \_('-')_/

107 Graphite Blue

Something like steel blue, but with less intensity. Mixture of gray and blue indicates the reflection, but also the coldness. You can see it on clothes and cars.

108 Fluro Orange

I like this colour because it is. Nice and bright

Color with another twist. GO NEON!

A warming color

109 Pencil Black V 1 Comment
110 Blue Violet

A relaxing colour

Why is it so low? It's my favourite colour! -RainbowDash


111 Cobalt

Yet another variation of blue. Seriously, look it up. There's no difference, and I'm an artist.

I don't know what cobalt is, and since I'm a hipster, that's a good thing.

Congratulations. You are an artist. Like lots of other people.

It's really cool

V 1 Comment
112 Lemon Yellow V 2 Comments
113 Tropical Rain Forest Green V 2 Comments
114 Topaz Blue

My birthstone color an just lighter than a sky blue LOVE IT!

Topaz blue is just an amazing color the color of seas

Beautiful! I love the gemstone.

115 Pastel Orange

This colour is beautiful on nails Google image it.

V 1 Comment
116 Texas Orange

Reminds me of cowboys

Ok they are running out of ideas

117 Fluorescent Green
118 Cherry Red V 1 Comment
119 Carbon Black

A variety of unique and exclusive black. Has a touch of gray and blue. I like it because I use this tone pants.

Reminds me of Blind Carbon Copy!

120 Midnight Green V 1 Comment
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