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141 Byzantium

The color of the last remnants of the mighty roman empire, A truly royal color.

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142 Hazel

Hazel is the colour of originality as homes are decorated with mostly hazel colours

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143 Apricot

Yellow is more powerful than gold. It is the colour of the wise, beautiful, big sun! It is color of happiness and joy! One of the prettiest colours is wonderful YELLOW!

What's the difference? My mind is permanently boggled.

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144 Sports Gray

Seriously, are you inventing colors by yourself? - Flav

145 Electric Sunshine

I am the first to vote and I do not even know what color this is.

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146 Satin Red

Reminds me of Christmas


147 Cadmium Yellow V 1 Comment
148 Light Beige
149 Marigold

I make this post because I feel sorry for Marigold. No hate, but personally I don't like Marigold.

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150 Han Purple

Sounds very unique

151 Pastel Green

Pastel green is so pretty it's all shiny and just super pretty I love it

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152 Carmine V 2 Comments
153 Chrome Orange

Are we just making colors up now?

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154 Nile Green

I just love nile green it's a beautiful so pretty I hope other people in the world like Nile Green

155 Soft Pearl

This peaceful color proves that "pure white" can be taken further. Soft pearl is a form of heavenly light, bringing the whitest of the whites to shine brighter than the sun. And yet, if it were a person, it would still be kind and humble, sweet and introverted. Perfect.

Soft Pearl is such a good color! It is like a very soft and light white!

Soft pearl is such a beautiful color it is like a really soft white.

156 Green-blue
157 Terracotta
158 Mauve

Only some people know what Mauve alert is

I have never heard of this color!

It's like gray, but more mauvelous.

159 Flaming Sunset
160 Jade

A great, green soothing color and should be ranked better than 29. Otherwise, I like Green, Black, Red, and Blue.


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