Once I saw the color, It instantly became a favorite of mine, no only is it a mixture of the to colors in the top 2, it's like cyan, but warmish, and I kind file deep shaded colors.

Teal is kind of a bluey green so if you are one of many that love green and blue just vote for teal!

No one will read this, but, my favorite color is "blue" but I didn't like the color blue at the top, so I chose the greenier (not a word) blue, which is teal.

Teal is boss because it has a greenish color and it makes me happy to be alive when I see it

Teal is a very pretty colour. Similar to turquoise. More like dark aqua. Dark blue plus dark green = Teal.

Trying to paint my room this color.

My favourite interior colour, the colour of my favourite roller coaster, the colour of cosy and relaxing, the colour which is a shade of my 3rd favourite colour; green. This colour is majestic, powerful, rich, relaxing, it's awesome.

Oh! This is a super amazing twin of turquoise.i have never ever seen this color maybe he is there to help or guide turquoise

I think teal should be at the top, considering the two colors at the top, blue and green, create teal.

I like teal it is my 2nd favorite color but lime green is my favorite.

I thought that teal would be the most liked color. I guess it's not.

Teal is super cool! My fave colour since 2014!

The perfect mix of blue and green. Refreshing and magical

Teal has too much gray in it obviously not he best color

I like teal it is really pretty and really Nice

It is like a mixture of light blue and green

That it is a mixer of blue and green

Color of water its just the best

Teal and orange which one to pick?

I think it is one of the best colors on earth. I think that should have been in first or second place. teal is my first favorite color.

Teal is nice, it's a darker shade of Cyan and has that cool color feel that I love. TEAL 4EVAH!

Turquoise looks nicer in my opinion. I find teal a little harsh.

I love teal to be honest it is my
favourite colour for some reason