White is such a grandiose color it is the one color that can be mixed with another and still remain similar. Say you mix white with blue its still blue just a lighter tint. Mixing any color with black would make it more un recognizable. No one makes black canvases!

White is pure, simple and clean. It can look elegant, cute, bright, whatever you want. The personality of white is reflected off the surrounding colours. White is one of the basic colours and it sometimes represents light.

Always there holding everything together, yet, most people miss out on it when it comes to choosing preferences. Where would you be without this fundamental, peaceful color?

White is full of good spirits and bright adventure which is considered my third favorite color

Like yellow, white is positive and bright. It matches well with any color (except maybe yellow.) I don't know how it's one of the least popular colors, though. I like dark green, purple, red, and black too.

White may be nice I agree but WHY OH WHY does it have to come before pink people I mean converse are shoes they get dirty and are you sure you want MUDDY white converse thank you

White you can do whatever you want with it and color anything over it I'm also on black and gold.

WHO'S WUTH ME ON WHITE, BLACK, AND GOLD. Whoever loves what I think and thinks I'm the best and thinks I'm awesome say if you hate me or what I said before tell me on this page they I'm talking on right now THANK YOU SO MUCH PEEPS

White is colour of peace, calm, love and friend ship

I know white is much less popular than its main rivals, red and black but white is used much more all around the world

I really like white! It's a one of a kind. If you put a little of a color in white, it turns that color. Unless it's paint

It's simple yet most difficult color to draw. The real beauty of white is hidden and is visible to only those who have good eyes for arts.

The color of grieving in China, yet the color of purity and happiness in the West. Versatile and universal.

Because it just looks beautiful and black reminds me of a devil, but white is the opposite of black so my favorite color is the opposite of a devil. I think it goes good with everything and I think it is nothing but beutiful and it is my favorite color!

White is the most beautiful colour by far, imagine a room full of pure, white furniture and imagine how beautiful it would be

White is a good color because god made himself white so he can communicate with whites and blacks

White has the same problem as black, its underestimated, white is so pure, like the clouds, Go white!

The colour of snow! It is beautiful. I love winter! Blue and white are tied. I love them both - TheFrozenSnowflake

What color is white? It's not technically even a color. It's the absence of color. WHITE IS BLANK SO HOW IS IT A COLOR?!?!?

White is pure, and is the symbol of kindness. Also, white is a combination of all color - GirlyAnimeLover

White looks best on shirts and it goes with anything

White is plain and very soothing yet makes you happy

Grey is a bad colour but white is one of the good colors from angel wings

White is a color whose beauty is recognized by soft heart cool ones!

It is like the color of a blank canvas and it has many possibilities

White represents purity and the deep layers of the frozen snow in eternal white winters."