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21 Yo mama is so stupid she tripped over a cordless phone

This is so funny I told it to all my friends and they died

Haha this is so funny it made me change my pant in tell I had no more to where lol

So funny I got tonsils


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22 Yo mamma so fat when she jumped in the air she got stuck

Been telling this joke for time so funny

Just like your mama laugh out loud

I told my mom this and she had a straight face on but after I said it her jaw literally dropped because it was so funny

Actually she shouldn't be able to jump - favouredlist314

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23 Yo mama is so bad at singing that a better noise would come out of my dog's ass

Laugh out loud made me crack up

That's funny because dogs can't sing from there butts

That was so good that joke

This shirt is funny

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24 Yo mama so stupid, she made an appointment with Dr. Pepper

When I saw this joke it made me crack up laughing! Laugh out loud

Funny joke thank you.

Yo mama so stupid, she tried to climb Mountain Dew.

Yo mama so stupid, she thought strip chicken was a strip club for chickens


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25 Yo mamas so fat that when she went scuba diving the whales came up to her and sang "we are family even though you're fatter than me"

I was crying of laughter when I read this! One of my favorite is yo mamas so ugly that even the gold fish crackers didn't smile back! Also yo mamas so fat when she fell in the ocean Aladdin found her and started singing, "A Whole New World. "


Probably one of the best jokes ever and have you heard of this one. Your so fat your worldwide. I know it's a rubbish joke but the scuba diving joke is funny?

Haha I got better though yo mamas so fat that when she got done being offended by whales she figured out that earth was all water now because when she jumped in the water rose 10000 feet

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26 Yo mama is so fat the phone company had to give her 2 area codes.

That is so so mean :((

Yo Mama jokes aren't insults, they are jokes! Friends tell them to each other! - CrazyAwesome


27 Yo mamma so ugly, her birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Laugh out loud this one make me win any yo mamma contest

It's great heard it hundreds of times and still laughing!

I'm dead I can't stop laughing my ass off

Just plane mean

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28 Yo mama so hairy that you almost died of rug burn at birth.

This was funny for a while. Made other people laugh like crazy. - BubblesakaOzzyBear

Pretty Good

so good

29 Yo mama so ugly she made your dad gay.

Laugh out loud! That was very funny!

Yo mama so stupid she thought she got virus from a computer

Yo mama is so Stupid she could not spell the work *I*

This is absolutely hot sorry for the fellow

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30 Yo mama is so fat she makes Honey Boo Boo look hot.


nice one

Me and my friends were laughing till we died.
-Ghost That Somehow Has An iPhone

Not that funny:[:[:[:[
Yo mama so stupid she sat on the T.V. and watched the couch

31 Yo mamma so fat she walked by the TV and I missed 3 episodes

That's too funny man I almost lost my breath their really funny

Laugh out loud that's CRAZY really after all those info commercials

Very funny. Perfect for any eventuality. - PositronWildhawk

This is so funny but beat this Yo' Mama's breath is so nasty, when she walks by a clock, it goes "Tic Tac."

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32 Yo mamma so ugly she gave Freddy Krueger nightmares

Freddy Krueger is the night mare maker laugh out loud she's Freddy Krueger instead

Ya mama so fat when she jumped in the pool the water ran



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33 Yo mama is so fat when she died she broke the Stairway to Heaven

And she crack the high way to hell

So funny almost died

! Me and my brother said this all the time when we were little!

There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying the stairway to heaven
When she gets the- WAIT, that's THE LADY! UH OH! HOLY S***! - PeeledBanana

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34 Yo mama so ugly she made Frankenstein the next top hit.

Okay that was funny, I mean tears are coming out of my eyes right now

Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster, not the monster himself.

Yo mamas eyes are so big the men use it as their blunders (balls)

35 Yo mama like a doorknob everybody gets a turn.

It means that your mama sleep with a lot of men!

Dude, yo mama so fat. That when she went to the theaters, there was only three people there, and she was sitting next to everyone! I made that joke up in four seconds!

Yo mama is like a door-knob everyone opens her

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36 Yo momma so poor she was kicking a can down the street and I asked what are you doing and she said moving

Not the best idea to some people

These jokes are so funny laugh out loud never seen such if you could say thid to a friend they would cry

Budy, you're a boy make a bi- - PeeledBanana

Nice joke

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37 Yo mamas so ugly not even goldfish will smile back

So funny because the gold fish theme song is"the snack that smiles back"

The snack that doesn't smile back goldfish

Yo mama so hairy,
Bigfoot takes pics of her


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38 Yo mama so fat, you could slap her ass and ride the waves.

Holy crap I'm so telling that one at school tomorrow!

I have another: yo momma so fat when she got in the ocean Spain put a flag on her.

because I have heard it lots and I am the champion at my school (CHILDERSBURG MIDDLE SCHOOL) AND THAT IS 1 OF MY JOKES!

This one is better yo mama is so fat dora can't explor her. I think that should be number one because I read one through ten and this is better by far

Me 2!

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39 Yo mama so fat she broke your family tree

That's the most hilarious one yet... Gotta tell this to everyone I know, Good job!

My brother pooped on his pants and my saliva came out of nowhere. Best joke ever... Period

Your family tree is a cactus. Everyone is a prick. - Doggus

That's just peak but funny

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40 Yo mama is so dumb when she opened her phone and it said Sprint and she started running

Yo mama so old the number of candles she needed for her birthday cake are the reason for GLOBAL WARMING!

Yo mama so fat when she went into the water the whale sang we are family even though you are fatter than me

This is hilarius I love it man these are funny

Not good

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