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121 Yo mama so fat she got more chins than a Hong Kong phone book

That is so funny just about choked

122 Yo mamma so fat when she bungie jumped she went straight to hell
123 Yo mamma so stupid she was in preschool for 99 years

Wow. I think that's a contender for one of the worst yo momma jokes, not only on this page, but in the world. That joke left a bad taste in my mouth. You know, jokes are only funny because they usually have some sort of second meaning, or some sort of funny reveal. But you just told us something and expected us to laugh. That was awful.

That was kinda lame

Don't listen to the first person I it is really funny

so dumb

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124 Yo mama so fat she fell off all four sides of the bed
125 Yo mama is so short when she went in a fish bowl it was Jaws with a gold fish.
126 Yo mama so dumb she gave birth to you

I almost died of laughter

This is underrated.

By leat jock all bad

It insults you and you're mother
its op

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127 Yo mama's so fat her blood type is Koolaid

Then whats her pee

Yo momma so fat she saw a bus of white kids and yelled twinkie

Nice I like all

Of them


128 Yo mama so poor when I went to rob her house, I stepped in the front door and tripped out the back.
129 Yo mamma so dirty that mud looks like clear water to her
130 Yo mamas so poor, she calls money the impossible
131 Yo mama is so fat, I put a quarter in her belly button, and a Snickers bar came out.

OMG LOL thats so funny I just have to put this on facebook LOL.

So funny! She like a big a** vending machine

That is to good I just got a good laugh

So funny! Can not stop laughing

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132 Yo mamas so short, she does parkour on Lego bricks V 2 Comments
133 Yo mama so stupid she tried to put M&Ms in alphabetical order

Mama can put the colours in alphabetical order. WOW she is stupid

Haley is so fat that everyone thought she was a trailer

Laugh out loud so funny

Ha ha! Reminds me of somebody... Oh yeah COLE! Laughed my butt off1

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134 Yo mama so old she knew Burger King when he was just a prince V 2 Comments
135 Yo mama is so stupid she used chicken legs as drumsticks
136 Yo mama's so dumb, she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept.

It is stupid so I'm going to dislike this one and I will pretend that I didn't read this one you dump idiot

Yor momma is stupid she waited on a stop sign until it said go

This is so funny I can't stop laughing

not bad

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137 Yo mama so poor she runs after the garbage truck with a grocery list V 4 Comments
138 Yo mama so fat she uses a bungie jump´╗┐ rope as a belt
139 Yo mamma so short she got arrested for being a leprechaun

Really bad. Why would be arrested for being a leperchaun anyway?

Leprechauns aren't real!

What is "leprechaun"?


140 Yo mama so poor when I walked in her house, a cockroach tripped me and a rat stole my wallet.

Good job, man, that actually made me laugh, unlike most of the jokes on here.

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