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141 Yo momma so small she can do backflips under the bed

Yo momma so skinny she uses dental floss as toilet paper. Just another great to momma joke laugh out loud

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142 Yo mama is so stupid I said the Super Bowl was around the corner she put S.B. on a bowl.

I thought it was yo mama so stupid I said the super bowl is on and she took a spoon to the T.V. room

143 Yo mamma so stupid she stays up all night trying to catch sleep
144 Yo mama so fat she has 8 layers to coat
145 Yo mamma so stupid she returned a puzzle and said it was broken

I am warn out from all the laughing I just did

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146 Yo mama is so stupid she sold her car for gas money.

Already on the list, but it's still hilarious in my opinion.

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147 Yo momma so old she sat by Jesus in third grade

Uh they did this already on here it was yo mama so old she sat next to Jesus is second grade

Jesus does not want you to make fun of him he has always been here forever

Rude just kidding that wad sick

148 Yo mamas so ugly people go as her for Halloween

That's awesome you did good


149 Yo mama is so dumb that she put a quarter in the meter and said where did my gumball go?

Yo' mama so fat when she goes to Walmart everyone chants along, BOOM BOOM BOOM. yo' mama so dumb she sold her car for gas money.

150 Yo mama so hairy, Harry Potter got jealous

It's sad that there's only one Harry Potter joke on here, and it's number 152.

Really good I am a huge Harry Potter fan.

151 Yo mama so stupid. She put a cape on and grabbed a spoon and said "Let's go to the Super Bowl".
152 Yo momma so stupid she got locked up in a mattress store and slept on the floor

Had to vote to show how bad it is make some thing worth reading

153 Yo mama so fat she sat on an iPod and made it into an iPad

Laugh out loud P.I.M. P
(pee in my pants for those who are un-educated

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154 Yo momma so old she left her bag on Noah's ark

Yo mamma so fat, when she goes on an elevator, it HAS to go down!

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155 Yo mama so fat she wore a raincoat and people yelled "taxi"!

Not a good joke however it is hilarious for my family

Scrub shut up yo mamma jokes are the best

These jokes are extremely offensive. I seriously think of these as a form of bullying.

Why the heck are you on an Yo Momma site if this content offends you? The internet has offensive things on it its up to the user to decide what content to look at, not try and lecture or shame the rest of the community for finding humour in hilarity.

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156 Yo Mamma So Ugly She Turned Medusa to Stone

True Dar! Laugh out loud I love it

This is already on here dummie

Lol sooo funny I died


157 Yo mama is so fat I got lost in her bellybutton.

Why were you in there in the first place? - LordDovahkiin

158 Yo mama so ugly when Eminem saw her eating M&M's he changed his name to Skittles

It's ok even though I couldn't make a better one on that same subject

I made this up. If you don't get it, I'll tell you what it means. She is so ugly he like I'd rather be Skittles even though its stupid. Lololololol ;]

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159 Yo mama is so dumb she bought a calculator to an English test
160 Yo mama so fat every time she burped she created a new universe
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