Top 10 LGBTQIA+ Users of TheTopTens

Now that Pride Month has come to an end, let's count down our LGBTQIA users.
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1 Puga

He's gay

2 Kevinsidis

Not a femboy anymore as I consider that label completely obsolete. Though I still feel very feminine and gay as heck at times. I'm still a proud bisexual who is growing more open-minded on the LGBT matters over the past few years. Tbh, the LGBT community is kinda spoiled and absurd nowadays. Though not all from the community are bad, but there are some people out there that make the community look bad apparently

OK, I'm about to say this...I am not a homosexual. Just because I enchant my gayness, doesn't mean I'm homosexual. There are two realities, you know: The Grid(internet) and real life. I still have a Attraction for both male and female. I still want to be married by a female when I am an adult, not a man! I am bisexual and I'm in between, not on the left. I'm not like this in real life, you know.

I'm quite bisexual to be honest just 80% woman and 20% men I like mostly women a lot

Proud gay bisexual and femboy here! I will forever be a gay bisexual and femboy until the day I die!

3 PhoenixAura81
4 Cyri

Gee I climbed the list. Last time I checked I was number 30ish


5 Discord1
6 kempokid

I'm asexual

7 galaxyfox
8 Martinglez
9 AnonymousChick
10 Nonpointed

She revealed she’s transgender

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? kanetheundertaker25
? ArcticWolf
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11 The21PanicFan
12 CloudInvasion
13 CaptainMowzker

I'm Bi so eh.

14 Manlypants

Who added me? 😆

But in serious though

I am a very Bi Bitch

Well technically I don’t like using the label, Bi, for me most of the time I just say “I’m gay” because generally I have a main attraction for females. Guys are still hot though

15 jmepa1234
16 NightmareCinema

Did not know that.

17 theOpinionatedOne

Pretty obvious...

18 MontyPython
19 Nipples

All the way!

20 keycha1n
21 EliHbk
22 RoseWeasley

I am Bishreksual. Attracted to male, female, and nonbinary ogres

23 Nic427

I’m still figuring out my sexuality, but I think I’m either bi or pan

24 Atham

Oh, someone else actually put me on a user ranking list? Sweet! I'm bisexual, bi the way. (that was a horrible joke I'm sorry.)

25 Jada
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