Top Ten Reasons Why Puga Is a Great User

Puga has been getting a lot of hate lately, but he's my good friend and this list is made for him. You're welcome, man.
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1 He makes good posts

I like his Rant on redundancy. Especially someone making four posts on why Marilyn Manson is misunderstood (I love Manson but you don't need four posts to prove he's misunderstood. People aren't that ignorant).

One thing I like is his heavy devotion to them. Wouldn't be any other way.

He makes funny, detailed, and evidence-filled posts. Amazing poster.

Goodbye to all. I've had a great time.

2 He is mature

He made racist comments on Top 10 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Elections. No offense. Other than that, I just go on with my day. But he does make good posts.

@Danteem if you're older you wouldn't tell people not to dislike your comment. That's like me on a JB list saying something really mean about him and saying DO NOT READ, I DON'T LIKE IT.

I agree. I like how mature and edgy he is. I also like how he eliminated most of the immature sensitive emo attention seekers of gen -18.

He's more mature than most 11 year olds, for certain.

3 He is funny

If there was a funniest TTT user award Puga would win with ease.

God, he's SUPER hilarious. His comments are super funny and so har his posts.

I nearly laughed at his comedy golds!

He's very funny.

4 He is a good critic

Indeed I am. I'm very proud of my review on The Card. And as always, thanks for the list Mikey.

5 He is a good friend

Actually, he's not very nice to me. No offense.

Andre56, please. It is just an opinion

6 He is original
7 He makes good lists
8 He has funny comments
9 He is extremely nice

To be honest honest I kinda disagree with this one in my opinion. OK I really disagree. There are a lot of people he is not nice too,including me. And what really annoys me is that he always acts like he is above everyone else. And acts all powerful.

I got six thumbs down for saying this item sucks shrieking. Late 2015 in a nutshell.

I wouldn't say extremely, but he's nice enough.

This item sucks. Have a nice day.

10 He uses evidence
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11 He is cool
12 He is a talking pug

And that is adorable.

He said he isn't anymore

13 He isn't self-centered like most TheTopTens Users
14 His profile picture
15 He has unique style
16 He isn't afraid to share his opinions
17 He is Irish
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