Top 10 Things Specific TopTenners Would Never Say

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1 Admin - "The policy is scrapped"

I wish honestly

2 Disney1994 - "I love different opinions! They're the greatest thing ever! I'm glad no one agrees on everything! In fact, no one should agree on anything! Mutual agreement sucks! And I love it when people hate everything I like and like everything I hate!"

Love how thorough this is. It's probably the longest item on this list.

Why am I laughing at this...

3 BigBrotherSucks - “Big Brother is the best.”

His username says it all, that he hated Big Brother.
Personally, I don't care for that show either.

Obviously, you can tell from his name.

A bit self-explanatory

4 Metal_Treasure - "Heavy Metal sucks"

If Metal_Treasure started saying stuff like this, then I know his account would be hacked. I wouldn't doubt it for a second.

5 DCfnaf - "Wario is overall just a stupid character"

If I ever say this, it's likely I am drunk or stoned.

6 htoutlaws2012 - "I hate remixes."

He makes detailed remixes and gives deductive reasoning behind why who or what deserves to be put where. And I'm pretty sure they're his favorite part of the website

7 HaiThere - "Joe Biden is the best president the United States has ever had, and Donald Trump is the worst president of the United States"

Let's put it this way: I agree with the people who thought Biden was gonna be the next FDR. Donald Trump was the 4th president of the United States to have said they'll move our embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and Trump predicted all of this inflation would happen under Biden. And if you try using January 6th against Trump, that was NOT an insurrection. Trump asked Pelosi to get the national guard for this kind of thing, and she didn't. The little amount of security was inviting them in! Our gas prices were under 2.00 with Trump in some areas, whereas with Biden, some states are crowding 10.00! We were feared and respected by China, Russia, the Middle East, and North Korea, and now we're not. Trump had a booming economy and record low unemployment rates for minorities. Now? Not so much. Trump started the Keystone XL pipeline, and we were energy independent. Biden stopped the Keystone XL pipeline, and working on nordstream two, and made us energy dependent again. 62% of Americans agree ...more

8 UltraLunalaX - "htoutlaws2012 is the worst user ever!"

I would also never say this. Heck, I don't think any user of TheTopTens would ever say this.

Who thinks that anyway?

9 christangrant - "Watch Me by Silento is the greatest song ever"

By now I think most people would know I would never say this

I would definitely not say that

10 PositronWildhawk - "Science is lame"

It just wouldn't be our Pos.

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11 VideoGamefan5 - "Judy Hopps is my favorite Zootopia character"

More like "I will never say suicide squad rules! "

I Hate Her So Much,...Piece Of Overrated Revolting Trash

12 bobbythebrony - "Obama is the best president ever"

He's not the worst, but bobbythebrony clearly doesn't like him at all.

If you think that he would say this then please seek mental help.

I'll never say this for as long as I live.-bobbythebrony

13 LiamCoasterFan - "I love Donald Trump."

My sentiments exactly. He's an idiot who just acts like a spoiled brat and when he says he's the best, somehow people start thinking that.

If it weren't for this being sarcasm, I'd say me too. Oh well, I still get along with most Trump haters fine.

A third party president will be elected before I say this.

14 PhantomMilitia - "The Loud House is a really good show"
15 SanicWantsHisSandwich - "I love Billie Eilish!"
16 xxSocietys_Biggest_Rebelxx - "Justin Bieber and Olivia Rodrigo are better than My Chemical Romance"

MCR is better than both of them so Emma has no reason to say that. I agree with her.

I'll say it when hell freezes over. Until then, MCR is superior to them.

17 Cartoonfan202 - "Avatar is the worst show ever"

If you'd think I'd say this you need to seek medical help

18 opinionsarenotwrong - "There is no such thing as a wrong opinion"

Umm, Did you read his username?

19 Puga - "MSS is my favorite user"
20 VideoGamefan5 - "Suicide Squad Rules"
21 ModernSpongeBobSucks - "Boku No Pico is the best anime ever!"

Saying this is basically a death wish to go to hell.

22 Therandom - "Hillary is better than Trump"
23 BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo - “Led Zeppelin is better than Blood On The Dance Floor.”
24 opinionsarenotwrong - "I don't have the worst life ever"
25 PageEmperor - "Luna Loud is a great character"

He would never praise Luna in even the slightest.

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