Total Drama Characters Who Should Come Back In Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


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21 Courtney

Courtney by far deserves to be in the new season of the Ridonculous Race more than any other character from the Total Drama series.

I agree. She is my favorite contestant.

No she not she pathaic

22 Duncan

He could either be paired with Courtney, or be put on "team delinquent" with someone else.

23 LIa

I love lia shes hot

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24 Sugar

And sugar can come back.

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25 Jasmine

Please bring jasmine back.

26 Topher

I want topher to come back, because I didn't like when chris voted him off,

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27 Max

Yeah, I think max should come back.

28 Beth

I would love to see Beth come back.

29 Staci

Staci should come back in TDRR, it would be funny! She hasn't even got enough screen time yet.

30 Leshawna
31 Harold
32 Geoff
33 Braineley

Blaineley is a total diva, but that's why we love her! I hope she comes back in Ridonculous Race!

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34 Leonard

He is coming back. Sadly, he is coming back - Yona_db

And I want leonard to come back!

Please vote for him

35 Heather

Well think Heather and linda Lindsay I give pepol names they like aewsome

Toss as perf power hmmm

36 Mike

I like to have mike back especially his personalities.

And I kind of feel like mike and dawn should work together(as friends )

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37 DJ
38 Anne Maria Anne Maria
39 Spud

He didn't win Ridonculous Race season 1, so he should come back and try for the million again.

40 Eva V 1 Comment
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