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21 Hello Venus Hello Venus Hello Venus is a South Korean girl group formed by Tricell Media, a joint venture between Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio, in 2012. It was announced in July 2014 that the two companies had ended their partnership, with the remaining members continuing under Fantagio.
22 Cross Gene

Cross gene is so underrated, it doesn't even have high ranking in the list of underrated groups because no one voted for them

Cross Gene does not have many fans even when they got the talent

Cross Gene is my favorite Kpop group!

23 ZE:A

I think people should at least consider listening to their songs. They're incredible! The members are extemely charming and very talented. I don't know why people keep saying they're fans of Park Hyungsik and I'm Siwan when they don't even know that they started off as members of ZE:A. Honestly, They deserve some love as well. The voices of these nine boys are fascinating and their smiles can take your breath away.

Please do support them. They deserve some recognition as an entire group. Some of them may have become actors, DJs, and entertainers, But they are still one inseparable family.

24 24K

My boys are so talented! they make their own music and choreo, they have even produced for other artists (cheetah). They have so much charisma and talent and it hurts that I might as well be the leader of their fan club because no one knows them! Also their separate members have released some AMAZING mixtapes, stuff like that. I just want them to get the recognition they deserve before it's too late :(
PLEASE show 24k some support with me! Check them out, you won't regret it! Also if you want more info on them you can ask me.

25 BtoB

They deserve so much love because they the best group in the world and they never do playback their vocals are amazing I think they will grove in the future they the most talented group I have ever seen.

Their members are so nice and decent.

Their vocals are also good.

Their songs aren't just for fun, it has messages.

BtoB was the first Kpop group that I just fell in love with. They are all just amazing singers.

Best vocals ever, they can hit high notes and low notes without any hesitation, they don't really think about their popularity, they only think about their friendship with each other which makes them bias-worthy.

The are a hardworking group, if one member faces something all of them has to face it too, their friendship is amazing.

Their support for each other is remarkable.

I'm also amazed by the fact that they can make (yes, make, they write their own songs but not all) and sing any genre beautifully.

So what if they're all not handome (well technically of them are handsome in my opinion) at least they all have a great personality, and also they have a great sense of humor.

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26 Led Apple

I wish led apple were more known
Hanbyul is such an amazing singer and honestly when I first heard him I think he's one of the best singer in kpop and he's also got a deadly cute Australian accent laugh out loud
His personality is also adorable he's so hypo and happy and he's such a cutie overall and Kyumin is so 4D laugh out loud
I wish the band overall were more known

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27 Davichi

Davichi is a awesome duo

Hey... Don't you know they just amazing

8282 is one of the best songs in kpop ever. So much hope.

28 Winner

Winner needs to be known. Their song is basically very enjoyable at any moments. Their songs are basically a cheer up, especially Fool. They're apart of Big three but they aren't as well known as the other idols. Even though they went on the same survival show as iKON, they weren't as well known as iKON


29 B1A4 V 3 Comments
30 High4

They seriously have so much potential! Two very strong and different vocals and two great also pretty different rappers, who all harmonize so well together. Right now they're still kinda trying out different concepts but it really is worth to check out their songs! Get them finally more attention!

Its sad that their most viewed mv was with IU..PLEASE LOVE HIGH4!

31 SS501
32 The Legend

They are truly underrated and deserve more attention. Their songs are really good and diverse, rapper Lito ever wrote lyrics for their debut song and "Trace" which is in my opinion one of their best songs. Their leader Listen has unique voice and his high notes are amazing,

How can someone not like them?
Their songs are always amazing, their choreo and visuals as well, you anyone would give them a chance they will shine more brightly than anyone else!

33 Laboum

Talent-wise, these girls are the most underrated. 'Guess that's expected of being with a smaller company.

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34 Park Bom
35 Secret
36 NC.A
37 J-Min
38 A-Prince

They're now under a new name 'MAP6' with new member, Sign.

They aren't overrated. Just very unrecognized.

39 Fiestar

Just all their songs are very catchy yet seem to get no attention which is sad since all are so pretty and unique in their own way and their mini album Black Label is just amazing I really recommend it. Yezi gaining popularity with her rapping and her appearance on Unpretty Rapstar and the rest making guest appearances on shows and programs. Hopefully they get the attention they deserve.

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40 History

Many people know of 'Queen' but most don't really get into History and that's sad

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