Top Ten Users of TheTopTens That Have Retired

These TopTenners retired anywhere from a week ago to almost a year ago. They are missed, and I may not have known them, but I have seen lists and comments from a while ago.

The Top Ten Users of TheTopTens That Have Retired

1 HezarioSeth

Far from asinine, he had loads of personality, and would be nice to have around again. - Turkeyasylum

If he comes back I will play the sweet victory song from SpongeBob - NESSquid

I was losing interest in the site when he messaged me. We had some fabulous exchanges. - PetSounds

I wish this dude came back... He was a very very very very very very asinine guy,other than asinine he had a load of personality. - CerealGuy

2 Dreamformusic

She left cause people were being mean to her just because she likes Winx Club. - cosmo

I don't know why she retired, but she was nice. - Turkeyasylum

Bullying cause of Winx Club. That is ridiculous and stupid for those who bullied her.

Why aren't people being mean to me? I like winx club too. :( - MeaganSaysHI

3 Forever_Smiling13

I've never met her or talked to her, but she seems so friendly and sweet. I hope she returns sometime. - Catacorn

Unlike most of the pathetic attention seekers, she just left because she lost interest. - gemcloben

The accounts gone but she's back. - Therandom

Forever_Smiling13 was not only an amazing listmaker, but an amazing friend as well. - Garythesnail

4 MissBritain

I just saw her on here, so she isn't retired. - funnyuser

She seemed pretty nice, but the retirement is unconfirmed, so she just MIGHT come back. - Turkeyasylum

5 Cameo

She had some of the most creative lists I've seen in the 3 months I've been on here. - Turkeyasylum

6 SevenLizards

I can't believe he left:( he was one of my best friends. I'll never forget him. - nintendofan126

I wouldn't be purr-prised if he came back to see comments that sob sob at him. - CerealGuy

I never had any thing to say about him - CerealGuy

Will never forget him. - aarond9010

7 happyhappyjoyjoy

I never knew she retired. - Powerfulgirl10

Really? I had no idea - Songsta41

ahh - immatrollhateme

8 CardboardBox

So that's why he never spoke to me after following me... - DapperPickle

He messaged me a few days ago. - Therandom

BBUE- Best Box User Ever. I was looking at his profile and it said he retired. I already miss him. - Turkeyasylum

He was the best best best best best box ever... I need a new box now :P
Myah! - CerealGuy

9 SmoothCriminal

He was so popular. - Britgirl

Is That Why I Never See Him Online? - topbesttopworst

10 MontyPython

Her goodbye post nearly made me cry. It was so sad. - Oliveleaf

Some users just aren't happy with the site. Her state was much more shocking. Hope she's okay.

I just hope that her and her family are doing okay. - Anonymousxcxc

No she’s still here. - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 SubliminalMessages

I had no idea he was gone. He was very good. - PositronWildhawk

He was a good user, too bad he retired. - Delgia2k

At least he came back. - Pony

He texted me a few days back and said this website wasn't his cup of tea. In his short time here, he did make a few good lists. He had potential. - Turkeyasylum

12 velitelcabal

He was a really funny and cool user. I wish he came back. And he didn't have to delete his account when retiring either. - Powerfulgirl10

He changed his profile pic at the last second - GrapeJuiceK

13 Blue_Deveraux

Being an older person, I don't think this site offered her much in the way of entertainment. She had fabulous taste in music. I miss seeing her name on my lists. - PetSounds

I recently encountered their lists. Just wow. - Turkeyasylum

14 lovemusic

I miss her a lot. We had a lot of fun talking to each other. She was a very misunderstood and very entertaining and warm-hearted character. I don't know if she'll ever be back, but I hope so. - PositronWildhawk

I agree, this list is making me sad, ;( I looked at her profile and it was messed up. I was wondering were she went to, but I guess she retired a long time ago. She was very misunderstood and I do hope she comes back. - funnyuser

I never exchanged messages with her, but I somehow got the impression she'd had a rough time of it. Only time I've ever seen an account deleted. - PetSounds

I also recently encountered this user, At least they loves good music. - Turkeyasylum

15 CastlevaniaFanboy128

He was one of my first friends on this website and his review posts inspired me a lot as to contribute as much as I can to this website. I'm really gonna miss having Boris around here. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

16 Turkeyasylum

We will miss you Turkeyasylum, you make such interesting lists.

Well, I'm not retired yet, but I'm about to. - Turkeyasylum

NOO! Why would you do this. You said in your blog post on "Top Ten Users of TheTopTens" that you will forever be active. :( - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

I hope he comes back and realizes how sorry I really am for spamming his Q&A.

He needs to come back and put TDA back on the site. - Therandom

17 yolo2346

I haven't heard from him lately, which is upsetting, because he was one of my first friends on this site. - Turkeyasylum

He retired, I don't think I've seen him around nowadays - Ananya

18 OtakuGamergirl

Truly sad she's gone I hope she comes back eventually.

Most of these users haven't retired. - Turkeyasylum

19 Epekov

He was so intelligent with a terrific sense of humour. I miss him as a person as well as a Toptenner. I often wonder how he is. - Britgirl

20 MoldySock
21 Robinismike
22 WonkeyDude98

I was happily eating curry chips when it went down. I then sadly ate curry chips. Will be missed. - Puga

This site will never be the same without him. I looked up to his high-quality posts like everyone else's and were inspired them. Now one of the best new generation users has to leave. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He was an awesome user. Always so friendly, mature, smart, and most of all, caring. I am gonna miss him a lot. - ProPanda

One of the 2 Best users of this gen (the other one also retired). He will be very missed. - Martinglez


Glad she's gone - DoroExploro13

I miss JBL. - Therandom

24 LightningBlade

Now he totally retired. He doesn't visit or do much here now. But if you had seen his contribution you would say how greatly he worked. He even made 70-75 lists in a day! - zxm

I miss LightningBlade.

25 BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

This guy actually knew how to troll. - KalloFox34

I miss him, he's my favorite user of all time. - henry_danger_is_great

Bring him to number 1, please. - henry_danger_is_great

I pretty much miss him to be honest :( - BorisRule

26 Britgirl

If and when I decide to leave. I'll just go without the fuss. One day I'll be here and the next... - Britgirl

I must say telling the truth about your age, you have earned my respect. You will go down in history as one of the best users on this site if not already Dec, 28th 2015. - htoutlaws2012

Britgirl did not retire - PatrickStar

She hasn't retired I've messaged her (this was written September 27th 2015 in case stuff changes) - jmepa1234

If she is then she must have a career. Or something - Chaotixhero

27 birdechosplash

Even though I never liked her, she doesn't seem like a bad user at all. The main reason she gained hate was because she's hypersensitive. - Powerfulgirl10

She is leaving. I'm gonna cry. I can't be here without her. She was my first friend in TopTens. I'll never forget the time when we first messaged each other. I can't say anything else, or I'm gonna cry an ocean. I'm really gonna miss you, birdy. And to all her haters, go easy on her. She doesn't deserve all this hate. Goodbye, birdechosplash. I guess that's it. It was nice knowing ya. :( - Oliveleaf

Thanks, bird. That really means a lot. (and no I'm not being sarcastic) - Oliveleaf

28 SuperHyperdude

Loved him look at his post on best users - jmepa1234

29 EpicJake

Nope. Now he's back. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

He's Back - JPK

30 CerealGuy

No, he's here. I saw online yesterday and the day before. - Therandom

How about now m8 - CerealGuy

I don't see him a lot. - Pony

I miss my MLG master... - SirSkeletorThe3rd

31 Funnyuser

:'( :'( I liked her - jmepa1234

32 SteelCity99

Considering SteelCity99 hasn't been on for more than a month now and what his profile page currently says, I think it's safe to assume SteelCity99 has officially retired from TheTopTens. Farewell, buddy. You will be missed.

Update: Never mind, I just saw him came on recently. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

33 Gemcloben

I haven't talked to him since April 10th so looks like this might be true, unfortunately. - IronSabbathPriest

This is my first time online for months. So goodbye, I guess - gemcloben

Gemcloben did not retire yet. - cosmo

Gem is partly retiring now - FerrariDude64

34 booklover1

Her last list was made in 2011 - PeeledBanana

I actually saw her... - DapperPickle

35 DisneyAnime1234

Rest in peace DisneyAnime1234.

She didn’t retire, she passed away. :( - 3DG20

In a way, considering she passed away suddenly. Top 3 at least I guess.

God bless her soul :(... - CrimsonShark

36 Therandom

Remember when the site didn't have my glorious presence for three months? And to think, if not for a certain fight I had on the wiki, I wouldn't have even returned. - Therandom

I'm back, and better than ever. - Therandom

He didn't retire. He's still here!

He recently retired. He is a great user and friend. I will miss him - SirSkeletorThe3rd

37 MeagenSaysHI

Again, unconfirmed, but she had very creative lists. - Turkeyasylum

I saw her online yesterday. - Animefan12

She Came Back - BeatlesFan1964

38 PhantomMilitia

He will be missed - christangrant

39 Aragorn98

Thou shalt never the forgotten, my dear friend... - CrimsonShark

I really hope he decides to come back someday, if he does, chances are I’ll still be here.

40 purpleyoshi98

He didn't retire, admin banned him along with his Oranjuice and purpleyoshi account - SirSkeletorThe3rd

He retired a few days ago. - RalphBob

Actually, he got banned for criticizing Danteem. Thanks a lot admin! - EpicJake

I could tell you returned. - NESSquid

41 Puga

Why'd you have to go man? You were awesome. - Gametoon

When did he retire? - RalphBob

Vote or blocked - Puga

Good times. - Puga

42 DarkenedBrutality


43 MatrixGuy
44 EvilAngel

Similar to Britgirl's situation When I first joined TheTopTens His lists were one of the firsts I found. Hopefully he and anyone else who decides to retire doesn't delete there lists so we still have the memory around - Curti2594

I decided to become a prominent user because of EvilAngel. To me, he is the King of Remixes, at least in terms of music and his tastes in a lot of category were diverse and constructive. I need to owe him a lot. - CrimsonShark

Can't believe this gentle 'Evil' Angel decided to retire. It's so sad. He and Positron were the first users I noticed. His lists and remixes are excellent! I found a good friend in him. He'll be missed on here, not only as an active, excellent user but also a friend. I really hope he decides to come back soon. We all miss you, EvilAngel! - Britgirl

He did not retire, he is still here. - 05yusuf09

45 UltimateHybridX

Been around numerous times. Definitely not retired as of this writing and a great user to chat with. I don't think he'll retire at this rate, especially when he still does things! - Nonpointed

I'll never forget his profile pic of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Such a cool idea for a profile picture.

I can't believe he left, he is one of my friends - Ananya

He's coming back! Yay!

46 SamuiNeko

I didn't completely know her that well but I did message her sometimes and she was pretty nice. - Anonymousxcxc

She hasn't retired - SirSkeletorThe3rd

RIP my dear friend. - WonkeyDude98

She did, in fact.

47 jack2244

He was one of my best friends on here. I'm starting to miss him already. - Powerfulgirl10

No I was talking to him just now, he's a pretty dope guy! - AlphaQ

48 NerdyPweeps

She was one of my best friends on the site, I don't know if she forgot her password, or she's too busy because of school, or what. But I really hope she comes back, I had a blast talking to her. - funnyuser

She is back now! - gemcloben

49 RockFashionista

Nope she's back - Neonco31

50 McKing1003
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