Top Ten Users We Would Cry Over If They Left TheTopTens

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1 PositronWildhawk

Item 11. This is the first item so far I would get legit sad over. The world doesn't revolve around weeaboos. - Puga

2 Therandom

Him and Puga are probably the only ones I will truly be sad if they leave - bobbythebrony

Honestly gonna retire. But even if he did, well, he's suspended now and probably won't come back to the site. His popularity actually deserves to wane because of this - Nonpointed

3 Britgirl

When she was inactive, I was really worried and sorta sad that she wouldn’t come back. I would actually cry a little if she retired for real

She is pretty much the friendliest user on the site. And her lists and stuff are awesome.

No, I never want her to leave, we all love her so much, we want you here with us always

I was sad when she almost left. Good that que didn't.

4 PeachyBlast

I can't imagine it without her here. I can but it's so sad. - TwilightKitsune

It's true she is very sweet & friendly, no one wants her to quit the site - Righteous

She's very nice and so sweet. Definitely one of my best friends here. - Goku02

Yes, she is very sweet and friendly. - ivylee

5 Metal_Treasure
6 LightningBlade

He is a great friend! I really like chatting to him! - ivylee

He's a great friend and is probably my best friend on this site along with leafstar. He is also the reason I'm here now, as I wouldn't have stayed if it wasn't for him sending me a message, then I figured out that I can send messages to other users : D - Goku02

One of my favorite users. - Powerfulgirl10

He's a great friend - micahisthebest

7 BKAllmighty
8 Goku02

Yea if goku02 left I would cry. - leafstar

I will not miss 'her' if 'she' leaves LOL - Goku02

She shouldn't leave the site to be honest
A great friend indeed.

9 ArchAces
10 ModernSpongeBobSucks

I mean, sure, I'm not the greatest user ever, but I'm practically here almost every day now and I've grown quite close to some users such as Skullkid755 and TwilightKitsune. I don't think I'd be necessarily missed by everyone (I kind of feel hurt thinking that not everyone loves me on here), but I wouldn't want Skullkid755 or TwilightKitsune to be sad if I ever left.

I've never talked to him before, but he seems like a really nice person : )

He's one of the beast users. He needs to stay.

I'd cry and cry forever if you left Kitsada 囧

The Contenders
11 Skullkid755

He's my best friend on this website. I already lost CastlevaniaFanboy128 from TheTopTens, so I don't want to lose Skullkid755. The only way I can contact CastlevaniaFanboy128 now is through MyAnimeList.Net, but it just doesn't feel the same. So that's why I hope Skullkid755 won't retire soon. He's helped me a lot in inspiring to improve myself to become a better user, so I'd miss seeing him on TheTopTens if he did leave. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Please don't leave Skullkid <3. You're awesome. - TwilightKitsune

12 NuMetalManiak
13 TwilightKitsune

She's one of the sweetest users I've ever met on TheTopTens. I wouldn't feel the same about coming on TheTopTens if she ever left. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

She is very sweet and friendly. I would definitely miss her very much. - Goku02

Please. I hope not. - ProPanda

You too ProPanda I won't leave - TwilightKitsune

14 Ananya

She is among the best users here & a very good friend of mine. I never want her to leave she is just simply awesome

I wouldn't be to happy if she left.

15 2storm
16 eventer51314
17 leafstar

She and LightnignBlade are my two best friends here! Please don't leave leafy! - Goku02

18 ivylee

Thank you for adding me here! I can't imagine of leaving as well. - ivylee

A great and friendly user and big fan of ABBA : ) - Goku02

19 Puga

I would be pretty sad. - Powerfulgirl10

20 DisneyAnime1234

I feel so bad that she died, and I didn't even get to meet her like most of you guys. RIP Kylie. - Powerfulgirl10

She will be missed. Rest in peace in the heavens, DisneyAnime1234. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I've never even got the chance to meet Kylie.: ( May her rest in peace. - Goku02

RIP Kylie wish I could have met you - TwilightKitsune

21 Blear

Yea I would cry if blear left. - leafstar

He's weird and is a good friend! - Goku02

22 MLPFan
23 speed
24 Righteous
25 RiverClanRocks
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