Worst Beyblade Burst Tops


The Top Ten

1 Valtryek V2


All valtryek bad

Not all valtryek bad takara tomy Cho z and slash are okay well maybe not slash but yea Cho z Valkyrie is actually good

My Galixy Pegasus shredded it to cheese! NO joke it ripped it to 30 parts! - Hhgbgbbg

2 Luinor L2/lost Longinus

I have him and it's amazing


This bey is awesome! Who made this list!

Best bey I world

3 Valtryek

it is bad

He does not spin

I agree

I burst it with rocktevor r1

4 Roktavor R2

Roktavor has good stamina but if you hit it in this one spot it will always burst pretty much

Yeah kinda

5 Ifritor I2

Ifritor is so good

I have it it burst drain fafnir I swear

6 Spryzen S2

It bursts easily...

I hate this guy he is so dumb!

This bay is in the top best to you know

Boo legend sprizen is very very bad Iwill preefer Storm sprizen really legend sprizen sucs Ihate it

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7 Spryzen

I have a spryzen requiem and it rocks!

How? This beyblade is actually pretty good

This beys the best

8 Horusood

Has about a 5% chance do deflect a burst otherwise, it loses

Bursts easily

9 Horusood H2

Horusood sucks

Bursts esaly

10 Quetziko Q2

Absolutely the worst bey ever!

The Newcomers

? Orb Egis
? Kerbuas the First One

Best bey in the world defense is amazing.

The Contenders

11 Bloody Longinus

It is the best bey what are you talking about it is so cool

It is bad if is made by harbor


12 Spriggan Requiem

Three words: worst beyblade ever

Spriggan is SO good what are you talking about


13 Deep Chaos

He is one of the best stamina types

Good beyblade

14 Drain Fafnir

He is awesome

so good

He is pretty good but not-good at spin stealing sprison reckriom can do better.

15 Uber Unicrest U2

It even has uber transport in the name

I don't know about everybody else, but my Unicrest always explodes in at least 5 hits. It sucks.


It is bad such a shocker😱

16 Hell Salamander

It is the best bey ever and never bursts. All ways wins.


It bursted burn fireblaze! - Hhgbgbbg

Best I came secaned in a ternamint
Best beyblade ever you probably can't
beat it

Feels like storm capricorn has no stamina

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17 Doomscizor D2

Its alright I guess

Not a bad bey but lets see everyone else's opinion!

it sucks

18 Wyvron

The bey sucks it always burst its bad

It sucks it bursts like nothing even valt could beat this in one hit

Yea it’s so bad

It’s sucks I can burst it in less than 2 seconds, I’m now talking about wild wyvron I’m talking about the original classic wyvron

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19 Legend Spriggan S3

This is trash one hit from nightmare luinor burst it but onetime he burst crash ragnuruk but he lost that battle so he sucks he's almost as bad as mmy reqium spriggan

20 Valtryek V3

Always burst to luinor l3

21 Lightning-X Istros

It is a terrible combination and bursts way too easily.


22 Hyrus

He is a bad defense

WHaT Did u sAY aBout mY bOY hYrUs


23 Valtryek V4 / Wonder Valtryek

Terrible spin track otherwise its great.

It's a turbo bey that is amazing in attack but it can't last long and it can't even win a single round with its takara tomy counterpart, while any other bey, hell any other valtryek can.

24 Shadow Unicrest

It always ends up as a survivor finish it’s worse than my requiem or my xcalius

25 Anubion A2

Anubion has pretty good defense, and stamina, no attack, but the worst part is... it ALWAYS bursts in one hit from my Valtryek (the 1st one, not V2, V3, V4, or Shadow Valtryek!

26 Istros I2

He sucks because he always bursts but good thing about it is the stamina

Its really bad

27 Plastic Pegasus

Sounds very weak to me - Hhgbgbbg

Who would make a plastic pegasus, Anyway? that's just insulting.

A really weak bey can beat it

28 Doomscizor D3

He’s really good because he always burst a cho z beyblade

29 Storm Capricorn

It sucks it is the worst

30 Amaterios A3

It wastes all its stamina circling and gets off balance easily
it has no stamina gets no hits in same thing as shadow amaterios

31 Cho Z Spriggan


Is a good bey

32 Guardian Kerbeus

It bursts Like crazy

So agree

33 Crash Ragnaruk

Breaks easily

It destroyed all my beys buy this bad boy it always wins comes with lost luinor and minoboros

34 Caynox C3 4Flow Bearing

It explodes quickly

35 Kerbuas K2
36 Betromoth B3
37 Tornado Bull

Any bey can beat it! - Hhgbgbbg

38 Cyber Pegasus

It breaks easily

39 Slash Valtryek

Cho Z Valtryek can destroy it even if it is GT.

40 Khalzar
41 Wizard Fafnir

Bursts every battle

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