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1 Toyota Prius

Toyota did whatever it took and went to almost every corner of the world to get the greenest material, but caused more pollution than the car would if it were not a hybrid, and the car itself was nowhere as economical as it would be, and at a bad price. So people waste money to INCREASE global warming, thinking that they're doing the environment good and not losing money as quickly as they think. So one is MUCH better off with an equivalent petrol car, like a Jaguar XFR, even! So are Greenpeace.

... Come on. Let's be real... The only people who drive enough to actually save a sizable amount of money on gas are the people that drive too often to want to be seen in a car like this.

Somehow gets uglier with each redesign, as well as less reliable. Also is the worst car for the environment, making this the official car of hypocrites.

Ugly design and poor performance the only good thing is the MPG but other cars are beating the prius now

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2 Fiat Multipla

God only knows what kind of drugs they were doing when they designed this. - LordOfTheOnionRings

Ugly looks. That's all that's wrong.

The fiat punto is 100000000x better than that piece of ugly crap. I am never buying a fiat multipla. That would explain why there are'nt that many around.

3 Ford Mustang

Only good in straight line speed, which you won't be doing except for free way on ramps. Handles poorly and can't go around corners, sub-par gas mileage and is loud when you don't want it to be. Due to the turning circle and size, driving in a city is a pain in the ass as well. All this on top of its unreliability. It's silly to buy this car when you can purchase a much better handling roadster for less.

I owned five or six of these cars, and they all would not handle! I even had a brand new 2011, and two months after I bought it, the trim started fading, and the engine actually lost a couple of pulleys, causing it to overheat! I tell you I got rid of that thing quick as a flash, and got me a Chevy!

Absolutely horrible, the reason why it is so cheap is because ford build it so horribly. When Mercedes build a fast car they put special brakes, steering, etc to handle the speed. Ford does none of that. So if you drive it fast, The brakes won' work properly, the steering wont work properly, etc.


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4 Yugo GV

This car would get better rating if it wasn't imported to usa. Sure it was unreliable, but it was cheap and we couldn't afford good cars back in 80s in Yugoslavia.

I do not speak of this car; it is so utterly useless. I feel sorry for the poor people of Yugoslavia who had to buy one. Thank God they shut down so quickly.

This should be one, not a car that got fifth in the Greatest Car Rankings.

Wow this car is old people who made the design of this must of said this
Boss: we need a new car
Employer: but.? We don't have enough money sir... We never sold a product before...
Boss: Who cares.. Go to the junkyard and get some car pieces, lets see what we can do with them
Emplouyer: But sir.. What will our costumers think?!
Boss: I don't give a...
Employer: OK WE WILL DO IT!
For me this car totally looks like someone wanted to take some pieces to the junkyard and made this car and the car's details really can prove it.
Boss: Did we got sucess?
Employer: Not really sir... The car makes strange noises and the motor and battery we took from the junkyard doesn't work, most of the costumers gave back the car to us. So what we do now?
Boss: Well, I'm done.
And that's why Yugo never did a product again.

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5 REVAi (G-Wiz)

Absolutely rubbish never seen anything like it in my lift it even slows down once you put wipers or lights or radio on waste of batteries in my opinion

Quite possibly the worst car ever, it has a short battery life, low speed, ugly design and it has poor safety.

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6 G-Wiz

Why did u put same list its already on list - SpencerJC


7 Dodge Neon

I Hated My Dodge Neon So Much. I Bought the car brand new in May of 1995. Then 10 Years later. I Had to sell the car because it started smelling like burned rubber

Why are both the Honda Accord and Civic even on this list?

Worthless worst looking and cheapest car ever made

My mom had a junk plymouth neon... - TheAwesomeFire

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8 Pontiac Aztek

Whoever made this car is right now in a cave trying to lick his elbow

These are so that ugly

Headlights are super weird - SpencerJC

Uglier than hell.

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9 Plymouth Acclaim

More specificly the 91 cars, the mechanics every driver's nightmare - htoutlaws2012

10 BMW Brutus

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11 Peel Trident

They made like 82 of them - bobcards

12 DeLorean DMC-12

The only reason that this car has fans is because of the Back To The Future movies. It is a terrible car besides the looks in real life.

What ho put this? This is amazing!

It's stylish, but has many shortcomings in terms of performance. - MKBeast

Car was slow, unreliable and expensive. You were better off with a corvette c3 or c4. car was so bad that te movie Back to the future could only hold of bakruptcy for a couple moths

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13 PT Cruiser

The ugliest car ever seen, behold, the PT loser.

Looks like a big teapot, particularly cabriolet version!

AVOID THIS MONSTROSITY. Buy a mazda 3 instead

14 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

This would have been acceptable if made by, say, Renault or Smart. But Mitsubishi made it. Mitsubishi should know better.

Ugly, slow, weak range, expensive.

Slow, expensive and worse, also badged as the Citroen C-Zero and the Peugeot iOn

15 Honda Civic

I hate this website honda is the best I had a civic and it lasted me 12 years

This is a good car do not insult it.

The Civic is the worst car I have ever owned. The clutch wentnout the first month of owning it. And within a year, the passenger side widow came our of the track, the trunk began to leak, and the sun roof wouldn't close right. After someone broke into my Civic, I found out from the police that Civics are the most common cars thieves target. The acceleration sucks, and it handles worse than horse drawn carriage. Just because Hollywood made them look cool, doesn't mean they are good cars. The only advantage was it had.good gas mileage, but ironically, my Mustang had better gas mileage.

It is absolyuteyl the worst car ever

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16 Rover CityRover

Outdated interior, no airbag for front passenger, manual windows for front passengers and no central locking all for £6,495 and this car came out in 2003!

17 Tata Indica

This car is just ridiculous.

Indian cars suck butt.

18 Lada Riva

My uncle had one of these; it broke down while trying to get over a speed bump...

Ladas are terrible cars

As reliable as a cardboard box taped to 2 skateboards

Lada cars are so slow.

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19 Toyota Camry

Why the hell would the Toyota Camry or Honda Civic be anywhere near this list? Both are extremely reliable for an affordable price. There is a reason why these are two of the best selling cars of all time.

Haha Camry 3rd worst car of all time? Well the list had already lost all credibility after Mustang at #1, but now I am just going to go away... I regret having ever even seen this page.

THANK YOU! This guy deserves a round of applause for actually being sensible about this.

I guess this list was made by some kid who just assumes cars are only about speed

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20 Fuso Rosa

Rubbish. It can be called 6 different things It should be called Rubbish Tipvehicle

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