Top Ten Worst Things About Being the Eldest Child

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1 Getting blamed for everything

I have a different experience. I know a family where the eldest idiot is a total douche and yet the mother defends everything he does, the youngest is treated like a princess and the middle child is bullied even though he's a U.S. soldier and actually making something of his life unlike the eldest. - bobbythebrony

I can completely relate to this... - TwilightKitsune


When my younger cousins does bad stuff like hit me with toys, blast the T.V., or taunt me, I tell them to stop, and my relatives tell me "don't do that, leave them alone, they're just kids, they don'y know any better, and then later my mom starts to tell me off harshly.

I hate being the oldest >:(

2 Being treated differently than your other siblings

My younger sister always gets the better treatment than me. For her high school graduation, she got money and a buffet. When I graduated from high school, I got NOTHING AT ALL. So unfair!

3 Having to help your younger siblings with homework

Luckily I don't have to do this. Her homework is harder than mine!

4 Having to be responsible for everything

*sighs* So true. My younger brother tells me what to do for everything just because he's "busy"-Vestalis

5 Having to put up with your other siblings

I have to allow my cousins to annoy me and if I interfere I will end up getting in trouble >:(

6 Having to go to their friend's parties

Doesn’t apply to me

7 You have to respect your younger siblings when they don't respect you

Completely true!

My 19 year old sister says shut up to me: Mom and Dad doesn’t care.
I say shut up to her (I’m 26): they tell me not to say that

8 Being expected to be a good role model

This is kinda hard sometimes... :P - Powerfulgirl10

9 If they loose something, you have to give them yours.
10 Always being last

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11 Doing chores
12 Being servants to younger kids

My cousins used to make me do stuff for them instead of doing it themselves

13 Your popularity declines

When I was little, I was the only kid (and the youngest) for 6 years and I was very popular with everyone. After my sister and cousins were born, that all changed forever. They all are now more popular than me :(

14 Everything is automatically your fault despite the fact that you are not even involved in the problem

My cousins cry? My fault.
My sister gets angry? My fault.
My parents have an argument? My fault.
My relatives are embarrassed? My fault.

My fault. My fault. My fault. Everything is my fault. Even though I had nothing to do with it, it is still my fault. I HATE THIS! >:(

15 Getting yelled at the most

My parents yell at me more than my sister :(

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