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41 Yo mama so old, one sip of a wine cooler gives her hallucinations.

Well I think these are so funny. But the funny part is my mom knows yo mama... Laugh out loud

42 Yo mama so old she owes Jesus a dollar

I hate all these dumb coments about jesus don't you like have a thing that everything that happens is gods will then maybe this joke is also gods will not that I'm Christian or something

Stupid joke stop joking about him

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43 Yo mama so old your daddy is a dinosaur.

Okay one thing is on this list from no 20- end the jokes suck. Another thing is people are taking the Jesus jokes too seriously. I'm Catholic and I find those jokes hilarious. So stop being so sensitive

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44 Yo mamas so poor she has to wear her McDonalds outfit to church
45 Yo mama so old, her first Christmas... was the FIRST CHRISTMAS! V 1 Comment
46 Yo mama so fat she got stuck in the atmosphere


47 Yo mama so old, she eats Metamucil for breakfast.
48 Yo mama so old, if something goes wrong, her doctor's note says, Don't Bother.

Yo momma so stupid, she climbed over a glass wall to see what was on the other side.

49 Yo mama so old, she eats dinner at three in the afternoon.

I kinda get it, but I kinda don't at the same time

50 Yo mamma is so old she was a crew member on Christopher Columbus's ship

I think my edition should be included is because there isn't enough editions. There is only 35 so why can't there be 36. Mine is as good as everybody elses. So please add my edition on. I would really appreciate it.

51 Yo mama so old when she poops it's stone


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52 Yo mama so old when you went to a museum you saw a picture of her sitting next to Jesus

Christians, don't comment saying this joke is offensive to Jesus. It's just a joke, stop being so sensitive. The joke is funny, and not finding it funny and saying how offensive it is ruins the joke.

These Jesus jokes are really hurting my feelings!

Mine too

If you think this joke is offensive to Christianity then u are a moron who shouldn't be reading "your mama" jokes on the internet. I'm sure it makes your mother very proud to know you contributed to these tactless insults against her. Maybe u should stick to the "You so stupid" jokes for the sake of playing it safe and unoffensive to the rest of us. (Warning: U w/be offended by those.)

53 Your mommas so fat she fell over a year ago and shes still trying to get up

This is supposed to be a list of OLD jokes, stupid!

54 Yo mama is so old that her first Christmas was Christmas
55 Yo mama so old, when I slapped her back her boobs popped off

They popped off because they weren't attached.

That is so gross. How did they pop off?

56 Yo mama so fat when she put high heels on she struck oil V 1 Comment
57 Yo momma so old that her driving test was on a horse
58 Yo mama so old, they've re-issued her social security number... TWICE!

To Mama so old her social security number is 1!

Your mom is so ugly she when One Direction they went the other direction

59 Yo mama so old she sat behind Moses in kindergarten

I'm glad no triggered children on in this (at the time I post this) - TeamRocket747

60 Yo mama's so old, she has an autographed bible.

A bible autographed by Moses, Daniel, Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Peter

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