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1 They criticize your lists just because they don't like that list

I mean really; not everyone has the same opinions. I made a list called "Reasons to hate Rosalina" and I have been receiving so much hate for it. You and I have different opinions. I hate Rosalina. You probably like Rosalina. So what? Get off my case. Some people don't like the things you like. If you don't like a list, it's simple; don't look at it. - CatCode

Except for the fact that the list you made is PURE TROLL. Your reasons are not strong enough for us to be convinced. - DCfnaf

There are thousands of lists out there. It’s very hard to make a good list because of all the lists

By the way, this is a good list - KingSlayer93316

This is the worst list! I don't like it so it’s bad! - sadical

If it's a troll lists then I do it - Nateawesomeness

2 They thumbs down your comment just because it has a different opinion from yours

What do you think the button's purpose is, bro? - PositronWildhawk

That isn't exactly what I meant; I meant that your comment gets hundreds of dislikes and cruel replies because your opinion differs from theirs. Like when someone hates Arianna Grande and someone likes her and gives you a death threat because you hate her or something. - CatCode

Happens to me a lot. - AGK

This is true. - 05yusuf09

True.I totally like this list.

3 They add things that don't belong or have no involvement with your list

SpongeBob season 10 episode list... - Cyri

Sometimes on factual lists, there comes a factual error in one of the items.

I never liked this - Batmaniscole

I've done that a few times during my early days as a user here, hehe ;P - Kiteretsunu

4 They make stupid comments

Guilty as charged. I've added more than my fair share of stupid comments. But I like stupid. I can DO stupid! ;P - Britgirl

I do my research and my facts before I make a comment. - NuMetalManiak

Uhh,darude sandstorm,enough said - Nateawesomeness

5 They act like they are the best people in the world
6 They think they are popular users when they get one vote on their lists a week

It's like waking up in the morning with a bowl of breakfast in your hands and throwing it on the ground. "I'm so awesome" but no ya not - Chaotixhero

With the massive amount of new lists, one vote a week isn't too bad. - PetSounds

Like me. If I'm lucky, I'll get 8 votes. I know I'm not popular on the web or in real life (you can probably see why). - CatCode

I sometimes have a time of having no votes in a week. And that happened for months.

7 They get angry because you don't like their favorite celebrity

Or their favorite fictional character

Reminds me of Linnea and sunny leone - Nateawesomeness

8 They steal ideas from other users

This happened to me when I was making some legendary Pokemon lists. I made on about the best Flying type legendary Pokemon and I was going to make the next one about the best Dragon type legendary Pokemon. I logged off for 30 minutes and when I got back on, someone else had made the list. Even as I was working my way up to it. :( - letdot52

To be honest, I kind of stole PositronWildHawk's Sarcasm Series except changed it into a different series. Go ahead, thumbs down my comment, call me a fake, I don't care. It won't change anything. - CatCode

You're forgiven, buddy. And if I can find it in me to say that, so should everyone. - PositronWildhawk

I prefer to call it "gathering inspiration". - PetSounds

Sometimes this happens on blog posts. But it's mainly because of timing and inspiration.

9 They make lists criticizing other users

I don't think your allowed to make these anymore. - cosmo

Like what this list is doing? - BKAllmighty

No. This list is not targeting specific or any users, except the ones who do this. What I meant was they make a list that brings down and lowers the self esteem of other users. - CatCode

They better not but me - Chaotixhero

Like the "Worst Users of TheTopTens" list. - CatCode

10 They put Justin Bieber on every list

Call it annoying, but that won't stop.

I HATE THIS (do people even do that anymore) - Batmaniscole

Your friends at school are the ones who made JB popular, and keep JB popular.

Mario characters list:Justin Bieber Justin Bieber...
Other lists:JUZtein beeba sucks bawls


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11 They put Jackie Evancho above hundreds of better artists

Good music artists are those who sing better, compose their own songs, those who write their own songs. People who really in music will probably know the essence of music. - RichardSSG

Yeah! Like Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato!

I think Sabrina Carpenter is a much better signer than Jackie Evancho because she is on Girl Metts world

Jackie Evancho just had her seventh consecutive album hit #1 on the Billboard Classical Chart [April 2017].
Lots of covers written by nobodies like Mascagni and Dalla [who? ], and that Andrew Lloyd Weber dude, and everybody knows that Andrew Lloyd Weber sang all those songs he wrote better than anyone else did.
It is a bit "awkward" that the album hit #1, but has 4 different songs that Jackie Evancho wrote herself.
Heck, I'll just keep voting for Ariana Grande, she does not need to write songs, she just hires Max Martin to do it for her, which would be like Jackie Evancho hiring Puccini [who is he again? ].

12 They make lists criticizing countries/races

Like the "Worst Countries to live in" list. - CatCode

So what? There are bad countries to live in. Just remember that you need a well-founded basis.

Dunno why America is best when America is one of the worst! - coolguy101

13 They vote for someone/thing on a worst list thinking its a best list

Like when someone says he is really awesome on a list of worst rappers of all time. Making it obvious they voted for them.

I actually did this once...
The "Best" and "Worst" versions of the same list were right next to each other, so I accidentally clicked the "Worst" one and voted for the thing I thought was the best. - CatCode

14 They put Magikarp on every Pokémon list
15 "Why isn't this Number One?"
16 They Care About Britgirl and No One Else
17 They bash shows for toddlers on every list, even made lists

That what goanimate users do

Dora, Barney, Teletubbies.

18 They delete their accounts when they "retire"
19 They make useless lists just to increase their lists count
20 They make lists about themselves which no one else would be interested in
21 They cry like babies just because someone doesn't put enough "Effort" Into their lists

No, that's not called being a crybaby, that's constructive criticism.

22 They obsess outrageously over their favorite characters

It doesn't even have to be a "ways to kill" list or even a "things to throw at" list; it can merely be a "reasons to hate" or "reasons why (character) is overrated" and they'll still get mad and butthurt.

And gets mad and butthurt when someone makes a list of ways to kill them.

23 They troll

Trolling is stupid. - Goatworlds

24 They talk crap about indie games
25 They spread lies about any who disagree with them
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