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1 iPod Touch

Over priced but great! The one with the camera that's only on the inside is $230 and the one with the outside AND inside camera is $300 which is crazy. The one that costs $300 should be at least $230-$250. But it's still great. The camera is so great... but pricy. Anywayys, I think that the size and color is great, very fashion forward. The Internet connection is OK, good enough for me. The IOS 7.2 made it AMAZING! The new styles, the bug fixes, changed everything! I have an iPad and it's an iPod but larger, so it's like "It's an iPod! But it's bigger! " So, I want the Windows Tablet. Overall, I'll give the iPod Touch a 9/10. Nice work Apple

I love my ipod touch. It is amazing and portable. Why pay more for an ipad when they basically have the same functions. The ipad is fine, but not as portable, I wouldn't haul one around. Ipad was just a fancy money grab. I love my ipod because I can get free texting apps, play great games, listen to music, go online, by T.V. episodes, read books, etc. I can take it everywhere I go and upgrade it without hooking up to my computer

I love the iPod touch. I mean is it really that important to get a iPad for like $300 or more. Honestly I would rather buy the iPod touch instead of an iPad. I mean I really think that the iPad is a waste of money. For my opinion I think that the iPad is just like a laptop, but really big and weird, also a complete waste of time to even use

The Ipad is just too big to carry around, however the ipod touch is just easy :D you can play your favourite apps, music, look at photos and access social networking sites really easily! :D recommended for anyone that dose not have one!

2 MacBook Pro

I own practically every product on this list, but the 13 year old tech fan that I am, the MacBook Pro is easily the most convenient, powerful device to carry around in a backpack. 13/15" with i5/7 processor = amazing.

The MacBook Pro can be considered the most desirable laptop of all time. Along with its most advanced operating system in the world, OSX.

The best one for me. It's compatible with 5K displays, such as the 2022 one, named "Studio Display".

When I start the university I'll buy a MacBook Pro.

3 iPad

Amazing thing I think number 2 is good because of size but other than that it is like a huge iPod touch with iPhone features to use and I think iPad 2 made total history and I can not wait to see what iPad 3 will have to offer

I used to have an ipod touch but the ipad is a lot better! Screen is bigger and bigger is better!

IPad I the greatest thing that apple has made it definitely deserves to be number 2

the ipad is the best product so far cause its so awesome!

4 iPhone 5

A good quality phone, very thick so when I drop it, it doesn't crack. the only thing I dislike about this phone (when I had it) was the battery. the battery was horrible, when I went on car rides I had to have it on battery saver, low brightness, and also airplane mode just for it last for an hour! if you do get this phone, get a portable charger or a charging phone case.

Nice but I'm concerned with the things like the size and the back because when I look at the image its not very comfy and its doubled its price than iPhone 4/4s long lasting also to its battery and falls

Most Amazing Apple Product to the World, Not just the best apple Product but the Best phone Ongoing

They are great I have one in white the best thing is how many different style of case you can get

5 iPad Mini

Amazing tablet, but still not even close to a Samsung Galaxy tab 4 7.0. Try harder, apple. You can do it. 1st step. Stop charging for apps. Its over for that.

Incredible apple product with great retina display

Small, very smooth back, awesome camera, fast Internet, unbraeakable, compact

Has got to be the stupidest iPad they have made

6 iMac

Extraordinary desktop. Terrific in every detail, and the built in speakers are great so you don't need anything extra.

There is nothing bad about this computer! Can't wait 'til I get one in November! So suck that PC!

This product is awesome I Will get it someday hopefully

One of the cleanist designs out there, with a hard working os its amazing

7 iPhone

IPhone phones has many things that make our life easier. It also do things that other phones can't do.

Seriously? 7th? Like everyone's lives depend on these little gizmos it should be number 1

Obviously the best. I think it is one of the best products of our generation.

Why on the 7th number? Seriously? It is the number 1 Apple product. Period.

8 MacBook Air

Apple MacBook air is the best Apple product

It is a must have

9 iPhone 5s

The is the next apple iphone generation it has a finger print scanner and a 64 bit architecture and it is hd vote for it

This phone works perfectly for me and I see no reason to change it.

I think king of all phone in own time

Most beautiful phone I like it.

10 iPod Nano

I have the 5th and 7th generation. The 5th generation is really good. The iPod MP3 Players are the only apple products I like.

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11 iPhone 6 Plus

I still use it.

12 iPad 3

Not happy with the camera and the speed of the internet and the battery life

13 iPhone 4s

I bought mine over 6 years ago and the battery life is still awesome! My parents have newer models and their battery life is not as good as my phone.

14 iPod 4

This is the most durable out of any apple product, my ipod was ran over by a car (accidently) and still works! It doesn't have any cracks in the screen or major dents, ipod touches would have crumbled into pieces easily.

Not very reliable because its cery lag than the ipod 5 but if you want a cheaper ipod then choose this and low battery life

Its amazing and easy to carry anywhere

15 iPad 4

Nice for my gaming and search but you can't carry it all the time but it has 10 hour batt. Life

16 iPod Classic

I think the iPod Classic is the best way to listen to your music in a harmonious and synchronized way.

17 iPad Air

It is the 5th generation of the apple ipad it weighs less and it in thinner and it has more features vote for it and it has an hd 1080p camera and video recorder

Awesome for a gift

18 iPod 5

Very identical to ipad but it's a smaller version of it but its very fast and reliable perfect for birthday gifts and less than $200 so its worth the money for it

19 iPhone 4

A nice phone that has benn used in people and very comfortable to the hand not too short not too thin its just perfect for everyday use

20 Apple Watch

Nice, but screen is so tiny.

21 iPhone 3gs

iPhone 3GS was the biggest iPhone seller of all time. For me, the best phone in the world.

22 iPhone X

This should be number 1, there must be old people voting on this thing

I need advice on how to convince my parents to swap this for my iPhone 6S

23 iPhone 2
24 iPad Air 2

I have it but I prefer iPad Pro.

I'm using it right now

25 iPhone 3
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