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1 Nike

They are the best.

They own almost all highest paid athletes in every sport.. Also produces quality snickers

Because I feel comfortable only in Nike Shoes.
I have bought Adidas and Reebok Shoes.
But Nike is best

C mon nikes are the most comfortable shoe.

2 Adidas Adidas Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation, headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and the second largest in the world. They were first founded in July of 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler more.

They always look better than the other shoe brands. I like the sleek finish and comfortable fit. I have been using them for the last 5 years and I have no intention to switch to any of the other brands at the moment.
I recommend anyone with an athletic build to buy these immediately.

Haven't bought anything besides adidas for about ten years or so... Until five days ago. Still have two good pairs and one old pair. Michael Jordan favorite shoe was originally adidas but Nike signed him. I forgive him

good snickers.. good price

Last forever, I'm a senior in high school and still have some that look great from freshman year!

3 Reebok

Awesome shoes especially the run voyager or the run edition. I personally recommend you all the buy Reebok. You can do anything in these shoes. They are very comfortable.

Reebok is the best quality shoe. At one time it was the biggest company and it will be again!

They feel good and look good

Reebok shoes fit the best on me.

4 Puma Puma Puma SE, branded as Puma, is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures athletic and casual footwear, apparel and accessories, which is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany.

Nike make little kids make shoes and don't pay people who make nike can't afford it but puma is cheap and cool

East r west, puma s the best

5 Vans

Best for teens in 2019

Off the wall

good skateboarding shoe and stylish too

Caused major blisters on my feet. The souls are so week that I feel every thing through them, like I was barefoot.

6 New Balance

Once I bought my first pair, I never wanted to buy from anyone else. Amazingly comfortable, fast, great support, and cool designs. No other brand compares.

Been using them for near on 30 years. Still fit the best for my feet. - mgenet

Best shoe company ever!

Great! Best shoes ever.

7 Kenneth Cole

uses very soft leather on the inside for maximum comfort

8 Converse


I just picked up some Chucks and they're amazing! They look good, feel comfortable, and aren't very pricey! I only got mine for $35 and yes, they are authentic. Best shoes ever!

I love converse! They are very comfortable and cool looking too.

Converse is an amazing shoe that has style and is comfy

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9 Jordan

I disagree although I love Nike and Jordan and the whole design of their shoes, but I have come to realize that Nike and Jordans are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes, which gives absolutely no support. Basically all you're paying for is the name brand. In my opinion they are very uncomfortable

I think that Jordans the best because they have all types of different colors and choses to pic it could be the same shoe but a different design, I'm just in love with Jordans

Jordan is a Nike product so it should be with Nike!

Jordans are cool and awesome

10 Airwalk

another brand of skateboarding shoe that has consumers craving for more

The Contenders

11 DC Shoes

dc is awesome, my friend has a pair and he loves them.
i love skateboard shoes like fallen. they are beast skate shoes and there mad comfortable

dcs are the bomb no matter what age you should love the best pair of shoes kmown to man

Great style, Incredibly comfy, great for any holiday or special occasion and is pretty cheap. So DC is the top of the line kind-of shoe.

they last so long and come in so many differnt colours and shapes... good for skateboarding - Okami

12 Fila

Best shoes they are very light.

It is best as I feel by using it since last 3yrs

13 K-Swiss

do not fail customers on the designs of shoes.. shoes made can be snicker or basketball shoe

K-Swiss one of the most comfortable shoes, and a pretty cool design

14 Sketchers

Because I can lol

Was haveing a lot of pain in my feet. I bought sketchers flex fit with memory foam. Problem solved. No more Nikes. That was what I switcheded from.

When you wear them, it feels you are having a bed inside your shoe. Very comfortable and light weight. More comfortable than shoes from popular brands like Nike or Adidas.

I have several of Sketchers and find them to be the most comfortable.

15 Osiris
16 GH Bass

Love my Bass shoes because they last a long time and sale prices are great!

leading provider of mens shoes, kinda affordable for those who have a job

Confortable and nice looking for a very good price!

17 Geox

The only shoes that suite me.

18 Ecco

High quality leather shoes! Awesome materials! May be a little pricy, but they worth every penny spent! Great work! Love you Ecco!

19 Nine West

shoes made from pure leather that is why its expensive

20 Hogan

Hogan shoes with wacky laces

21 Supra

They have a simple cool design that isn't too mainstream!

They Have very cool designs

Dope boots, high boots

22 Lotto
23 Bata

Love bata shoes since they are comfortable and durable

Vector x this is very good for studs casual shoe

24 Alden
25 Doc Martens

I use them for years. Best boots quality

26 Church's

Best shoes

27 Toms

I LOVE TOMS! It's a great everyday shoe and it's comfortable as well, any gender can wear it and what I love about them is that the TOMS creator Blake Mycoskie has this mission where if you purchase a pair of TOMS SHOES they give one to a child in need, I think you should get them because they are for a good cause and that they are also really comfy.

28 éS
29 Ugg

Ugg's r so comfy they are so comfy you will want to wear them anywhere you go, 24/7, and when you go 2 bed.

30 Diadora
31 T-Shoes
32 Brooks
33 Dockers
34 Dr. Scholl's
35 Superga
36 Tod's
37 Roger Vivier
38 Car Shoe
39 Saucony

Excellent shoes, with great comfort. While companies like Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Reebok focus on making their shoes look cool, with fancy designs, colours, and extras (like the Adidas Springblade), Saucony focuses on making quality shoes that are actually good for your feet. They have well fitting soles, with a lot of support and padding, and are overall excellent shoes. Saucony is always my top choice, New Balance second, and Asics third.

Best shoe company ever. I only buy from saucony after asics failed. Now I've had 5 shoes in the past year.

40 Onitsuka Tiger

Love their style. Some of my favorite running shoes. Great parkour shoes.

41 Adio

Adio is the best for me

42 Sanuk

Insanely comfortable shoes... I mean sandles

43 Coxswain

Most comfortable lacrosse shoe they float are water proof and washable

44 RedTape

Best in class

45 Georgia Boots
46 etnies
47 Bape

Really bright, expensive sneakers if you don't have'em get'em.

48 Lakai

just got some really happy!

49 Greedy Genius

Love their shoes and prices

50 Kinetic
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