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21 Yo mama so skinny when the wind blew she flew away

So lame that I almost laughed

Its going to be funny

22 Yo mamma's so skinny, she only has 1 stripe on her pajamas

I told it too my friend and he started cring

What a funny thing 👏

23 Yo momma so skinny she can hula hoop with a Cheerio

Hey, this joke is awesome! This should be higher. - Animefan12

That should be in the top ten!

Best joke I ever heard

Talk about skinny AND puny!

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24 Yo mama so skinny when she goes to work nobody notices her at the cash register
25 Yo mamma so skinny it ain't even funny.
26 Yo momma so stupid

Yo momma was so stupid I told her Christmas was round the corner and she went looking for it

27 Yo mama so skinny her nipples touch
28 She is so skinny she could use a fruit loop as a life preserver
29 Your mama so skinny when she was at school she got trampled

Ascetic joke so funny.
Why can't I be this funny

30 Yo mama so skinny the ducks throw bread at her

It's Yo mama so POOR that the ducks threw bread at her. - Animefan12

It is poor not skinny but still funny

31 Yo mommas so skinny she slid through the bottom of the door

LOL! Simply funny! Fell off the chair! - Animefan12

32 Yo momma so skinny when she stepped on the scales the reading was in minus numbers!

Laugh out loud I just thought of that on the spot

33 Yo momma's so skinny the doctors use a lamp instead of an X-ray machine
34 Yo mama's so skinny she can go air gliding on a Dorito

Ha ha ha, this is too funny! I died laughing! - Animefan12

35 Yo mama so skinny she called a toothpick fat
36 Your mama so skinny anorexia beat her
37 Yo mama's so skinny people use her as a tooth pick
38 Yo mama's so skinny her secret hiding place is under the sofa
39 Yo mama's so skinny if you turned her upside down you could mop the floor with her.
40 Yo mama is so skinny she fell through the atoms of time and turned into dust
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1. yo mamma so skinny she can dodge rain
2. yo mamma so skinny when she dropped her watch in the drain she slid through the railings of the drain to get it
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1. yo mamma so skinny when she took her first steps her legs snapped
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1. Yo mamma so skinny, when she ate a meatball I thought she was pregnant
2. yo mama so skinny she can do push ups under the door
3. Yo mama so skinny that she hides behind a toothpick.



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