Best Car Companies That Make Fast Cars


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1 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg Koenigsegg is a Swedish supercar manufacturer, founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994. Only producing about 15 cars a year, Koenigsegg is one of the rarest cars to see on the road.

This wins and it's not even close! They make the one to one and the Agera R and those are both super fast and the one to one keeps the Bugatti Veyron quiet. Vote Koenigsegg!

Koenigsegg is by far the fastest race car ever. The Agera R went 273 MPH in 2013 and is still the world record holder.

Sweden | Koenigsegg made the fastest car that's uncommon, which the Koengisegg One:1. 1340bhp, 273mph - XxNosyxX

2 Bugatti

CHIRON (produce started in 2016) :
1,479 hp, top speed electronically limited to 261 mph, estimated to be 289 mph.

Europe | Everyone says it's really fast! Super common because they many people who know their cars. 1200hp 268mph - XxNosyxX


3 Hennesseny

America | Common, you can order it now! Hennesseny made the Venom GT, which they say it's the fastest car in the world. 1244hp, 270mph - XxNosyxX

4 Shelby Super Cars

America | Made the Ultimate Aero TT and Tuatara. Amazing. Tuatara - 1350hp, 267mph - XxNosyxX

5 RUF - Porsche performances

Made a Porsche upgraded, such as the 9FF GT9-R. | 1120hp, 257mph. - XxNosyxX

6 Mclaren

Although the P1 is fast, the F1 is 627hp, but 240mph! - XxNosyxX

7 Saleen

The rare famous S7 in twin turbo. | 750hp, 248mph - XxNosyxX

8 Lamborghini Lamborghini Automobili Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese and tractors Lamborghini Trattori in Pieve di Cento, Italy.

Lamborghini should be higher.

Italy | The Aventador. I'm getting kinda sick of that car. | 700-720hp, 200+mph - XxNosyxX

9 Pagani

The Huayra, 720hp, 230mph - XxNosyxX

10 Ferrari


Forzza Ferrari

The Contenders

11 Porsche Porsche

Germany | The 918 Spyder! Hear the news, it's almost sold out! | 887hp, 215mph - XxNosyxX

12 Aston Martin Aston Martin
13 Lexus

They have top-of-the-world reliability and comfort and go for less than the German rivals. And they make the RC-F and GS-F and used to make the LFA and IS-F, so here you have the fast cars.

14 9FF
15 Arrinera
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