Best Car Companies That Make Fast Cars


The Top Ten

1 Koenigsegg Koenigsegg

This wins and it's not even close! They make the one to one and the Agera R and those are both super fast and the one to one keeps the Bugatti Veyron quiet. Vote Koenigsegg!

Koenigsegg is by far the fastest race car ever. The Agera R went 273 MPH in 2013 and is still the world record holder.

Sweden | Koenigsegg made the fastest car that's uncommon, which the Koengisegg One:1. 1340bhp, 273mph - XxNosyxX

2 Hennesseny

America | Common, you can order it now! Hennesseny made the Venom GT, which they say it's the fastest car in the world. 1244hp, 270mph - XxNosyxX

3 Bugatti

Europe | Everyone says it's really fast! Super common because they many people who know their cars. 1200hp 268mph - XxNosyxX

4 Shelby Super Cars

America | Made the Ultimate Aero TT and Tuatara. Amazing. Tuatara - 1350hp, 267mph - XxNosyxX

5 RUF - Porsche performances

Made a Porsche upgraded, such as the 9FF GT9-R. | 1120hp, 257mph. - XxNosyxX

6 Saleen

The rare famous S7 in twin turbo. | 750hp, 248mph - XxNosyxX

7 Mclaren

Although the P1 is fast, the F1 is 627hp, but 240mph! - XxNosyxX

8 Pagani

The Huayra, 720hp, 230mph - XxNosyxX

9 Porsche Porsche

Germany | The 918 Spyder! Hear the news, it's almost sold out! | 887hp, 215mph - XxNosyxX

10 Lamborghini Lamborghini

Italy | The Aventador. I'm getting kinda sick of that car. | 700-720hp, 200+mph - XxNosyxX

The Contenders

11 Ferrari

Forzza Ferrari

12 9FF
13 Arrinera
14 Lexus

They have top-of-the-world reliability and comfort and go for less than the German rivals. And they make the RC-F and GS-F and used to make the LFA and IS-F, so here you have the fast cars.

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