Favorite Rainbow Colors

Red Tomatoes Yellow Ducklings Orange Oranges Green Grass Blue Oceans Indigo Dye Purple Eggplant?

Just like Skittles there is a favorite taste the rainbow and vote for the rainbow as your favorite Rainbow Color!
The Top Ten
1 Red

I agree with this 100%, everyone just says red is overrated, but no, its not. Some people hate red for dumb reasons, too. Like I heard that someone didn't like red just because it was the first color of the rainbow. Its completely stupid how everyone hates red. And it doesn't deserve all the hate it gets.

Why is it that red green and blue are the top of every list (in any order) those colors are gross...

Red is a beautiful color that expresses ones feelings and...ITS AWESOME!

21 to 21 in percents, close with blue. You can do it red!

2 Blue

My favorite shade of blue isn't this one, I like China blue. But still blue is a pretty color

It's a beautiful color, associated with the sea and the sky

The best color ever is blue - Ajkloth

Blue is the best

3 Green

I would vote for blue but it's only Light Blue I like! - NintendoROCK3T

I love this color. Its not my favorite, but I like the look of it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Makes me think of a shady, summer day under a green willow tree, and sitting in the green grass with white clouds soaring in the skies. Eating green cooking apples with cousins... Ah... beautiful...

Green, Colour of Nature

4 Yellow

Yellow is the color of the sun

This is the supreme color. No other color comes close to the greatness of yellow. - Bobasor

Yellow, Colour of the Sun

Yellow bring joy

5 Indigo

People always forget about Indigo! Every time someone talks about the rainbow, they always say, "red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple". "gets triggered" - UgGames332

They need to pay attention to this color more often.

Indigo, Colour of the Lavender

6 Violet

Violet is a very creative colour some people don't know what violet looks like but heres a picture of the colour it is AMAZING

Violet, Colour of the Violet

That's lilac,not violet! Violet is way more blueish.-RainbowDash

7 Orange

Sodom - Agent Orange

Orange, Colour of the Flames

It's a strong healing color