Top 10 Common Zodiac Signs Among Users of TheTopTens

These are the most common Zodiac Signs of TTT users. I've tallied up as many users as I could and here are the final results...
The Top Ten
1 Gemini
2 Taurus

Taurus are the best

Also you should have made the list objective because we shouldn't be able to vote

3 Sagittarius

I used to not like my zodiac sign, but now I am pretty much proud of it.

Yay! I'm a Sagittarius! A centaur with archery skills!

4 Capricorn
5 Libra
6 Virgo

Tally: 6
Virgo users include Puga, StephanTheIdiot, Seventies-Music-Fan, Neonco31, Gamer231, BlueFrostOfThunderClan

7 Cancer
8 Pisces
9 Aquarius

I'm also an Aquarius - make that 5.

I'm an Aquarius. Make it 6.

10 Scorpio

Not that I care about horoscopes and all that garbage, but this is my zodiac sign. Yay me.

I got this one.

The Contenders
11 Leo

That's me! It's funny how I'm a Leo and I'm getting Pokemon Sun, in which the version mascot is Solgaleo. What a great coincidence, huh?

12 Aries

Tally: 1
The only user on the site who I've tallied as Aries is... (drum roll)


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