Best Extended Auto Warranty Companies

If you are in the market for extended coverage, finding the right extended warranty provider for your vehicle is essential. You want to have a peace of mind knowing that you are protected by the highest rated and the most trustworthy company out there. You don’t want to find out that your breakdowns are not covered and be stuck with high repair bills.

Below is the list of the best vehicle service contract providers, also known as extended warranties, based on coverage plans, pricing, claims support and customer service.

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21 Vehicle Assurance

It’s not just the older cars that are failing drivers. Newer vehicles are no stranger to experiencing some form of unexpected mechanical problems. Think of all the recent vehicle manufacturer recalls that have been reported over the news, it seems like more and more we’re all hearing about the next big automaker recalling hundreds of thousands of vehicles. Studies performed by industry analysts looked into the dependability of 3-year-old vehicles and found that across all brands, more than half of all cars had to have at least some form repair work done totaling over $1,000.

I called into vehicle assurance the other day to get a quote for my Toyota camry and I thought that their salesperson Reggie did a good job at explaining their warranties and what I could get for my car. I have been looking for an extended warranty for about 2 months because my warranty from Toyota is about to expire. I found these guys on the internet and I gave them a try. I think their prices seem a little high but I won’t know until I get some estimates from the other auto warranty companies out there. But for now I would say that I would recommend these guys if you are looking for a good quote.

22 Route 66 Warranty

I was looking for an extended warranty for about 2 months before I found these guys. I was starting to lose my mind after the search started to not turn up any companies that I felt safe going with. I called about 10, maybe 20 companies before I decided to choose coverage from this company.

I will tell you that out of all of the companies and salespeople I talked to, I was the most impressed with these guys. They were very patient with me and they didn't make me feel rush when I was not yet ready to buy and they explained everything to in a way that I could understand. I hate when people in the automotive industry try to use a lot of big words or specific terms relating to my vehicle, I know it is just to confuse me and scare me into buying whatever they are trying to sell and I was happy to see that they did not try this on me.

Their prices are affordable too! I was able to get monthly payments that were surprisingly low for a 2009 Nissan Versa, every other company ...more - Val

I am in negotiation with Route 66 regarding my current car. However, I have to get out of my current contract with Easy Care Warranty people because they refuse to pay for an air conditioning problem I believe they should pay for. The dealer sold me a "Stated Care" Easy Care warranty, but it turned out to be worthless when Easy Care stated my warranty did not cover an "accurator door" for the AC system, even though they call the "Stated Care" warranty I was sold "a comprehensive warranty" as regards the AC system. Crooks, in my opinion. Route 66 is sold through my Credit Union, and the initial quote is fairly low while the coverage is "comprehensive" in the true sense of the word. When I get my car back from the dealer (who, incidentally, agreed to pay half cost of my AC repair), I plan to drop the Easy Care coverage and I will most likely get the Route 66 one.


A friend of mine was telling me about these guys and I didn't buy with them just yet but I did call in the other day to get a quote and the dude that I talked to on the phone was pretty good. He gave me all of he information that I asked for and sent over a few quotes for an extended warranty on my car and he told me about all of their benefits and their payment plan options. I am still researching other providers becuase I want to make sure that I go with the best auto warranty company I can find since I have heard some bad things about auto warranty companies not paying claims when your car breaks down and I don't wanna have to deal with that. Anyway, I am keeping this company in mind as I continue my search to find the best coverage.

24 GEICO (Mechanical Breakdown Coverage)

Includes all parts and systems not just the specific list of items covered by most dealer warranties. The protection plan saves you money, charging only a small premium per each policy period, instead of one payment up front. This extended auto warranty lets you get your car repaired wherever you like, any repair shop.

"Peace of mind. It is cheaper than after market warranty from the factory."

25 Corporate Warranties I PVT LTD

I bought a new Chevy Sail car & having a old polo car.I was surprised when I came to know that same company offers warranty on my new & old cars.I wish this company fulfill all my exceptions.

Still searching for someone who can guide about other benefits of EW program.

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26 Century Automotive Service Corp
27 C.A.R.S

"Good customer service. I called in to update my home address and request a new information packet, and I was connected with one of the reps. He spent more than 15 minutes on the phone with me trying to update it int he system as it was not working properly. While trying to make it work he walked me through my extended auto warranty policy and gave me a lot of useful information about required maintenance. He didn't waste a minute of the call. Thanks for all your help. With the high cost of car repairs, we all deserve the peace of mind. I would recommend everyone who has a vehicle that is 2 years old or older to purchase an extended car warranty."


They helped me find the best extended auto warranty plan for my honda accord. I'm very happy with the company and will refer all my friends. Would recommend it to everyone. after shopping around I can tell that they offer the lowest price! GREAT BUY.

Great company! I've had a policy with these guys for about two years now and I have had only good experiences with them. Their prices are fair and I would say their service is the best around.

They work with companies that are A-rated by the Better Business Bureau, backed by AM Best rated insurance companies and have been in the business for many years.


I had a great experience with Auto Repair Warranty. I had heard from a girlfriend of mine about getting a type of insurance on your car that doesn't just protect your car from an accident but also protects you if your car ever breaks down. Well I have had some pretty lousy luck when it comes to the past cars in my life so I was ready to make sure that the one that I am driving today is going to last. Well I am about 2-years into my policy and I can say one thing is for certain, I am still on the road and it is all thanks to Auto Repair Warranty! A couple weeks ago my transmission had an issue and my car was overheating BAD and I needed to bring it into the repair shop ASAP. When I found out what was wrong I called up Auto Repair Warranty and these guys asked to speak directly to the mechanic to discuss the problem. Well it turns out that they mechanic was trying to overcharge and the rep on the phone called him out on it. I got my car fixed at no cost to me and I felt like I was an ...more

I haven't really talked to any of the companies on this site but I did talk to these guys. I thought about getting a quote and checking out carchex or warranty direct but they all had a lot of bad reviews on other sites. I also didn't want to pick some company that scams people a whole lot like those unheard of companies. So yeah, what I am trying to say is that if I was going to get an extended warranty for my car I would choose these guys. They were pretty cool on the phone and their prices were decent so they are my pick.

Great company! I went online to get a quote, filled out the forma and received a call within 2 minutes. They match you with the best extended auto warranty provider. I got my quote and purchased coverage with a $200 discount. They matched me with Endurance Warranty, which is ranked #1 above, and I'm very happy. Would highly recommend.

30 National Auto Guardian

This company is by far the best that I have found. I have had my warranty with them for about two years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the world, because I have heard some pretty horrible stories about other people and their experience with shady companies that take their money and run.

Like I said, I have only had good experiences with this company once when my credit card was stolen and I didn't pay my bill for THREE months, they kept my policy AND waived the late fee. And the other time was when my car broke down on the side of the road in the dead of winter. It was not fun sitting in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and be stuck on the side of the road. Their roadside assistance really comes in handy!

And their call center people are really nice. I have called in a few times just to ask questions like how many payments I have left and they have always been super nice and cool with me calling in. I like that, ...more

They sell high quality vehicle service contracts directly to consumers nationwide, with a pledge that their customers always come first.
The company offers 24-hour roadside assistance, car rental and towing allowance, and trip interruption benefits. My experience buying an extended car warranty from NAG was so easy!


I have bought my last two extended auto warranties from National Repair Solutions. The payments were cheap and they have paid out on my last car a transmission for it. I called around to about 6 different companies and this was the best price and the best coverage after reviewing every bodies plans. A lot of these places try to pressure you into buying it today. If I would recommend any company out of my experience it would be this one.

32 Allied Auto Warranty

The specialist that spoke with me helped me understand what policy covers and what regular maintenance should be performed. He was very helpful. I enjoyed the choices that were given to me and how my coverage plans suited my budget and needs.

33 ForeverCar

Good extended car warranty company. I would rank it after Endurance Warranty, think it's reliable.


34 Pinnacle Automotive Protection

I've been with this company for three years and I'm happy. Yesterday my car broke down and I called them, they took care of towing expenses and car rental. My car is in the shop now, they said they will have to diagnose the problem and get back to me. I hope everything will be covered, but will post an update here once I know. I didn't know that my plan comes with roadside assistance, this is a great addition to the extended warranty plan. I would recommend this company to friends. They are certified by the Vehicle Protection Association.

35 Repair Defense Network

I filled out a quote for these guys a little over a week ago and they called me right away. I was at work so I couldn't really talk too much at that moment but I asked if they would call me back. They said they would call back on Wednesday but didn't. I got a call back on Thursday explaining that the salesperson that I was working with was no longer with them and that a new girl named Ashley (I think), would be helping me. I really liked this girl better so I guess it all worked out. Anyway, we talked for about 20 minutes about all of my options and what the process for getting my warranty would be like and she was very nice throughout the entire process. I ended up purchasing my warranty for about $1800 which from my research looks to be a good price. I just hope that it works and when it comes to pay for my repairs that this company will come through. I got an auto warranty from the dealer once and it was an absolute nightmare. I am trying out an online company to see if they work ...more

36 Nations Warranty

I received an email from this company a few days ago and decided to fill out their quote form since I am in the market for an auto warranty for my car. I didn't really get a whole lot about the company or how their warranties work from their website but shortly after filling out my quote I was called by one of their reps with my quote. I was really surprised at how fast they contacted me because it felt like the phone rang the minute I clicked the button to submit my information.

Anyway, I really liked the man that I spoke to on the phone. He was nice and very helpful with giving me all the information that I needed. He assured me that I was getting the best price around but I still think I am going to look around to see what else is out there. But judging by their customer service and how they understood that I was t ready to buy yet, I have a feeling I will be going back to these guys when I am finally ready to buy the warranty for my car.

Oh and the man on the phone ...more

I received an e-mail from and I was intrigued by their statement that I could save "up to 60% on coverage". I had recently purchased a new truck and my dealer tried to sell me an extended warranty about fifty times when I was buying the new Ford. But I knew the prices that the dealer was offering so I figured I would give them a try and fill out a quote for their coverage.

I am glad that I did because a salesman from their company called me the very same day and after working with them on coverage and price, I ended up buying a policy from them. I have not had to use the policy yet but I went over it with my buddy who is a mechanic and he said the policy is good and will cover everything that I will need. Glad I got their email.

38 Assurance Group Direct

Instant Credit No Credit Check; First Day Coverage; 0% Financing


I talk to a manager name Jared there and he was not nice. I tried to cancel but he won't let me. I called back again and talk to some lady in customer service. She won't listen to me and won't let me cancel. Horrible company!

Use any Repair Facility; Providers pay directly with a corporate credit card; Roadside assitance benefits included.

40 Direct Buy Auto Warranty

I've had a warranty on my BMW with these guys for four years, and everything has worked great thus far (fingers crossed) I think they should be added to the list.

We have a Mercedes 450GL covered through Direct Buy and they repaired the fuel pump for us with no questions asked. Hopefully that great service continues.

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