Top 10 Best Little Joe and Little Pup Car Air Fresheners

Little Joe and Little Pup are both by the same company, but they're different shapes. They're made in Italy. Those are the air fresheners you clip on your car vent. They kinda look like toys, but they're definitely not. Many of them smell great and a lot of them are very memorable. Here are some of the best fragrances.
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1 Little Joe Vanilla

This has to be one of the car air fresheners that literally changed their fragrances multiple times. The first one I tried smelled excellent, near perfect. Definitely one of the best car air fresheners I have ever smelled in my life. It smelled as lot like a nice feminine perfume, a bit like Play-Doh and it had a very comforting scent. This was back in 2016. In 2017, there was the same car air freshener, but the scent was absolutely different or it may have been another version. At first, I wasn't a huge fan of that fragrance, but eventually, I started to find it pretty good. It smelled a bit citrusy, sort of woody and a bit like vanilla as well. This fragrance was around until late 2019. In early 2020, they changed the fragrance of this car air freshener again, but I simply don't like it at all. It's a try hard of the 2016 version and the scent is just filled with deception. It smells a bit like Play-Doh and quite a lot like a type of perfume/powder a grandma would use. That ...more

2 Little Pup Vanilla

Back in 2019, I classified this one as the best Little Joe/Little Pup car air freshener. It really smelled a lot like the 2016 version of the Little Joe fragrance, if it wasn't the exact one. It smelled quite nice and it had a unique scent. In 2020, this car air freshener had the exact same fragrance as the current Little Joe one. It smells a bit like Play-Doh and a lot like the scent of products that a grandma would use. This was the most disappointing upgrade for a vanilla car air freshener. Shouldn't be called an upgrade, it should be called a downgrade. Overall, it was the best car air freshener in 2019. Let's hope in the future they bring the older fragrance back.

3 Little Pup Black Velvet

In 2017, there was the Little Joe version of Black Velvet which smelled great. I recently got the Little Pup version. This one's pretty much the same as the 2017 Little Joe version. It has a quite strong scent. It's a very masculine and clean scent. It smells just like masculine perfume and like strong cleaning products. It's far better than the current fragrance of the Little Pup vanilla.

4 Little Joe Black Velvet

In 2017, this one used to be sold at a certain store. It smells like masculine perfume and cleaning products. Let's hope this one returns to the stores soon.

5 Little Joe Strawberry

This one used to be sold at a certain store in 2017. It has to be one of the best strawberry car air fresheners of all time. It's a sweet and very delicate fragrance. It kinda smells like strawberry shortcakes. It's a feminine scent, but it smells great. I hope this one returns soon at the stores.

6 Little Joe Ocean Splash

Another of the great Little Joe car air fresheners. It has a clean and summery fragrance. It smells a bit like Windex and a certain ocean deodorant. It's basically not feminine nor masculine. Basically a neutral scent for everyone.

7 Little Joe New Car

Here's one that has gotten a nice fragrance upgrade. I bought one at a store in March 2020 and I thought it wasn't going to be good, but it was better than I expected. In 2019, I got the Little Pup version and I didn't like it. I also saw the 2019 version of Little Joe new car and bought one. I compared it and the first one I bought (the upgraded one) is better. The old one was weird, but still not too bad. The old one smells like a weird yet strong perfume with a hint of cleaning products. The fragrance of the new one is much more adequate to my taste. It smells a bit like Windex, cleaning products and dish soap all at once.

8 Little Pup New Car

This was one of the scents I didn't like it in 2019. I started to tolerate it a lot more in 2020. It smells actually decent. The fragrance is similar to the Little Joe ones. It smells like the old and new fragrance of the Little Joe one. It smells like cleaning products and like a strong perfume.

9 Little Joe Cherry

Cherry's definitely not my favorite type of fragrance, overall. It usually smells strong and this one isn't an exception. However, I started to tolerate it more in 2020. It's just okay.

10 Little Joe Mint

This one doesn't entirely smell like mint, to be honest. It smells like Vicks as well. And this fragrance smells a bit too strong. It's not bad, but it's not great either.

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11 Little Joe Fruit
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