Top 10 Safest Car Colors

There have been various studies over the years into the correlation between car colour and accident rates, and black cars almost always top the car crash index. One study concluded that black cars are 47% more likely to be involved in road accidents than vehicles of other colours. White, gold, and yellow are deemed to be the safest.

Research using police data of more than 850,000 accidents over 20 years suggests that some shades are more visible on the road than others. Black vehicles, for example, are harder to see as they do not always stand out against the road or background scenery. The visibility of grey, silver, red and blue cars can also be poor.

All authors agree that bright coloring helps to stand out from the background and traffic.

I've read several articles and noticed there were some contradictions so you have do your own research if you wanna buy a car with the safest color for you personally because there are additional factors.
The Top Ten
1 Lime Yellow

Lime yellow is the color considered most visible. Nevertheless, because of its lack of availability and because most people have an aversion to this color, white usually wins out. Some fire departments have started replacing their red trucks with lime-yellow trucks. I guess fire departments know best - this color is the safest because it's the most visible under all conditions.

There are some lime yellow cars on the road now, especially here in Japan (Suzuki, in particular). The color isn't for everyone, but it's certainly very visible!

2 White

White is deemed to be among the safest colors (some even say the safest) because white is the most visible color under almost all conditions, except snow. Yes, I'm from Canada, and we have snow for about 5 months a year, so white cars aren't safe for us all year round.

Best at night. I am sure lime yellow comes close, but white against a black night and black road - common sense tells me it is the best. Considering how often we drive at night, this, to me, is the differentiator.

3 Gold

From what I've read, I'm only sure about lime yellow, gold, yellow, and white (white comes with some exceptions). The other colors are subject to contradictions in the available literature.

Even though I don't like this color on cars, I have to say it's safe.

4 Yellow

Yellow cars can be seen in any weather condition. Make sure the rear has big taillights because heavy rains can disguise small red lights in storms.

It's also "Theft-Proof": a very bright color such as yellow is probably as effective as an expensive security device in discouraging thieves.

5 Orange
6 Light Red

I personally think red is among the safest colors, especially the brighter shades. For example, fire department trucks are usually red because this color is considered highly visible. My favorite color is black, but I would avoid this color for my car because it's the least safe. White doesn't work very well in Canada (snow for about 5 months). The yellowish shades are not for everybody. So what's left as relatively safe and acceptable is something light reddish.

Some say the visibility of red and blue cars can be poor, while others say that the visibility of red cars is good. "While white is the safest, the next safest colors include bright tones like red and yellow."

7 Lime Green
8 Light Blue

Blue isn't among the safest colors, but because many people love blue cars, authors recommend light blue (bright colors are safer).

9 Violet
10 Turquoise
The Contenders
11 Black

Black may seem like an unsafe color to some people, but think about it. If it's a bright day, black would be noticeable because there isn't much that's dark on bright days, so black would be able to be seen. Even driving it at night wouldn't be that bad, because cities are lit at night and all cars also have headlights.

This is a troll item - black is the least safe car color!

12 Light Purple
13 Pink
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