Top Ten Least Favorite Colors for Males

The Top Ten

1 Pink

I'm not a fan of the colour, though I don't hate it for being "girly". Pink being girly is merely socially constructed, and 1000 years ago it wouldn't have been seen this way.

I vote for pink but I don't hate it. You know what I REALLY Hate, people saying pink is too girly. That is SO Sexist!

Pink is a great color, and in some countries, pink is a color for males! - darthvadern

I like pink and I'm male. Especially hot pink. - MaxAurelius

2 Brown

I am a boy and my favorite color is blue the resign I hate this color is it looks like poop

I thought pink would be number one. - cosmo

In my opinion, I like brown. It has really had its gloomy days, and some still yet to come. 27%

Umm... Excuse me, but that is Maroon, not Brown.

3 Purple

No, I am a boy and purple is my favorite color and red is my least favorite. - 445956

I'm a man and my favorite color is purple

I'm male and it's pretty good colour.

Purple is my fifth favorite color. Most of my friends don't like purple. 22%

4 Hot Pink
5 Mint Green

This is my Favorite Color - Rainbowkid38

6 Yellow

Of all people, I know yellow looks good sometimes, but my only problem is that a little too bright.

YELLOW IS MY favorite. COLOR! 13%

7 Orange

Orange is a good color, the color of my favorite college sports team, The Tennessee Volunteers.

Orange is my second favourite colour, also. It does not deserve such hatred! - BKAllmighty

Orange is my second favorite color. WHY? 22%

I don't like orange - codydoestuff

8 Blue

First favourite colour. And I know I'm not alone. - BKAllmighty

I think blue is cool, just not neon blue. 1%

I love blue. Absolutely adore it. - SwagFlicks

Overly liked. Color of sadness.

9 Grey

Silver is basically grey so I guess grey is one of my favorite colors

Kinda like storm clouds before rain

Ugh. The color of a cloudy day and of smoke. Overrated

My friend is named Grey.

10 Red

Red is communism. That's why I voted for it in a democratic system (which communism in many places had/has).

Red? Least favorite? That's impossible. Me as a male LOVES red! - JaysTop10List

Dude, red is awesome. Blue and green are sweet too.

What? Russians are the msot manly people and they are very red! - SoldierOfFortune

The Contenders

11 Green

Did that sketch pad from 'don't hug me I'm scared' put this down

Green is my second least favorite color, but I don't understand why it is in #7. 2%

Well it's actually my favourite - Martinglez

12 White

Not to be nitpicky, but white is a hue, not a color. Both white and black are the absence of color, so they can't be colors. - keycha1n

Most of my body is white - Mewtwo_

I am the creator, and I know white is not a color. People just think it is.

White is just nothing...I mean white is just practically not a color

13 Black

Well, technically it's not even a colour. But I think most of us already know that. It's a shade. - BKAllmighty

I like Black and all these colors. I'm not a colorful person but I still like these colors - PeeledBanana

I don't really care for this color. I find it overrated. - nintendofan126

I LOVE BLACK! it really looks good with yellow. 1%

14 Salmon

Hearing the name makes me hungry.

It's the color of fish guts but still awesome!

I wanna eat it

15 Beige

Its terrible

Bleugh beige I have hated since 2008!

16 Silver

Just too grey...

Check hunu

17 Gold
18 Taupe

Taupe? What is this color? - BorisRule

Terrible. It is very dull and bland. It should be higher on the list. WHY ARE RED,GREEN,AND BLUE HERE

19 Khaki

Worst colour ever

20 Neon Yellow
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