Best Miss A Songs

The 10 best and most popular songs by the Korean girl group, Miss A!

The Top Ten Best Miss A Songs

1 Bad Girl, Good Girl

I love this song and I loved bae suzy! - Bert1112

2 Hush

My favorite, it's so catchy

3 Good-Bye Baby

You've gotta admit good-bye baby is the best because it's rhythm is very catchy, and it's perfect! Their dance there is wonderful and they're very beautiful there! - Bert1112

4 I Don't Need a Man
5 Love Alone
6 Only You
7 I Caught Ya
8 Breathe
9 Touch
10 Love Is U

The Contenders

11 Over U
12 Lips
13 Love Again
14 Like U
15 Break It
16 If I Were a Boy
17 Help Me
18 Spotlight
19 Step Up
20 Mr. Johnny
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