Top 10 Potential Theme Songs for Certain TopTenners

Every user can have infinite songs!
P.S.I didn't came up the song ideas for those users,they were asked and these were their answers.

The Top Ten

1 Cemetery Gates - Pantera (Htoutlaws2012)
2 Ten Thousand Fists - Disturbed (Velitelcabal)

We fight for unity among TopTenners! TEN THOUSAND FISTS IN THE AIR!

3 We Are All Made of Stars - Moby (PositronWildhawk)

Well, it does very well represent my passion for science and my ways of thinking and interpreting, and it is my favourite song, but there are so many other songs I can't go without. I Remember gives me sentiment and optimism, Rise Above gives me peace of mind, and so much else. I have a very diverse taste for music. - PositronWildhawk

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4 Angel of Death - Slayer (Sirskeletorthe3rd)

Yes, I would've put Meme Machine by Pink Guy but I wouldn't really count it as an actual song cause it was designed for comedy. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

5 Heavy Metal Maniac - Exciter (Metal_treasure)

I can't deny I am a Heavy Metal Maniac. Yeah! - Metal_Treasure

6 House of Fun - Madness (Britgirl)

I chose two songs because Britgirl and Tina are slightly different in character. Tina is softer and shyer than Britgirl - Britgirl

When I asked Britgirl about her theme,she said for britgirl it's this song,for Tina its love letters by Perry Como.:D - SamuiNeko

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7 Pretender - Foo Fighter (CastlevaniaFanboy128)
8 Explosive - Bond (nintendofan126)

It's been my theme ever since I first heard it years ago! - nintendofan126

9 Rollin' - Limp Bizkit (05yusuf09)
10 T. Rex - Get It On (keycha1n) V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Evil Angel - Breaking Benjamin (Evilangel)
12 Live it Up - Grounp 1 Crew (Dance floor mix,RiverClanRocks)

There was a lot of typos in that, but I think it fits me because the song is about living your life to the fullest. - RiverClanRocks

13 Yellow Submarine - The Beatles (Jmepa1234)
14 Always Look On the Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle (Montypython)
15 Color of Trust - The Wheel of Time (Merilille)

I'm allowed to vote for my own. It is my theme after all. - Merilille

16 Bad Boys Running Wild - Scorpions (Bobbythebrony) V 1 Comment
17 Wheel of Time - Blind Guardian (Metal_treasure)

"I'm in flames 'cause I have touched the light".
Love this line.
This epic song is based on The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. - Metal_Treasure

18 Angry Again - Megadeth (Toucan)
19 Coma White - Marilyn Manson (Coma White21)
20 Demons - Imagine Dragons (Catacorn)
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1. Cemetery Gates - Pantera (Htoutlaws2012)
2. Angel of Death - Slayer (Sirskeletorthe3rd)
3. Rollin' - Limp Bizkit (05yusuf09)
1. On My Own - Three Days Grace (Croy987)
2. Always Look On the Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle (Montypython)
3. Apocalypse - Jackie Evancho (Bobg)
1. Always Look On the Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle (Montypython)
2. T. Rex - Get It On (keycha1n)
3. We Are All Made of Stars - Moby (PositronWildhawk)

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