Top Ten Questions About Metal Music to Ask the Metalheads of TheTopTens

This is not a critical list putting down fans of Metal. I'm genuinely interested in what it is you like about it. I myself won't turn my ears against it but some of those songs are just plain sick-inducing.

Just regard this list as a friendly interview in a location of your choice. Get comfortable; feel free to say what you want (within admin's reason of course ;))
Thank you for taking part *gives feeble attempt at Devil's Horns*
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1 Can you understand the words when they're screaming?

Not always but I know that metal is a music-oriented genre and not lyric-oriented. You can always read the lyrics. Even though most of the metal songs have meaningful lyrics, I listen to metal for guitar riffs and solos, drums, vocal styles. Do you think people understand the words that opera singers sing? No. And opera singers even sing in Italian but you can still enjoy Pavarotti's singing.

This is one I want to know. But I assume you mean like the Screaming metal were all they do is scream and I can't understand a word they are saying. but I just assume there mainly singing aboot devils and demons and hate oh my.

Because Heavy metal is actually understandable Screamo metal is not.

There are only a few metal screaming vocalists I cannot understand at all.

Most of the time, no, but I don't take lyrics as seriously as most people do. I honestly don't know why most people wanna know the lyrics so badly. There's more to music than just lyrics. It's just my opinion.

2 Can you describe metal in three words?

Dark, Brutal, and... umm... Something?

Energetic, heavy, and epic.

Speed, power and energy

3 How did you get into it in the first place?

I watched a video of the most hated music artists by WatchMojo. One of the entries was Metallica, the first metal band I knew (I also knew Trans-Siberian Orchestra, but I didn't know they were metal). Some of the samples the video played were cool. I then looked up the best Metallica songs on this site. Number one was Master of Puppets (I searched up this list in 2017), so I played that song. I have never been so impressed with a song on the first listen like I felt for this song. I loved electronic music before I started liking metal. Now, with all the bands I love and listen to, I love both genres equally.

I was a child. My father is a great rocker, listening to bands like Linkin Park, Red hot chili peppers, dire straits etc.
He influenced my musical taste. I started listening to Christian rock bands like skillet, but also metal artists like Rob zombie and Lost Eden. But the First time I really got into metal was when I First listened to disturbed.
It was six years ago, and now I listen to Sixty bands

I started to like hard rock and punk rock. The heavy riffs of hard rock and fast riffs of punk rock made me wanted to listen metal. And then I got into heavy metal. Iron Maiden was my first metal band

Someone showed this band called Pantera (which you guys know) and I was hooked into the genre like that haven't gone back since.

4 What do you like about Cannibal Corpse?

Was looking at a list by Metal_Treasure. I noticed the name Cannibal Corpse and thought..."weird name". Then saw some of the titles and grimaced. THEN I played a sample from one their songs from the list...strewth! I nearly had a heart attack! I'm genuinely amused and interested to know if you really like this band or is it because they're so controversial?

Their drummer is awesome, their guitarist is great, their bassist (Alex Webster) is a GOD on bass. And, their singers (George Fisher and Chris Barnes) ARE talented. It just takes a while to get used to their style of vocals. I'll agree their album covers are...weird, and their song titles are a bit silly at times, but they *are* a good band. (In my opinion)

The gore, drummer, & it's oh so controversial titles almost every song not my all time, but one I do like.

Their album "Kill" and that's about it.

5 How does it make you feel when you listen to it?

I think this is the most important question. My answer is: it makes me feel on top of the world - Alive, Energized, Confident. It gets my blood pumping like nothing else.

It gives me a lot of energy, and so makes me feel happy
I also listen to gojira when I want to relax myself.

Pumped, more alive and like I could go running for miles.

Better than I was doing. Probably more pumped up.

6 Do you think metal can be for children?

When I was a child I used to listen to Rob zombie and Lost Eden ( melodic death metal), so Yes.

Yeah, definitely. Just don't show them any black or death metal bands.

Christian metal exists, so yeah. It can be for children.

Yes. Some kids like metal.

7 What do you like best about your chosen genre?

I like metal because it's real, and tells about every side of Life in general, focusing on issues and how to heal, but also many other themes. I also like It because of the huge quantity of talented musicians.

Vocals, lyrics, guitar, drums... no growls, I can actually comprehend what they are saying compared to the heaviest genres

The talent, and the good sound that comes with it.

Guitar solos and drum beats mainly.

8 What sub-genre is your favourite?

Traditional heavy metal. I really like listening to Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and other bands like that. I also enjoy some thrash and glam metal.

I like almost all metal subgenres except those with little-to-no-metal in them: rap metal/nu metal, alternative metal, industrial metal, metalcore, and some smaller ones. My first choices are:
thrash metal, technical death metal, speed metal, classic/ traditional metal, neo-classical metal.

Thrash Metal, Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, Death Metal, and Power Metal are all great, but my favorite is probably Traditional Heavy Metal.

Prog. Closely followed by death metal, and black metal.

9 How can you tell if a band or song is really metal?
10 If you were to be frozen in time and thawed out in the future by scientists, what metal albums would you bring with you?

Meteora by Linkin Park. No matter what people say, I Will Always consider It a nu metal album.
Indestructible by disturbed, holy hell by architects, l'enfant sauvage by gojira, automata II by between the buried and me, ire by Parkway drive, we are not your kind by Slipknot, fear inoculum by tool, uroborus by dir en grey, obzen by Meshuggah, underneath by code orange, what the dead men Say by trivium and many others...

The Contenders
11 What band got you into metal?

Disturbed. I still think they are One of the best metal bands existing today

12 What band would you say is the heaviest?

I'm going to have to go with Electric Wizard for this one. Not only are their rhythms and melodies very dark and sound evil and apocalyptic, but the sound of their music was insanely heavy.

Infant Annihilator. They're so heavy they make Slayer sound like a pop band.

For slow heavy, Gnaw Their Tongues or Dragged into Sunlight. For fast heavy, Cryptopsy, Nile, or good ol' Cannibal Corpse

13 What's your favourite band?

Linkin Park. They are not a only-metal band ( they also do a lot of other genres ), but their first two albums were Amazing nu metal stuff. However, in many of their songs you can find metal influences.
Regarding my favourite all-metal band, I'd say Disturbed and Architects on the same level

I like hundreds of bands but these are closest to my heart - Nile, Blind Guardian, Annihilator, Iced Earth, Slayer, Cryptopsy, Amon Amarth, Yngwie, Flametal. And 2 more bands that I will always love no matter what: Iron Maiden and Metallica (mostly for their songs of the 80s).

Metallica, The kings of metal and also the ones that arguably popularized the metal genre.

I guess probably Death.

14 What band would you say is the most creative?

Linkin Park ( very versatile ), Red (great atmospheric songs ) , system of a Down, tool, opeth, dir en grey , code Orange, nine inch nails, Faith no more, mr bungle etc.
Linkin Park Is not only metal as well as Red. Nine inch nails has some metal stuff.

15 What would you say to those who criticise it without any real understanding of it?

I would say "keep on criticising" because it does metal a huge favor. Nothing makes people look more pathetic and musically ignorant than criticising metal. The most cringe worthy music lists and comments on this site were made by metal haters. In all cases metalheads won and even though one of the statements on these lists was that metal fans "have no brain", actually metalheads were smarter than their opponents. Metal fans were also more knowledgable about music in general.

To be honest, I can understand if an average music listener has wrong opinion about the extreme metal genres. But if someone say to Dio or Judas Priest that they are bad, then I really don't understand why...

There is no reason for hating a genre without knowing anything about It . I admit I hate modern pop and trap, but I know why I hate them .

I would try playing them more softer sounding stuff like power metal. That way they don't think all metal is screaming, growling, and loud aggressive music.

16 Why do death metal musicians growl their lyrics?

It's the genre.

17 What band would you say is the most talented?
18 What is it that you guys hate about nu metal?
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