Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Burst Bladers

The list that will tell you the most powerful BEYBLADE Burst bladers of all the anime also this does not include BEYBLADE Burst Evolution Bladers

The Top Ten

1 Shu Kurenai

Shu isn't the best I think that Lui can always beat him
Making himself into red eye won't make a difference

We want Shu kurenai back in Beyblade burst by series

Shu can beat up the most strongest bladers at once

Make eraser beyblade

2 Valt Aoi

Just the overall best, has a great attitude, and is a very great sport

Valt is awesome he is really funny he is also good at beyblade

He kept evolving for like 7 times

Valt is amazing in the Beyblade burst season he would of one against lui if the crack was not there

3 Lui Shurosagi

Lui totally should be the main character and most powerful he is so cool.

He should be the best no one has beaten him in beyblade burst only evolution and turbo

Lui is so good. He trains by pulling a truck string!

Lui is the best! Better than every blader!

4 Free de la Hoya

Free is the best because he has that amazing power to spin his bey using his hand

He lost to phi then when his bey broke he wasn't that sad and he was not trying hardest

Because he looks cool

Free does training every time to become stronger

5 Xander Shakadera

Xander is the best. He has a special launcher. Come on you watch episode 17 to 20. He is awesome

Xander Shakadera is the best. And I'll tell you why.

1. His bey surge Xcalius is awesome.

2.He has a six pack!

3. His sword launcher is amazing.

Has a SIX PACK! he should be number one x3 is so overpowered both in show and in real life and xander is very strong

Just because he has a stupid six pack doesn't mean he is best he is big five blader but xcalius is to sucky to win

6 Wakiya Murasaki

Wakiya is the best ever! I love him also I have Wyvron in real life and it is super good.

He has the same bey as me

He is really great he is very smart and honest.

He is awesome

7 Cuza Ackerman

He is bad he only wins one battle in the whole beyblade burst evolution so rantaro is better don't vote for cuza

Cuza fits my personality and what I do perfectly, (gymnastics and balance)!

He is super pro and stronger than rantaro

Boi u suk u never win a single battle because alter cognite suks u only lose

8 Ken Midori

I think Ken deserves to be in a higher place, he seriously improved so much from Beyblade Burst and Beyblade burst evolution, I mean it says it in the name, almost every blazer from the first season improved

Ken and Kerbeus were the best defense team in Burst. Evolution, My opinion, I feel like they made ken worst Because they made him a bit wimpy (Very aggressive in Burst). Now WHY THE HECK DID THEY CHANGE THE LOOK OF KERBEUS?!? Also Kyle looks like a wolf like he's bout to hunt someone. Compare Ken from Burst and Evolution, from Kyle on Turbo. HUGE Difference and Personalities

No Ken was only good in burst but daigo kurogami is way better than him in evolution because Ken got no screen time with his bey I rest my case

I think Ken should be higher because personally, king kerbeus is one of the best de types.

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9 Kurtz Baratier

Kurtz is cool. And his bey is cool. I like it.

You are right if kurtz turbo bey he may beat the big five

I have khalazar and its attack is extreme. It can even beat balkiesh.

Big 5

10 Daigo Kurogami

He is such a good character and big brother! He's really supportive when needed and if he is having problems, he helps other people before even thinking about himself. He is by far my favorite character and I think he deserves to higher up on the list.

Awesome Bey, awesome personality, awesome looks. Seriously, Daigo is the best when it comes to personality. Does almost everything for his little bro.

He's my favorite

He's SUPER tough (and a bit creepy), which is why I like him; he's pretty much my favorite character. And I LOVE the bond between him and his little brother, Ryota.


The Contenders

11 Quon Limon

I love his bey because I love snakes I also love his actitude with the skate and his hair colour

Did u just call him leemon? I think it's Limon - LuinorDestroy

12 Phi

Phi and free is the best and how come phi is not on top 3

Dead phoenix is literally the strongest bey ever. I think phi should placed on top three or higher. I know perfect is better but its combo and technichly its still phi

Phi is the best

Because he beat the top 2 people

13 Ben Azuki

Had my first bey

Had my first bey


14 Silas Karlisle

He is not trash he is really good and he kinda changed

He has a very good defense type satun keep on going

He is awesome! I love himm! Kinetic satomb is a really go match for him at they are really powerful

His bey is cool

15 Orochi Ginba

His hearing is an advantage

Yahhh orochi is my best character in beybattel burst

He is cool because he can know when the blade will burst

16 Aiga Akaba

Aiga is awesome because he is the most confident and takes beyblade very serious like Shu

Runner up in battle ship cruise

He is champion on episode 51

He should be number 4

17 Aiger Akabane

He's good beat zander so he should at least be top 5 just because he is new doesn't mean that he isn't good people

Because he is strong in turbo


Aiger should be 3rd he beat Lui once

18 Zachary Kaneguro

Zac's bey galaxy zuetron is the strongest and I've got it

He is sort of hated but I really like him. He is all sunshine and rainbows,and to me, it's really cute!

Zac and Zachary Kaneguro are the SAME EXACT PEOPLE, oh for the record you could add the Masked Blader in There too - LuinorDestroy

19 Yugo Nansui

Yugo's yegdrion is one of the strongest stamina types ever. He should defenintly be ahead of Orochi Gimba!

20 Valt

Are you silly

He is strong as heck


He is trying his best all the time.

21 Drain Fafnir

Epic beyblade

Drain fafnir could drain spin any bey and it could do nothing break

This is NOT a person.BUT it is still a fine bey

Red eye beat why kurenai

22 Cho Z Achilles

My favorite mover of Aiger is z breaker, when he gets in his pose and does z breaker he s dope.

The first on earth

He has won almost every round but he lost to my twin nemisis

Cho z Achilles is the best in the world and I think aiger who owns this bey should be ranked number 1 in all places.

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23 Joshua Burns

Joshua is a total show off

THis guy should be ranked higher. He is part of the BIG FIVE. Too bad he got kicked off the big five after the international bladers cup - LuinorDestroy

24 Ren Wu Sun

He's def one of the best, I mean look at him! He's so cool!
He def wasn't using his full power, I know he's much stronger than that!

He is awesome

He is one of the big five


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25 Boa Alcazaba

Balkash can even beat Khalzar

Yo I have a balkesh and its impossable to burst for some reason. I went to many championships and won first place with my balkesh.

He should be number 5

He is in the top 20

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26 Rantaro Kiyama

I love rantaro and rinjiro I'm confused why he's not in turbo I was crying when I found out I think he's retired I so happy rinjiro takes his place he should be ranked higher

He is good friend of valt
He remains in the valt team in the evolution too

I love honcho!

Shouldn’t Rantaro be I the top ten, or the top 15 at least. He sticks at Valt side every time and never gives up.

27 Ukyo Ibuki

He is awesome.

28 Frees Deer

The deer is epic


He is the one who trained Free so he is beast and he has Deer Fafnir so he should be number one

29 Akira Yamatoga
30 Shou Goushin

Very fierce and his bey has actual power from his family heirloom!

He has a split personality, and his bey Heat Salamander is left spin and OP!

Professional bladers
Jumping Beyblade

31 Fubuki Sumiye

Fubuki should be top 10 he trained with the legendary shu

He is the strongest! He’s supposed to be#1! He beat all of my beys! IMPOSSBLE!

He just got in the beyblade burst and he's been a beast since I mean he only lost to aiga beacause aiga had help by phi.But still
Fubuki is a beast and his bey "Emperor Fornieos(I know I spelled his bey wrong)

32 Clio

He is strong

He’s the best. Caynox irl is awesome too but the slopes aren’t the best. It’s still awesome compared to Achilles.

33 Hearts

I thought hearts beat auger


34 Ranjiro Kiyama

He is pretty
od because he beat fuboki I know I spelled the wrong

35 Kit

He did beat Aiga

Kit was a starter at the because sol but now he's very good and he gives friends good tips I think kit most be number 3

Not da best!

36 Hoji Konda
37 Jin Aizawa

I have the same BEYBLADE as him he should be in the 10s


38 Gabe Brunai

Gabe is my second beyblade the beyblade is crusher galilon I think it is crusher?

39 Laban Vanot

Laban Vanot appears in Beyblade Burst Turbo and possesses the bey Leopard and is part of the Z4 team others being Phi, Xhan and Fubuki

40 Norman Tarver

Not a really good bey it’s kinda easy to burst

41 Drum Koryu

He beat fumia

42 Zac the Sunrise

Its good to know 1 of my favorite characters is here not I mean he is like valt he can come back and win it all like come on

He is the supreme four how is he not good

43 Suoh Genji

The best blader ever. He should be ranked WAY higher because he is amazing.

Real cool guy, he is the Lunior Cup Runner Up after all.

44 Kit Lopez

Ultimate bey

45 Naoki Minamo
46 Shulk Shulk Shulk is a fictional character and the protagonist from Monolith Soft's 2010 role-playing video game Xenoblade Chronicles, part of their overarching Xeno series of video games.

The best... slash valkyrie

47 Red Eye

He should be WAYY higher because he is really good at least top 10.

he dope

He maybe shu but his personality and shu's are diferrent (if I mispelled forgive me) since Red Eye is more tough, serious and rough while shu is also tough,humble and serious.

48 Kujo

I don't know who the butt this guy is

49 Sup

He's pretty strong and kinda look

50 Jotaro Kujo Jotaro Kujo Jotaro Kujo is a fictional character from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga series created by Hirohiko Araki and is the delinquent protagonist of Stardust Crusaders .

Lol you thots

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