Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Burst Bladers

The list that will tell you the most powerful BEYBLADE Burst bladers of all the anime also this does not include BEYBLADE Burst Evolution Bladers

The Top Ten

1 Shu Kurenai

Geez. He's like CRAZY powerful, and his bey is cool, and he's calm, and he's hot and he's just AMAZING. Sorry I got I bit too carried away there. Shu's just amazing and I think that Beyblade should have given him just some more credit. Or at least not have made him into red eye. Sorry I took forever explaining why Shu Kurenai is literally the best.

I just like this person about everything he does and did you notice every time he won a battle in the beyblade burst he put his hand to his hair!

He takes serious about Beyblade when it comes to tournaments. He is so smart and how it happens. What ever he tells he will not take his word back

This guy, I don't have words to express his greatness.

You really think that his greatness has to be expressed, All of us know how capable he is.

He deserves to be No. 1..

2 Valt Aoi

Valt is my favorite. Character in the whole Beyblade series till now . He is really cool . I don't know why but there are some people who hate him . I don't understand whats there in him to hate . The others who don't like some characters they don't even respect other people opinions .

Valt always tries his best and puts his all in every battle and if he loses one battle, knowing him he will win the next one.His bey Brave Valtryek is very powerful and can do some serious damage. He deserves to be number 1

When I see that Volt isn't in the episode I cry as loud as I can and I want the people who made Beyblade Burst too make even more episode!

He is really an awesome blader he is so cool . I felt really sad when I saw he lost to aiger but I think aiger won just because he was main character in turbo . Valt is my favorite. As he enjoys beyblading and never feel sad after he lost to anyone and his brave valteryek is amazing .

3 Lui Shurosagi

He is one of the best blader
His battling style is phenomenal and he has a Savage and badass attitude... Overall he is my favorite blader from overall burst series(all 5 seasons including sparking or superking)

Well, even if he is a little aggressive and has a somewhat psychopathic personality, one can end up loving him
Also, Longinus is a great bey, something that always helps

Are you kidding me? he is the best blader that exists! get out shu LUI SHUROSAGI IS THE WINNER! 1st bey to have metal on the top and 1st left spin bey ( lunior/longinus is a god )

He is so cool he even beat free de la hoya but later on free beat him
He beat valt like so many times
He is so rude and that's what I like about him too

4 Free de la Hoya

Bruh, Free is stronger than Lui and I believe than Shu. Shu can change during the battle , okay,but Fafnir can absorb energy for every kind of Bey. come on, we talkin' about a guy who wins battles without using his launcher. Now Lui is strong, one of my favorites but, we know when Free is getting serious Lui can beat him, when Lui beat him he didn't use his fullpower.
In my opinion , Free is one of the TOP3 and at least Lui be 4th and Free 2nd or 3th

He is the greatest blader alive!
Not only is he strong ,but he is cute too.
His voice actor ,Sean Thomas, is a great singer.
Fafnir has an amazing ability
Fafnir is the best stamina beyblade ever!

Free has a cool and calm character. But when he gets interested in a battle he goes crazy! Also Free can beat Lui and Shu, I also think Valt would lose to him, but Valt had main character powers so obviously due to story they made valt win, but if it was a fair fight Free would win.

Free De La Hoya is my favourite because he thinks that only winning is fun.And Fafnir,one of the strongest bey that can absorb the opponent bey's power..That is awesome!

5 Xander Shakadera

Xander Shakadera is the best. And I'll tell you why.

1. His bey surge Xcalius is awesome.

2.He has a six pack!

3. His sword launcher is amazing.

Love his attitude. Always laughing and passed the hundred bladers test. He is also super strong and always does what is best. This guy should be number one!

Finally Volt got his payback at when they both were little at beyblade burst and evolution!

Has a SIX PACK! he should be number one x3 is so overpowered both in show and in real life and xander is very strong

6 Wakiya Murasaki

Let's face it, we've all been as hysterical as him ever (and if not, you're lying to me)
His jokes and sarcasms were also entertaining, and he was also a great friend to his friends.

I could couldent stand him at first, but now I love him

Anyway, he has to be strong, because he beat spryzen with a ring out finish

I like when Wakiya talks with rantaro. He also tries to make Valt choose him for the match

Yeah, he WAS a meany, but then, Valt came to scene. He is still rough, but hi is a fundmental part of the team.

7 Cuza Ackerman

My favorite character of all Beyblade
His stunts, his cockatoo, his faces ...
He was really funny, and a great friend to Valt
I really liked that they gave him his well-deserved chapters of importance, and also that they told a past about him
And Cognite is not far behind either, a great bey for a great character, which I would like to be a little more appreciated in the community

He’s such a good character! I love his relationship with Valt! His personality and his acrobatic skills makes the show much more interesting!

Cuza fits my personality and what I do perfectly, (gymnastics and balance)!

Cognite's what I'm all about.It's got stamina and attack modes. Balanced to unpredictable. How can you not love it.

8 Ken Midori

"The puppet guy". That is the only reason my parents remember him. If you say "Ken Midori" they don't know. For me, he is a great, crazy powerful and awesome blader, that makes some puppets talk, wich is awesome.

The puppet guy, how to forget him
That timing they gave for the Keru and Besu jokes was really entertaining
The truth, to be honest, I would have liked to see him in Evolution fighting, and in Turbo too
And no, Kyle in Turbo doesn't count as Ken!

Ken and Kerbeus were the best defense team in Burst. Evolution, My opinion, I feel like they made ken worst Because they made him a bit wimpy (Very aggressive in Burst). Now WHY THE HECK DID THEY CHANGE THE LOOK OF KERBEUS?!? Also Kyle looks like a wolf like he's bout to hunt someone. Compare Ken from Burst and Evolution, from Kyle on Turbo. HUGE Difference and Personalities

His way of putting puppets of his voice is cool! Whenever he talks it's like everyone will die which makes me laugh!

9 Daigo Kurogami

He was selfish, and rude before, but then Valt came in like a meteorite and guided him the right way. Now Daigo is a great friend and does not like to cheat.

Daigo was cruel in first but after he became honest .He is also very supportive to everyone. He hates cheating he should come first

He looks to cruel and mean, but is actually very sweet and hates cheating. (So in other words he is ashamed of his past) He is also quite cute and fights for his brother.

I love this guy he should be number one. He's so honest. When he cheated he felt so bad that he wanted to quit beyblade! Daigo senpai deserves to be number one.

10 Kurtz Baratier

It was entertaining, but what I like the most is his bey
And so ... I don't have much more to say about him either
The truth is that they didn't show us much about him

Ok yeah he is one of the fierce chacreter I don 't really like him but still unless we know him right and as long as we saw him batteling valt and some other bladers but still Valt is my second favourite blader well me first is shu kurenai love him I'm a fan of shu he 's brave he never give up well we know that he is a blader I'm talking about shu and valt love them

Lets go if he gets a turbo bey hell massacre the new big five with aurora khalazar

You are right if kurtz turbo bey he may beat the big five

The Contenders

11 Phi

Phi is the coolest antagonist I've ever seen.He has double coloured eyes which is blue & red..He looks scarier after he gets Dread Phoenix and when the white part of his eyes become black..PHOENIX!

Phi is really awesome with his dead and dread Phoenix. My favorite move is when Phoenix's outer ring and the Bey attack it's opponent at the same time. I also like Free De La Hoya.

Dead phoenix is literally the strongest bey ever. I think phi should placed on top three or higher. I know perfect is better but its combo and technichly its still phi

Phi is awesome! He is smart and chill although he has a dark side, That doesn't make him any less powerful. Not to mention but he is kinda handsome.. 😍

12 Quon Limon

A good rival for Valt, although they left him a bit of padding
But he's not bad at all either, at least they told a bit of a story about him, and his friendship with Xander, so he's not a bad character either
His bey is also interesting, making backflips around the stadium

I love his bey because I love snakes. I also love his attitude with the skate and his hair colour

I love snakes and I love Quon Limon he's really cool

Bro his bey is legit, and he is an OP skateboarder!

13 Silas Karlisle

He is not trash he is really good and he kinda changed

Character development. Also beyblade development.

He is awesome! I love himm! Kinetic satomb is a really go match for him at they are really powerful

Silas has a bad attitude but he's a cool person.

14 Ben Azuki

What is wrong with you people and what is this list!

Had my first bey

Had my first bey

Had my first bey

15 Aiger Akabane

I love this guy and I don't understand there reasoning of making him no.16 I feel any main character should always be topped ranked because in the end we all know the developers just give them crazy power out of no where and they beat people 20x better than them aiger and phi for example now we all know phi should've won but aiger is my favorite character ever and I'm not sugar coating anything

Aiger looks almost like valt in the Beyblade Burst & Beyblade Burst Evolution for me..And also I like it when Aiger's headband tears when he wants to use his special move..

From the first two seasons (Beyblade burst and Beyblade burst evolution), I thought that Valt is the hero, well, aiger wants to join the fun too.

I think they made a great character, in which many people can be reflected by their behavior and personality
Also, another great point in his favor is the empathy that he shows to the other people around him

16 Orochi Ginba

His ability to hear a burst finish before it happens is awesome, and this make him a really strong blader.

I think his ability to listen when a bey is going to explode is very interesting.

The best thing about Orochi ginba is that he. can hear when the Beyblade is going to burst

Orochi has a advantage he can hear when the bey is going to burst

17 Zachary Kaneguro

He was a great example for Valt to follow in the series, acting as his mentor.
He is also a very nice and funny character, although he can be a bit dramatic at times

He is sort of hated but I really like him. He is all sunshine and rainbows,and to me, it's really cute!

He is the supreme four how is he not good

Zac's bey galaxy zuetron is the strongest and I've got it

18 Fubuki Sumiye

He reminds me of Shu. He´s super cool, and super serious and powerful. He is NOT a bragger (I´m looking at you, Aiger) and he makes great battle strategies.

I love everything about fubuki
And I have his beyblade in real life and it is unbeatable by anyone other than phonex and turbo Valtrex

Fubuki is such a good character he trained as a kid a still training till this day he even trained with shu my opinion Fubuki should be top ten

Seriously Fubuki needs more credit. He trained with Shu for once, and his beyblade is very powerful. Forneus is cool.

19 Red Eye

I like how powerful he is, and his costume, BUT not he´s mask. Besides, he is not really like Shu. He IS Shu, but Shu is tough, humble and serious, also less rough than Re Eye, so he´s personality and mask are what makes me get appart from him a little.

I like red eyes suit and the mask but the mask is little bit weird still I like it

He maybe shu but his personality and shu's are diferrent (if I mispelled forgive me) since Red Eye is more tough, serious and rough while shu is also tough,humble and serious.

I actually like his costume when shu became Red eye, but not that weird mask..

20 Rantaro Kiyama

its upsetting that the creators made him lose in the 1st episode and I he was like his friends but I still love him and don't get me wrong but he cute tho haha

Let’s not forget that in the first episode of beyblade burst kids said that no one beat Rantaro in the school. She went to the school meaning hi couldn’t beat him.

Really I had to feel bad when I didn't see Rantaro wasn't there but still he's really great!

I like when rantaro goes in a match and shows his Japanese fan . He is so funny

21 Yugo Nansui

Yugo's yegdrion is one of the strongest stamina types ever. He should defenintly be ahead of Orochi Gimba!

22 Drain Fafnir

Drain fafnir could drain spin any bey and it could do nothing break

Have that bey just bought it at Walmart and got roctorvor but cay ox is the best

Best beyblade that drains energy from opponent.

Drain Fannie is a very good Bey that is hard to take down.

23 Cho Z Achilles

I have the Beyblade Z Achilles it's dope I wish I could show you guy a pic of it but I can't and if you play kogama friend me my name is Max Weikel also like and subscribe to my youtube channel it is called Maximum Gamer :)

Cho z Achilles is the best in the world and I think aiger who owns this bey should be ranked number 1 in all places.

My favorite mover of Aiger is z breaker, when he gets in his pose and does z breaker he s dope.

He has won almost every round but he lost to my twin nemisis

24 Frees Deer

Why is this even here? The deer isn't a trainer but I'm here doing what I want to! Aka I just wanna be weird

He is the one who trained Free so he is beast and he has Deer Fafnir so he should be number one

If you ask me, I definitely say that I don't know why I am voting for this

I don't know why this is even here but I'm voting it anyway! XD

25 Boa Alcazaba

Yo I have a balkesh and its impossable to burst for some reason. I went to many championships and won first place with my balkesh.

He should be number 5

He is in the top 20

I have that beyblade ark belkesh it bursted drain fafnir and spryzen recqiem.

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