Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Burst Bladers

The list that will tell you the most powerful BEYBLADE Burst bladers of all the anime also this does not include BEYBLADE Burst Evolution Bladers

The Top Ten

1 Lui Shurosagi

He is not the strongest blader anymore... In the most recent episode he lost to Free.


Lost Luinor is a BEYBLADE god and is better than nightmare Longinus - SuperChargedGaming

2 Valt Aoi

The best blader that should of won to Lui Shurosagi but because of the crack it bursted it's self - DualSabers

It's the best blader

Balt what should of won against Lui - DualSabers

No matter what blader Valt Aoi faces, I believe in him. To be honest, I don’t know what blader to cheer for when he’s not battling.

3 Shu Kurenai

Best bladder because role model for #1 vault aoi

Shu could esaly beat valet and when valt almost won against lui and bursted the same thing happened to shu

2nd best member in the supreme four.legend spryzen is my 2nd favorite beylade

4 Xander Shakadera
5 Wakiya Murasaki
6 Ken Midori
7 Free de la Hoya

Free is like Ryuga, he doesn't give up without a fight. Even though he lost to Lui, he beat him in the most recent episode and showed us his FULL power, Lui thought it would be easy like last time. He was wrong.


8 Quon Leemon
9 Ben Asuki
10 Cuza Ackerman

The Contenders

11 Kurtz Baratier
12 Orochi Ginba
13 Daigo Kurogami
14 Yugo Nansui

Yugo's yegdrion is one of the strongest stamina types ever. He should defenintly be ahead of Orochi Gimba!

15 Silas Karlisle
16 Zac The Sunrise
17 Zachary Kaneguro
18 Hoji Konda
19 Ukyo Ibuki
20 Naoki Minamo
21 Jin Aizawa
22 Akira Yamatoga
23 Rantaro Kiyama
24 Gabe Brunai
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