Top Ten Best Things About Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama is a animated reality show on Cartoon Network. So far Total Drama has had 6 seasons. One of them was Total Drama World Tour. There were 26 episodes and even an aftermath show.

The Top Ten

1 The Music

I personally liked the singing. It really added something to the show. I also liked how it didn't feel like a cheesy musical. The singing was good. - fiona__grace

The singing was a great add to the show! I wouldn't mind if the had another season where they sing! I actually love it.

Music AND cartoons?!?! My life is complete. Bye. If you need me, I'll be watching World Tour in my room. Forever.

I think the singing added a lot 2 the show.

2 The Love, Hatred, and Humor

This list is pretty accurate

V 1 Comment
3 It Was All Over the World

The went to the some cool places.

4 The Aftermath Show

The aftermath show was a good addition. I think it brought a lot to the show. We got to see a new side of Bridgette and Geoff. We also got to see the Characters that weren't even competing. - fiona__grace

The aftermath show was so funny!

The aftermath in TDWT was better than the one in TDA

5 New People

I thought it was clever to bring Sierra and Alejandro into the picture. Whether you like them or not, you have to admit they brought a lot to the show. Alejandro became the main antagonist and manipulated contestants getting them kicked off. Sierra was a little annoying but she was the reason Cody got more screen time. Some of her ideas in challenges helped them win. She was a smart player but still was silly. - fiona__grace

6 Many Episodes
7 Cool Challenges
8 It Lived Up to Its Name
9 Noah got more attention

Noah was funny in this season and lasted longer.

10 Not Much Annoying Stuff

The Contenders

11 Katie Making an Appearance V 1 Comment
12 Gwen getting beat by Courtney

I honestly did not like Gwen. She went behind Courtney's back and dated Duncan, when Courtney and Duncan were currently dating. - Catacorn

How is this GOOD? Gwen ROCKS!

This isn't good!

13 Cameron wasn't there to annoy everyone V 1 Comment
14 The Episodes Weren't Boring

This was fun to watch. I could watch these episodes all day long

15 Samey Wasn't There V 2 Comments
16 Ezekiel Coming Back
17 No Kelly V 2 Comments
18 The teams were good
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