Top Ten Best Things About Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama is a animated reality show on Cartoon Network. So far Total Drama has had 6 seasons. One of them was Total Drama World Tour. There were 26 episodes and even an aftermath show.

The Top Ten

1 The Music

I personally liked the singing. It really added something to the show. I also liked how it didn't feel like a cheesy musical. The singing was good. - fiona__grace

The singing was a great add to the show! I wouldn't mind if the had another season where they sing! I actually love it.

Music AND cartoons?!?! My life is complete. Bye. If you need me, I'll be watching World Tour in my room. Forever.

I think the singing added a lot 2 the show.

2 The Love, Hatred, and Humor

This list is pretty accurate

I agree with person who made this list. U go girl/boy

3 It Was All Over the World

The went to the some cool places.

4 The Aftermath Show

The aftermath show was a good addition. I think it brought a lot to the show. We got to see a new side of Bridgette and Geoff. We also got to see the Characters that weren't even competing. - fiona__grace

The aftermath show was so funny!

The aftermath in TDWT was better than the one in TDA

5 New People

I thought it was clever to bring Sierra and Alejandro into the picture. Whether you like them or not, you have to admit they brought a lot to the show. Alejandro became the main antagonist and manipulated contestants getting them kicked off. Sierra was a little annoying but she was the reason Cody got more screen time. Some of her ideas in challenges helped them win. She was a smart player but still was silly. - fiona__grace

6 Many Episodes
7 Cool Challenges
8 It Lived Up to Its Name
9 Gwen getting beat by Courtney

I honestly did not like Gwen. She went behind Courtney's back and dated Duncan, when Courtney and Duncan were currently dating. - Catacorn

How is this GOOD? Gwen ROCKS!

This isn't good!

Nobody should be mad at Gwen. it's all Duncan's fault, he's the one that should get hated, not Gwen! - Gehenna

10 Noah got more attention

Noah was funny in this season and lasted longer.

The Contenders

11 Not Much Annoying Stuff
12 Katie Making an Appearance

When did this happen?

13 Cameron wasn't there to annoy everyone

Ugh, I hate Cameron.

14 The Episodes Weren't Boring

This was fun to watch. I could watch these episodes all day long

15 Samey Wasn't There

Amy's the mean one, not Sammy.

The bad one was Amy.

16 Ezekiel Coming Back
17 No Kelly

Bye bye old wrinkly lady

Kelly's great!

18 The teams were good
19 Cody in the final three
20 Blainley as a contestant
21 No Max, Mal, and Scott
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