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1 What is your favorite anime and anime character?

Hmm, that's pretty hard. I guess I'll just say the Fate series for now. Perhaps Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, to be specific. And my favorite anime character would have to be Gilgamesh.

2 Who is your favorite user on TheTopTens?
3 What is your favorite music?

To be honest, Japanese pop. Hey, I like a lot of anime openings, and most of them are sung by Japanese pop artists like LiSA, Eir Aoi, and Aimer.

Do you like rap?

4 What season did you begin hating SpongeBob?

Season 7. That's where a lot of the notorious episodes such as A Pal for Gary and One Coarse Meal were from.

5 Do you consider Code Lyoco to be an anime?

Considering it's a French animated television series, therefore meaning it did not originate from Japan, I do not consider Code Lyoko as an anime. However, I do believe it to be anime-influenced and I think it's pretty good. I never got to finish the whole show, though.

6 What is your favorite movie?

Easy. Spirited Away is my favorite movie.

7 What is your least favorite user on TheTopTens?

It's hard choosing between Disney1994, Gamecubesarecool193, and AggressiveBlaze, but the one that I honestly hated the most was Disney1994. Yes, he's my least favorite user on TheTopTens out of all of them. I won't say more beyond this point as I wish not to spur anymore obsessive hatred towards him.

8 What is your favorite color?

Black, with green as a runner-up, although green used to be my favorite color.

9 When is your birthday?

The 4th of August in 2000.

10 What is your favorite holiday?

Obviously Christmas, with Halloween as my second favorite.

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11 Do you like TwilightKitsune?

As a a matter of fact, indeed I do. A great user and a great friend.

12 Why do you hate Lucy Heartfilia?

Well, while I don't hate her with a burning passion like I used to do in my early days as a TopTenner, I mostly dislike her for often appearing to be a damsel in distress who's just there for fanservice even though she's actually the main protagonist (I always thought Natsu was the main protagonist before I learned this).

EDIT: If you do like Lucy Heartfilia, I respect your opinion.

13 Have you ever committed a crime?
14 Is Death Note a good anime?

I haven't watched it, but I have seen critical and audience acclaim from it, so yeah, it's a good anime.

15 Do you like rap music?

To be honest, I'm not really into it, but I don't hate it as a genre. Now if you're talking about mainstream rap that I usually hear people at my school play where the lyrics involve cussing and things like race, sex, and money, then I hate that kind of rap with a burning passion. But if it's good rap like Eminem, then I respect it. Although, I'm more into Japanese pop music since I'm an anime fan.

16 Do you like throwing eggs at AggresiveBlaze's house?
17 What school do you go to?
18 Is Liv and Maddie a better anime than Sword Art Online?
19 How did you feel about Stephen Hillenburg's death?
20 What do you think of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water?
21 What's your favorite modern cartoon?
22 What do you hate about the more recent Spongebob episodes?
23 if you had to marry a Disney princess who would it be
24 Which Pixar character would you hang out with
25 Would you eat a frog?
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